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A lot has taken place in 2017, so a long summery post with the most enlightening highlights to end the year.We witnessed perhaps the greatest LIAR ASS KISSER of all time become EXPOSED with a PERVERTED CRIMINAL past. Let’s not forget literally cry and beg to not be banned from that site

And SUCK his way along the throbbing shaft of  [VIP] .We witnessed the self admitted GOOGLE CHILD STALKER of the muppets brag and make THREATS to family who have children in primary school. With an ongoing investigation looming in the back ground and LEGAL advice from his “SOLICITOR” it’s going to be only a matter of time.

We laughed at the BEATING he was given and the strange FALSE claims he then made to cover his own indignity.We witnessed an EXPOSED a site owner as he became furious, and we watched a $14k site go up in smoke to whittle down to $2k….maybe if it’s worth that.And let’s not forget a new president.I recall receiving an email with a FALSE DMCA report from a caster who eats his own sperm. Still waiting from his lawyer.And let’s not forget the saggy tits we encountered along the way. Wonders what size bra he wears…hmmmmmmm. Long live the CAT FISH QUEEN.In June we witnessed a friendship of 10 years go sour as one was charged and convicted of downloading CHILD PORN images, and the other was quick to throw him under the bus in hopes of washing his own hands of any wrong doing. We have a lot of questions yet to be resolved in this matter.We witnessed another senior CRY his way all over the internet by FLIP FLOPPING like a fish out of water.

He claimed WE here LIE and are FULL of HATE, so I give you LIES and HATE.We witnessed well…let’s forget about him and move on lmao. Poor bastard.And of course we witnessed the return of the LEGEND the FINGER PRIEST of TEENS the Mother beater of them all the Big DADDYWarbucks.

I coined the phrase from him “I can’t make this shit up” …Oh but what irony it was at the time as he goes on to eventually BEAT his mother in the face LIVE during a cast. I can’t make this SHIT UP.

And of course more made up LIES from yours truly.And finally a few possible dishonorable mentions for the bottom. And a thank you for any images or video used in this post.






Some things are better left unsaid and the pic below is one of them. 

On the other hand let’s just say an idiot made a FALSE REPORT that triggered an “INVESTMENT”  hahahahahhaahah, and it came and boomeranged right back. You know what I mean you idiot.Well the bad news is Shawnio didn’t get his dream date with a 10 yr old BOY to lick the peanut butter from his penis, but instead he did get his sweet heart Bella his faithful dog to do it.



When a weak pathetic whiny individual tries to cover up the fact he can’t blog and uses a wishy washy post saying “There’s nothing to post about social casting is dried up at the moment and maybe folks drinking something may happen over the holidays “…  Is laughable, hell I do a post a day sometimes more so there’s a lot to blog about. Maybe it’s only further proof you either need some Chris COCK to blog on or you don’t have as much support as you make believe. Either way WE here smell something fishy and it isn’t your mother’s yeast vaginal infection dripping from your mouth. How is Sandra btw ?With as something as simple as a TIN EYE search the picture becomes clear and it’s worth a million words. Need I say more ???Cant make this shit up and I never had to unlike some wanna be fat drunk junkie blogger wanna be $2 Dj. So suck back another pint you’re gonna need it.

Something tells me you may have forgotten your made up PEDOPHILE stories and LIES so I thought I’d refresh your drunken drug induced memory. Enjoy. 

Oh and Jessica please read the 4 LINKS below, I unbanned you for a reason now make the most of it and LEARN the TRUTH.

Fake EDITED videos from UKMuppets and Adam Paul Stuart Browne… the TRUTH they both don’t want you to know

But this POST is the DADDY of em ALL, this post EXPOSED and REVEALED just what he truly is and he’s NEVER gotten over the DAMAGE I have inflicted upon him. And Darren Lee Sayward has gone out of his way to seek revenge upon myself every single day of his worthless life ever since then. Please read them all Jessica.

Darren Sayward’s aka UKPedopuppets SECRET perverted love interest in Wintard

All credit to TopCat for this holiday hip jiggling extravaganza.

I have no idea as to how TopCat could record Alice after she placed her 45th level stink halitosis breath spell on the fella, But some how TopCat managed to survive and pull through. Alice please understand I don’t hate nor do I have any negative feelings towards you but when you do these things like an attention ho, well dear you kinda get what you earn.

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