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So with “SCRAG” now scattered across the internet 4 winds, and most of them finding new homes on other sites. We now turn our attention to Hardwood or as I like to call him DIRTYWOOD or as he is really known as RICHARD R WOODFORD. In the past I have posted numerous stories on this low life exposing him for what he really is …SCUM. This is the degenerate who has openly ridiculed the death of a child for several days, lets not forget the Oma weekend from hell. The LINK to that horrible mess can be found down below.

Then of course we have his MUD RACE which turned horribly wrong injuring several innocent individuals including children.

Along with this incident came a LAW SUIT that lasted years.

At some point I believe some kind of restitution was made, but I remain unclear as to exact details.

And that brings us to his years on Vaughn, or better yet his past years with Vaughn for you see he now bashes his old friend Mark Vaughn by casting this very image down below of the site owner who protected him and the clique. It’s over now for Dirtywood and the Scrag so he sits like a lump of white shit on a dead site called Ivlog preaching his own malicious trash. Spinning his own truths.

But for the few like myself who remember WHAT/WHO you really are my opinion of you shall never change, you’re FILTH the end. So keep that in the back of your dirty unwashed head as you try to use this blog to gain favor by posting your Youtube videos here in our chat, in hopes that I may contribute to your personal assault on the Vaughns.

The 3 evils can’t be undone nor forgotten either Ivlog…Vaughn or Richard R Woodford…bottom line SCUM is SCUM. The true victim in all this will always be Oma as she nows shares the Ivlog site with her tormentor Richard R Woodford aka Hardwood.

The moment one decides to LAUGH or MOCK the DEATH of a CHILD there will never be a reprieve or forgiveness some words do cut too deep to be forgotten.

I’ve been vague on the recent JStevio posts for reasons I cannot fully explain except to say it’s an on going process that in time will finally be dealt with by the proper authorities.

However I do have this 10min video that was taken on a recent Lardo Sunday afternoon cast. In it JStevio goes into some of the details surrounding his experiences and how he’s managed to claim €750 euros in cash due to online harassment all thanks to several morons who may soon be crying the blues.Now if you’ve been keeping up on past posts leading up to this one you may recall some the previous information regarding this ongoing investigation. If you don’t’ please feel free to click the below LINKS. The posts are just a sample of what has been going on for the last several months.


I have included the DOX and information on Darren Lee Sayward…Sean Cleary and  Brahim Soltani, 3 members of the UK PEDOmuppets. As I have previously stated the authorities are currently involved and as any new developments arise I shall be posting them. All credit to JStevio for his videos/emails and information.

JStevio explains his €750 EURO PAYOFF



It’s been a long time since I posted a Foxman story and for good reason…HE’S BORING and STUPID.

However seems he’s being stalked by an individual who demands he cast or else be SWATTED. As you watch the video and listen you can hear Foxman ‘s plea for help and some blah blah about some female. No idea as to what DRAMA Foxman has gotten himself into this time. I will say I nor this blog condone or support SWATTING.

CLICK this LINK for the vid     




All credit to Casper for the above screen shot, but there’s not really much to say I mean after all when the site manager hasn’t the BRAIN to simply BAN a DISGUSTING individual such as Warren Bucks. And to use a site GLITCH as a LAME excuse to allow him back simply to bolster their weak views is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Was all of this was a GLITCH. ????  Like when he beat the hell out of his mother, and decide to remove his clothes on numerous occasions was all of that a GLITCH as well ??

But that’s fine after all this blog, and the rest of us shall continue to be here exposing your GLITCHES with every post. After all it’s just a GLITCH right ?

Or maybe the HAND OF GOD shall finally render a verdict ?