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A quote sent to me in an email dated March 22nd 2018…All credit and thank you to InYourFace for the video.
“Apparently Sarah62 posted on her own Facebook she was casting on Ivlog and Scrubby took it upon it to herself to make comments. I do not have access to Sarahs FB so I cant confirm, but jenni and scruffy were discusing it all”

“Next email is video from jennys cast where they out Gamergirl because BOTH Mark and Jenny bought her laptops! LOL! And MissScuffy wonders if Hardwood maybe ate his dead cat! “

So in the video we have a somewhat upset Scruffy who apparently has become annoyed with a number of casters on her beloved site, she actually names  a few in open chat. And yes there is more to the video in a future post. “Next email is video from jennys cast where they out Gamergirl because BOTH Mark and Jenny bought her laptops!”…. Oh yaCourse we all know by now Sarah has been casting on Ivlog and Jeemy Weasel now casts on Camup…oh oh.








All credit and thanks to you know who for the screen shots in the post.

The site owner who can do it all but never seems to accomplish or finish anything is at it again, but now he asks the question…

“If I built my own (better) version of Facebook (MyVaughn), would you use it ?”    Ok so let’s get a few things straight here ol Mark, first what happened to the dream site you promised 7 years ago called “Vaughn live” ????  It rarely ever works between the incredible lag and the video crashing it’s any wonder any viewers are on the damn thing to begin with. Then there’s the fact that your entire social group of casters on the casters tab have simply walked away from you due to the “GUEST” issue YOU removed it, killing the entire social network….CONGRATULATIONS.I wont even bring up the fact your brain dead Nazi of a mother spews her stupidity in chats on regular intervals, and oh yes that reminds me I have a post on the shelf with that as well. She loves to talk about other casters on her FB doesn’t she, for example like how you’ve made purchases for other CASTERS in the form of laptops and computer parts ?? ……………..NEW POSTY coming soon.But with all that to the side seriously take one project at a time, let’s not jump ahead of ourselves and have another VAPERS ATTACK DILEMMA and DEMISE, does that bring back any memories ??

And besides with all the Minecraft updates and newest Lego building kits out there how are you gonna find the time to build your own Facebook ???

Then there’s the question WHO’S GOING TO RUN IT INTO THE GROUND …..YOUR MOTHER lol ??????………..Oh ya she’s too busy “RUNNING” [VL] into the ground.

And there’s your health ????Wont even mention the cost of servers you struggle with….Need I say more ???


Let’s face it your site is slowly dying, problem is your too blind to see it, fix the existing issues before you blindly tackle future ones.