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So the latest on Ben is he’s developed the road trip begging BUG from ol Frank himself, I can’t help but laughing at this latest desperate cash grab from Ben, but why would we be surprised ?

So he announce on his Ivlog cast he’s going on a “ROAD TRIP” with a limited budget (wink wink)……….To an International Market where he would like to try new things…with a limited budget (wink wink)….Now please keep in mind he’s NOT begging with his limited budget (wink wink).

Millertimer: “Now Ben trying to get donations for his road trip to a store he has a limited budget and cant cast his trip due not having the right setup hahahahahahahaha this is a fail attempt to be like frank”All credit to Millertimer and associates (Stinky) for the post.


Ben is still at home waiting for the CASH he never asked for due to having a limited budget (wink wink).

However WE have a solution to all your problems Ben. YES THEY ARE HIRING SO FILL OUT AN APPLICATION…







Gwenna from Ivlog

Topcat manages to do it again, so thank you for this gif.It may be Karen and her 2 ( 0 ) ( o )  that seem to have an such an effect on the other casters on that site who knows, but it may be contagious.Keeping with the spirit of tit showing I to have decided to reveal my very own lovelies.

All I have to say is holy crap Ivlog has really lost it here. However Karen was BANNED for this latest tit fest.

Some of you said:

“Drunk Montreal Karen gets her tits out(FOR 4 HOURS) because IVLOG tech support wont come into her cast and help. POOR KAREN”

“Montreal karen tits and body”

“So Montreal Karen whips her tits out in an attempt to get tech support in her room last night. She said she saw someone typing in the chat using her name (which no one else saw) and she demanded tech support. After flagging the channel and sending emails, nobody from iVlog showed up so Karen took matters in her own hands (so to speak) and said she would show tits until tech support came. She was topless for a good 3 hours and then she poofed. She was not banned though. Pics attached.

So for as much as 4 hours this went on ?

And NO It’s not over until the guy jacks off……..

“UNCUTBROWN30 ups the MK ante with a little fun time of his own. Went on for over an hour. Great job IVLOG, proving everyday you truly are VaughnLive 2.0”

My thoughts:

I’d like to thank all of you out there who took the time to email me the various videos pics and of course the gifs used in the above post, it not only sends out a strong zero tolerance message to site owners, but let’s the non believers know our support is very real. Besides we don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon so get used to us.

At one time I was told the blog was too raunchy for some viewers, however it’s not raunchy. We EXPOSE the TRUTH for what it is NOT what WE believe it to be, and if that means we get our hands DIRTY then so be it. This is the reality of being online.

Furthermore to Karen: Believe it or not this wasn’t an easy thing for me to do, but I feel it’s something you’ve been begging from me for a long time now, so here it is. Karen I have a soft spot for you simply because I do like you and understand your emotional plight, but this casting crap is not an answer to your life needs, explaining your life away to online guests has only made you a laughing stock and a joke to be sneered at and ridiculed. It may be your answer to receiving such unwanted negative attention but in the long run it’s degenerated your reputation to mere poo.

Just imagine this if you will, that some day your young girls see the videos or posts as their dear mother dancing around flopping her massive tits while making a complete fool of herself, just imagine what they would think or how they would feel ???   Then ask yourself this…..As they grow into adult hood WHO will be their guiding LIGHT ….WHO will be their parent …WHO will be their source of information ???   

And when the time should arrive as they become mothers of their own children what life lessons will they pass on to their children ?

At one time I did consider speaking to you by getting to know you perhaps on skype, maybe sharing a few laughs or a story or two. But I’m afraid I can’t let you in not by the hair of my chinny chin chin, so don’t hold your breath cuz I live in a brick house.







All credit to the person who sent this in to me. From what I’m to gather Miss CookieSourpuss has read the recent posts on her Ivlog antics.So she decided to respond on JackieLess’s channel with the above comment. As well as making a request for an EMMY.So in all fairness to CookieSwollenlips I have decided to grant her the request by awarding her a package of wonderful Fit-Flex diapers compliments of Depend, for those wet salty sour moments on Ivlog. You are a STAAAWWWW DAWWWWLINGGGG, so take a bow.

The post to her angry ranting vile sour comments can be found here on the LINK below.😈/

But that’s not all, recently Jessica has decided to send her message of frustration to JackieLee expressing her feelings by no longer attending Jack’s cast due to being bullied by trolls.With this amount of comments and drama maybe JackieLee should consider blogging instead of casting, just a thought.

Like Sand Through The Hourglass… So Are The Days Of Our Lives…fart.. burp… snort.





As promised the 2nd part of this fetal mistake and his exploits on VL.

I do recall  Shawnio placing up his Amazon Wish List and requesting a $7 Lobster oven mitt, simply because he couldn’t afford one.Who could forget when Shawnio’s home was DOXED by Lardo driving around in a Google car, Shawnio denied this for months but it was only after GOOGLE updated their aerial maps that Shawnio fell silent realizing that the truth was never going to go away. No way around this one.

Another one of my all time favorites, as Shawnio the die hard drinker falls over due to his 3 beer excessive drinking mixed with meds and weed….TIMBERRRRRRR.

And of course who could forget the DEATH THREATS against numerous people, some on this blog and others simply on VL. could forget the “Dog humping” incident where Shawnio was actually seen behaving obscenely with his best friend Bella. Who just happens to be a female.


And there was DOX #2 as it took only 2 to 3 months before we discovered  Shawnio’s second home.

One of those moments I’m sure Shawnio would love to have disappear, as he calls out to us here on “THE BLOG” being dead. Funny thing for him to say as he spends more time watching this “DEAD BLOG” then I do.

Another great vid from years past when Hipperz didn’t have his head up his ass, he actually would THINK and would communicate with those of us here. Just watch the expression and listen to Shawnio as he makes a complete fool of himself.

Another one in a long list of Shawnio’s dead deleted blogs that when belly up. Funny how no one even noticed or cared, I mean as if anyone EVER even visited there right Shawnio ????I’ll let the above image SPEAK for itself………………………………


And of course who could ever forget the DOG/CAT SHIT trilogy that lasted for months. One of Shawnio’s most embarrassing moments.

These posts embarrassed Shawnio so badly at times he actually stopped casting literally for weeks at a time, due to all of VL laughing at him.

So there you have it and to think this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface to one of the biggest online losers to have disgraced Vaughn’s social casting community.And I’ll simply close this post with Scruffy you’re an idiot beyond epic proportions. The end