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An announcement by Sarah was made on Facebook that she was released from prison and hard at work enjoying her freedom. Gosh isn’t that just so sweet and wonderful.However before anyone jumps to any conclusions I would like to announce that a certain someone I know and trust actually called the prison and guess what ????  Sarah is still in prison odd right ????

For those of you wishing to make the call yourselves call (402) 444-7400 and ask for Sarah P Clark or check the prison LINK here’s the recent updated prison info.












As we’ve all known for the last 2 years Darren Lee Sayward is Karl Davies from the PEDOpuppets. However it began sometime back in 2013/14 as Darren Sayward was rejected by a group of UK dj casters. Unable to cope he then quickly fell into hate mode by making the following statement during a Vaughn live cast.



The angry death statement hit list can be seen on the above pic, it was this very statement that had Darren Sayward BANNED from Vaughn. A clear indication as to his frail mental health and hatred for the same group of UK djs that refused Darren/Karl into their casting group. So sad old man…have a pint.

To cover up his identity he has made a weak attempts to pretend to be 2 different individuals, we know this is the same person. He even went as far as mentioning how he made his blog for the soul purpose to troll and attack the same UK dj group by admitting the anger he felt towards them for rejecting him from their clique. Such a sad state of affairs was Darren/Karl’s mental state at the time that he went as far as using a British actors name (Karl Davies) as his own to try an promote his site.So senile and ridiculous is simple Darren Sayward/Karl he not only pretends to be another person making silly posts on another blog, but he makes the same mistake twice in a row…By making another “Happy Birthday Wintard” post……hahahahahahaah this guys a moron of the highest disorder.

You may recall this from 2016 as he was EXPOSED for his perverted lust of a vulnerable teen girl called Wintard who took her own life ???

The LINK down below documents and exposes Darren Sayward/Karl with his very own lusty Youtube video.

Darren Sayward’s aka UKPedopuppets SECRET perverted love interest in Wintard

In the above pic you can see a guest warning Windtard about the advances of Darren Sayward/Karl, no one would guess in time she would take her own life perhaps it was a warning/foreboding of things to come.

TRIBUTE to Darren Lee Sayward aka UKpedopuppets

You’re a pathetic excuse little man, a real nobody who cried over a teen girl who you openly admitted to STALKING and MAKING SEXUAL comments and advances in chat rooms. Sooner or later KARMA’S going to catch up to you….pervert of young teen girls. I can’t begin to imagine what other depraved secrets lay in your dark closet. Thanks to all for the screen grabs and information used on this post.