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It seems more and more rejected female casters are winding up on the popular sex site Chaturbate now a days, today for instance we had Trashanna and old caster of Vaughnlive. Whether it be drugs or booze…pills who knows, but…..SOMETHING…has definitely taken her to another galaxy far far away.

Last we saw Trashy she was with child dancing around in her skimpies. Thanks to Astrosweat for the link.

About a month or 2 ago another EX [VL] caster was seen on a similar sex site. Some of you may remember Paintgirl Fuku who had her identity stolen by a middle aged Mexican named Juan Roman who danced around Vaughn as Knightsabers for years, after saving Paintgirl’s images from her Facebook page ? Upon hearing this alarming NEWS, Sean Cleary/IrelandsPatriot informed us all “Knightsabers is HAWT and is all female I have her on my SKYPE”….Some of you may recall this statement lmao. Dumb as a 2month old kitty litter, and he hasn’t changed. Thank you to the person who emailed me this recent pic of Paingirl.

Juan Roman aka Katherine Knightsabers.








I had all but forgotten this post that is actually dating back to Oct 12th 2017….But after seeing Jess on the previous post my memory was jogged so here it is. Better late then never.

Now during this vid Jessica discovers emails that are being sent to her that are requesting a PW recovery reset, but soon enough she realizes to refuse to click the links knowing full well that it would be unwise.

Jessica you were being played but as you caught on to the game a Scuttlebutt LINK showed up in the email it was at this time you decided it was those of us here sending you the emails, but you were wrong it was not us. More on the guilty party later.

From Oct12th 2017 until Jan2018 I have received over 157 emails requesting a PW reset on my blog account, none of which I have requested.

As you can see an IP address of  and were in the process of sending the emails. However in order for the email to actually work the moron in his own self absorbed foolery FAILED to realize one must actually CLICK the LINK in order for PW to reset.  What a loser this clown is.


The child like mind of this simpleton is clearly most likely Shawnio the psychotic pedophile trying to become relevant in his own sick perverted way but failing as usual. Note the date, Jess are your emails time stamped the same as mine ???? …Remember PROOF is in the pudding and a FOOL always reveals himself. I rest my case Jessica hope this helps. A big thank you to you know who for the video used in this post, who is still angry with me I’m sure. ( ͡° ʖ ̯ ͡°)




















Only proves what I’ve said all along that not only is Adumbs the rapist a hypocrite, but so is the owner…CUM what’s his face Jones.
I recall being banned for less, yet Adumb has slandered Ivlog recently by calling it a low life site that allows animal cruelty. Proves all of my points about CUM Jones and his lackey ho stooges. It’s not who ya know it’s who ya blow.




Funny how I can make a post, and it jogs peoples memories into a landslide domino effect that only reconfirms what we’ve said for years. So partial credit to several other blogs for updating this NAUGHTY or DIRTY long forgotten truth that some of you may laugh hysterically over.

You may recall the post dated as of Feb08 2018…Click the LINK below to catch up if you’re not clear as to what this is all about. It had Sean Cleary IrelandsPatriot masturbating for a 70yr old man named Don Wrinkles who in return payed for sexual favors and hands over a whopping $800.

What $800 gets you now a days and the Irish jig of the worm

Now oddly enough on the same exact day of Feb08 2018 another blog picks up the story and continues where I left off, but the catch is that there is NEW information that becomes presented that I never knew existed until recently. So a BIG thank you for the comment and the information from you know who….Mr Guy.So with the additional $800 it now tallies up to $1600, but for what services or favors did this $1600 purchase ?…NOW that’s a question we shall never know I’m sure lmao.IrelandsPatriot: “I CUMMED Plasmadud out of $1600 dollars lol”…”SCAM” I mean SCAM damn typo…

But ya sure you did so you’re telling me he just hands over $1600 with NO strings attached…HAHAHAHAHAHAH ok sure and I have land on the moon you may wish to purchase, real cheap to. Give me a break.But is doesn’t end there……….So apparently there’s a Youtube channel with Sean Cleary’s sugar daddy, sweet dear old Don rapping with minors…HAHAHAHAHAH too damn funny. As if the proverbial shit couldn’t hit the fan any harder. Hahahahahahaha. Or better yet PEDOs of a feather flock together I reckon.  Perhaps one of the most deeply disturbing and dangerous individuals online ever, and to know that somehow through the span of 3/5 years 3 different blogs that don’t connect or even communicate somehow manage to find the same material as evidence only proving just how twisted Sean Cleary really is.

Wise monkey once said “I can’t make this shit up”…Never had to.