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Hidden away under the radar has been one of the meanest loudmouthed trolls THAT WE never even knew existed…..until now.

Goin by the name Hill Billy Wankie….errrrr I mean… Frankie.

This CHRISTIAN PATRIOT WARRIOR of GOD has decided to lay his blessed hands upon the internet….And spread his thick legs for all….

So the rumor on the street is this HOLY ANAL SOLDIER of EXCREMENT has decided to pay our dear Pope of Confusion..Prostitution and Collusion Pope Lardo a home visit.I cannot confirm or deny this latest information, but sources close to Frankie state that he recently decided to purchase a loaded thick black Bible that he then inserted into his anus for safe keeping. Please keep in mind he is a registered PASTOR and resides in an old CHURCH so I’m told.

I was also informed that he’s an EX friend of dear ol Warren Bucks…..He is the reason Warren NO longer CASTS on Vaughn live, and that is due to a THREAT he made to Warren. That if he should ever CAST again he would call Social assistance and REPORT him to DISABILITY. You may remember Frankie for he was the one who asked Warren for $400 to fix his broken down vehicle not so long ago, and that did take place on Vaughn. Dear Christian Frankie what ever did make thou stray from the true course of GOD to become a troll ?

Well well well ….Not only are so many of them strange bed fellows but bitter enemies as well the internet is a crazy place indeed… And it never ceases to amaze me.

All credit to a friend of the blogs for this wealth of information pic… gif and juicy gossip.



Just like a WEAK lil panzy girl the LOUD mouth known as IrelandsPatriot cries in chat rooms looking for sympathy where ever he goes. But after his beating at the hands of either his mudder or his fudder he gathers his online black ops team to STRIKE back at the infidels. Armed to the tooths with sharpened knives swords and pepper spray they plan to conquer the lands and take back what was rightfully theirs. 

We all know the primadonnas over in the  pathetic Pedopuppets are too weak unless they have their liquid courage and pills in their bloated guts to back them up. I do enjoy watching them squirm as they beat their chests at pretend play.

Death threats…IRA…murder and mayhem is Sean Cleary’s recipe for disaster.

We never ever ever thought the possibility could ever exist, but I was wrong on all fronts…MARK VAUGHN HAS SERVED LARDO….It’s final.I do apologize for mocking this situation and sincerely wished I could go back take it all away. My only hope is that this blog is not in peril due to my reckless uncontrolled tranny rants of sexual rage. I do FEAR for this blog now.

However what’s even more surprising is how easily I can manipulate so many of you poor souls into believing anything I say. I could literally SELL most you online repackaged SHIT only after I’ve proclaimed it to be GOLD….It’s something so many of you gentle souls need. Let’s be honest any one foolish enough to believe in a court summons with Lardo facing LEGAL consequences is adrift without a life raft.

In some cases there’s zero hope of redemption only online buffoonery with a laughable comment. Clearly I can’t help you when you can’t help yourself there’s only so much I can do with so little

In the words of a retarded NAZI twat ” Give em hell” ….Or so she thought…The JOKES on you.

The DRAMA that started it all and the LEGAL THREAT that was carried out….Or was it ?