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I’m assuming this took place very recently on Ivlog, so all credit and thanks to Topcat for the video and image on the post.

I am not familiar with Ivlog and it’s TOS but something is telling me Jackie may have over stepped the line here what with the accent and the whole Mexican themed comments, but you can decide for yourself. Funny but wasn’t it a week or so ago Jackei herself was caught crying foul and played the trans gender card by crying out discrimination ?

So let us call upon the holy trans gender transcripts and recite the DIVINE words of Father Divine herself as her glorious name and light shine down upon us in thy everlasting love….amen. Now do your thang girl and twerk dat phat ass momma.

What I will say about Ivlog is that in my opinion the site and it’s far from brilliant owner decided years ago who was on the A-list and who was not, from that day forward one cannot actually have a Terms of Service when your “Terms” are a complete flip flop changing from day to day. Very much like Vaughn in this regard, you either make your TOS stick for everyone all the time or you let the shit fly where ever it may and wish for the best. As every day passes the once pristine site Ivlog (snickers) looks more and more like a gallery of authentic rejected hoes junkie cam4 trash and animal abusers, not to mention the well respected pedophile rapist. I’ll be having another part about Ivlog and it’s recent TOS issues in the days to follow.







I have some updated NEWS on the unwanted Ivlog CUM cookie, for those that wish to remove it all you have to do is use any version of CCleaner. Simply remove cookies and refresh your browser, then try to get into Ivlog, If you receive the GREEN BOX message a 2nd time this means you have removed it and it will ask you to download it again. So with this added new information at least you now have a choice.All credit to Stinky my special infiltrator gif maker and to those who ran the tests and completely removed the foul stink of Cr3am’s unwanted tracker cookie.

In your face you filthy thumb ringed patsy son of a bitch. And yes I like red toenails and eat my chocolate bars with a knife an fork so what.





Some of you may have received or downloaded Friday’s latest Ivlog notice requesting that you accept this download on to your computer. The owner claims it’s for personal content as well as advertising not to mention to enrich your already exciting and fulfilled lives in other words ………….YOU REALLY NEED THIS DOWNLOAD.But of course that’s what the owner Estebumbum Cr3am (CUM) Jones want’s you to believe, what he’s NOT telling you is that it’s a TRACKER meant to observe and track all of your movements on HIS site. In other words to those of you who troll or folks who like multiple account this may affect you in more ways than one.So on Friday my advice was folks to NOT download the Cr3am cookie and to just ignore it, however as of last night another updated notice was sent out.I guess some of you refused the Cr3am cookie and so because you were such naughty little trolls he has sent one of his commandments for all to behold and obey. So if you refuse the Cr3am cookie he’s telling you to basically DELETE your account, and piss off. Very reminiscent of another site owner who does the same thing with his” Uh oh Video Servers are at Capacity” crap, let’s face it Mark set this lil trap up in hopes of folks making the purchase for his VIP nonsense. What gives any site owner the right to demand you place a tracking program on your computer to take away your right to privacy, I say FUCK EM I would refuse to download your lil CUM cookie infact ram it up your ass. I certainly wouldn’t need to whore myself off to ANY site owner and be forced to do something to my personal property unless I SAY SO. Remember where site owners are concerned never bend the knee and become slaves…..NEVER.









Nothing could prepare me for this lil gem of video, so before any of you cry it’s a PHOTOSHOP paint job think again. I can’t make this SHIT up and never had to.

Remember this is the man who never beat his first wife or hurt anyone he LOVES ALL, but let me remind you lover man I still have your CRIMINAL DOX and don’t you ever forget it.


This the video in some of it’s entirety that I’ve placed up during a Daddy WarHipz cast as he wishes death and hate on various people on line.This may be a 3 part of 4 part post due to the fact the video goes on for about 3 hours, it’s CHAOS as per expected as the Jew Christian Hate filled person spews his verbal LIES and FILTH on Ivlog.


Yes it’s Hiperzz but I’ve decided to rename him after his favorite person Daddy Warbucks other wise known as Warren Bucks, another Christian man of god who behaves the exact same way. It’s approximately 15 min of non stop drunkenness, so get your pop corn and sit back.