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The last time anyone has seen Shawnio during a cast was on June 22nd 2017 at approximately 4:31:09 PM, since then the PEDOPHILE has not shown his FACE

Sexual comments to a 16 year old BOY in Blogtv the result he was ip banned from the site permanently…Funny what you can find on your hardrive covered in DUST.

His mommy knows all the sordid details of his ANAL CONGESTION …Some say his BITCH owner/master… Patricia Vaughn has PUBLICLY CASTRATED him and has even gone as far as to SODOMIZED him to the point he’s no longer allowed to cast. Personally I think he’s finally realized he’s bitten off more than he can chew and it’s all coming to a head….so Scruffy told him to lay low for a while and hope things blow over….FAT CHANCE not happening.

I await another 200 ANGRY NEGATIVE comments on my post.


This screen grab was sent to me yesterday in a chatango im, so thank you for this. In it we can clearly see Daryl make what some may consider perhaps a joke or light hearted insinuation …However in light of what has taken place over the years both online and in Vaughn SWATTING is no laughing matter

Now to be fair to Daryl the MEANING of his COMMENTS can be taken either way, so we can’t judge him too harshly. But today I found some old Youtube posts you may wish to check out. And yes in the past I did cover and post all of these stories and estimated 9 to 10 over SWATTING posts all taking place on Vaughn.

Recently Soldier the tech guy for Vaughn live was recorded making SWATTING THREATS to another caster, that post can be found in the archives of this blog. Perhaps the owners the that site don’t take SWATTING seriously ???  WHO am I kidding of course they don’t.

Lately I have been sensing a certain EXTRA heightened TENSION/ANGER from the UK muppets camp as well as by Shawnio who some of you may have noticed has stopped casting all of a sudden. My feelings are perhaps a nerve or chord has been struck and you never know LAW enforcement may have finally entered the equation.

You may also like to READ up on HOW police are tackling the matter by using current technology and their results.



Did I ever tell you I can’t make this SHIT up  ???….Well someone says I did, so you be the judge.

On Monday 26th of June 2017 WE broke our existing record with THIS…….2,469 in one day.
Then on Tuesday June 27th 2017 WE hit another amazing number with 2,233 views in one day.

A rough idea of how it works in REAL TIME NO PHOTOSHOP being used here. This view count video is of Wed June 28th 2017

All time views..visitors etc…for the last 2 months….I now await 200 negative angry jealous comments from…you know who lol

Now this particular post is funny to me, we have oOoSoldieroOo the out spoken tech guy in Vaughn who last week BEAT his chest spewing forth several THREATS directed towards DirtWood including THREATS of SWATTING. That LINK is right below.

However today ehhhhh NOT SO MUCH lol……..Ohhhh all thanks to the anon for this.So this is Soldier the tech guy in Vaughn ??? 

This type of COMEDY is really something when the tech guy makes online THREATS and then sizzles out to a wet fart. And you know the Vaughns are PISSING their pants when Scruffy reads this post.

I’m sorry Patricia Vaughn you were saying something about SWATTING an your LAWYER ???

Dear Miss Scruffy I would like to make an OFFICIAL REPORT please….Your tech guy made an online THREAT regarding SWATTING and I would like your immediate attention on this, for I do believe the FBI or local law enforcement may be interested in this matter….Don’t you ????

Need I say more ?????   Oh and btw what does your FANCY SHMANCY LAWYER say about that ??????

A PREDICTION: In 24 hours on Facebook Miss Scruffy reveals another illness of hers…AMNESIA.





All credit to Scruffy…Sarah and the anons who drop the screen shots in our chat.Let us begin with the comments from Scruffy…Make sense yes ???Sarah’s words not mine…PLEASE keep this in mind according to Scruffy it’s “HER BUSINESS NOT OURS”However over the weekend she consumes more alcohol, and then begins to BEG for CASH $$$$$$$$…Imagine that. Can’t make this shit up.Last word/screen shot on this post is goin to Roco…….

Now we sit back and wait. Let the PROBATION BEGIN….Good luck Sarah69