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Lay your head back close your eyes and suck on your wet jelly coated fingers dripping with your very own ejaculation……and enjoy.

That’s what Mike did about 3 years ago on a video, and YES it did make the blogs…several in fact. Did I ever mention I can’t make this shit up ??

But wait there’s more……..

On Thursday Sept 28th 2017 I received this email.

So according to this email sometime on Monday we should be receiving a DMCA or possible COURT notice of some sort……Now if it were anyone else I would perhaps consider it’s serious, but due to the fact it’s from CUM boxMike I can only laugh. Now picture this the DAY in COURT and Mike’s LAWYER stands up and says…. “Your honor WE would like to present a video exhibit #A …Mr Mike Kelly consuming his own ejaculation”  ……The judge falls over laughing and the entire court pees themselves in complete shock…..It’s a KODAK moment and it’s PRICELESS.

I rest my case…

Mike until then please refrain from eating anymore sperm including your own.

Oh and part of the video in case you need to have a giggle.

But if you need the whole post well………………enjoy yourself.


All credit and thanks to who ever sent this in.

Seems the TRASH are a lil restless over in Vaughn land so the brightest IQs came out to ponder as to what they should do ?

The GENIUSES decided to come up with a FAKE GO FUND ME account for socks so Mark Vaughn’s feet would most likely be warm.


Let’s MOCK the DEATH of a BABY for 4days and then when everyone catches on to what’s been going on let’s BAN the caster and LIE about the the whole thing and try to DENY it ???…………Smart huh ???

Then lets put the main person who was responsible for MOCKING the DEATH of a BABY for 4days in charge of the site in hopes it attracts more folks, but when this BRAINIAC idea back fires we calmly remove this cyst and deny that this BRIGHT idea ever existed….Cool huh ??

And we call it Vaughn live….Funny none of this is FAKE it’s real.

Are you trying to kiss up to me ?




I’d like to thank a friend for the two screen shots from yesterday.As you can see Ben needs $682.09 to fix the intake gasket on his car so he can go to work. No idea as to where he lives but perhaps a bus is in order or maybe ride a bike ?

Great on Ben for trying to get to work……but wait there’s more…He needs clothes as well ???…..Gosh he must be naked poor hairy guy.

Ben may have been bitten by the Frank Taylor bug as more and more casters try to take advantage of naive viewers with pleas for assistance, cash or gifts.

I’m pretty much at the point NOTHING surprises me anymore.

All thx to a smelly stinker for this…you know what I mean …..naughty.



The BEAUTY about a 1st class MORON like Adumb is the fact we live in a society where GAYS and alternative lifestyles live not only openly but FREELY….After in most parts of the world especially in CANADA it’s LAW.

My thoughts are for Adumb to be making such slanderous comments alone should have him removed from Vaughn live permanently.

But take note of the “DEATH THREAT” statement on his banner it wasn’t all that long ago when he himself made a “DEATH WISH” on to another caster for the entire world to see. You see Adumb what’s good for one is also good for another.

BRAVO Adumb for once again like the simple BOY you are you shoot yourself in both feet again lol…For anyone that needs reminding the LINK is down below.

All credit to a friend of the blogs for this video of both Realman and another individual I’ve never heard of calling himself “Imapices” as they both go on a Vaughn live race rant.

It’s over 17min long so you may need snacks like I do to support my 433lb muscular frame…..Enjoy