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I remember seeing the LINK in question in our chat months ago, but my only problem was there wasn’t anything actually tying Adambro to either the name or any of the information documented on it….Until now.

Posted Jan 21 2016…..Last Updated Jan 21 2016.

A 26-year-old Ontario man has been sentenced to a year in jail and two years probation for sexual interference involving a 14-year-old Nova Scotia girl. Adam Paul Stuart Browne pleaded guilty in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Shelburne and was sentenced last Friday. Browne travelled to Shelburne to meet the girl after a lengthy phone and online relationship with her. The pair met over the online social site Omegle for a one-on-one video chat in late 2011. At the time, the girl told Browne that she was 17 and about to turn 18. 

‘You preyed on a 14-year-old girl’

In sentencing Browne, Justice James Chipman said: “You acted on impulse and for your own sexual gratification.” “In so doing,” the judge continued, “you preyed on a 14-year-old girl.”

In addition to the jail time and probation, Browne is ordered to stay away from his victim and her family, have no contact with children through the internet and to stay away from places children are known to frequent. Browne’s name will go on the national sex offender registry for the next 20 years and he must provide a DNA sample.

The LINK in it’s entirety can be found below.

But that’s not all……………………………IS IT ADAM ?………..So let’s look at what we do know.

1: His name is Adam……So is the individual on the LINK.

2: He does live in Burlington Ontario Canada….So does the individual on the LINK

3: He says he’s 25/26……So is the individual on that LINK.

4: Both Adams play video games, it’s in the LINK

5: We also know he was involved with a young female online named (Nikki) who DID accuse him of RAPE and then allegedly recanted her story, so says Adam.

6: The female in question (Nikki) has never been heard from since.

7: If you call Adam … the last name BROWNE he bans you, but insists it’s not his name. Then why ban ???????????

8: Most interesting is his facebook where he makes multiple names and then proceeds to follow himself on those same accounts, 2 of the FB names do exist Adam Brown and Adam Browne….Is it all mere coincidence ?

There are different variations on the spelling of the name Adam, but as well as his own pic on those same accounts. Down below is the name Adam Browne take note not only of the spelling but the details that go along with the account…location Burlington…former jobs things he himself has discussed during his casts. Like being a DJ and rigging lights in a night club…Security etc etc…..More coincidences ???

The more I think on it the more I’m convinced it really may be him, but you be the judge. When you factor all those odd coincidences one after the other the whole story does come together like an nice little puzzle. To sum it all up EVERYONE knows Adam is a CHRONIC LIAR to no end and that’s his greatest folly…..His BIG MOUTH.Eat up and enjoy your BULLSHIT you dumb ass KARMA and I have had an everlasting relationship for years, and she never discriminates.

A special thank you for the LINK and to those who helped me TRACK Adam Browne in Burlington…..KNIW KNIW





Today I was surprised to see the vivacious JackLee casting on the $2 site Ivlog, but I do suppose when the NAZI Patricia Lynn Vaughn SPANKS you even something as cheap as Ivlog has some glitter to the eye. So now JackLee has made this move Vaughn’s top casters are both Abumb Browne and Jessica Baldick…sheeeeesh.

Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

With a whopping 41 viewers swarming the popular top caster BEAUTY QUEEN of Ivlog one has to wonder how long is it going to last before she jumps back to Vaughn for some real numbers ?

Look on the bright side the dead site has an angry old gnome who repeats himself every 10min with…“I DON”T PLAY RAP OR HEAVY METAL” … is an already existing indication of just how dead Ivlog has become. So lets face facts JackLee is the best damn thing to ever happen to that crapper of a dead site, or you could always enjoy watching CUMbox Mike eat his own sperm.





The latest NEWS on Vaughn is the falling out between my EX olnine lover thfaroe and Jessica the blessed virgin mother of sanctity.


I’m sure many of you haven’t a clue as to the past online love affair between myself and thefarto a Vaughnlive caster who migrated from JTV a few years ago, he was better known as Chiwave back then. I was a young and a naive monkey troll, thefatoe was a young handsome dashing caster who lured me into this sexual online fantasy world as his lover mod. The only requisite to be his mod or girlfriend was to answer several simple questions “Are you a female…Do you have BIG TITS…Do you want to be my girlfriend ? ” And of course my answer was YES darling.

But alas our passion was never meant to pee and I left JTV for greener pastures, and that is where I met uncle Pardo and the likes of the Vaughn miscreants.


My LOVE would sing to me in his soothing enchanting voice and I would close my eyes and imagine falling asleep in his soft marshmallow floppy arms and jelly belly.He was my David Hasselfoff a strong an noble figure with a godlike physique that made me quiver with excitement <3But with all this online bickering and squabbing in the Adam Browne camp the big question remains who will Adam Browne side with, WHO shall STAY and WHO shall GO ?

More like Adam Browne STOPPED paying for the VIP cuz he only paid for a very short subscription and not a long term one to save his ASS from being BANNED lolRevenge is served best with a steamy plate of POOP just ask Adam Browne he’ll tell ya. Or he may just BAN you for saying a name that isn’t his but that’s for another post….Wink wink…Remember Adam Browne all eyes are on you now so try and keep up and look the part you’ve been playing for so long.

And a special thank you for the video from you know who.