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Have I ever told you I can’t make this SHIT UP ?????

This is the follow up to the previous Sarah62 post. Well our dear Sarah is now sitting in jail awaiting her BOND/release money to come through, but what you didn’t know was just hours before her car accident she was asking for CASH on her birthday.

“BIRTHDAY MONEY WOULD BE SO AWESOME”  hahahahah yeah and so would BAIL money.Hey Josh Karas enjoy the drink buddy just remember that’s what you’ll be going home with. After Sarah is done SUCKING you DRY you’re going to be known as Josh the DEAD CARCASS.HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear from all of us here at the blog to you ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

For the whole story click the LINK below or simply go to the previous POST for all the details.



But I’m afraid it is seems last night her boyfriend spilt the beans on her with a cast not only explaining to everyone what had happened, but was showing some kind of video on his phone. At this is point the details are sketchy, however the boy friend was quick to explain it may have involved a CRASH thus landing in her in JAIL…..Again ?????Yes dear ol Sarah62 has prior convictions and is now paying the piper. What’s sad about this is that Sarah’s boyfriend may not be in the loop as to her past life style and online antics. I mean lets face it when you think you have a precious princes flower in your heart and hands and everyone online has seen her TITS and VAGINA about as many times as you have well maybe reconsidering the relationship may be the best course of action.

They say a “PICTURES WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS”  But maybe in this case it’s equal to one child. Need I say more ?

All credit to our Jake and an anon who gathered this info for me….thank you.


She maybe home soon, and that’s when the fireworks are gonna fly.

Credit to Topcat for this Sarah62 pic

Imagine my surprise and laughter as one of Ivlog’s very own MOLDYCHEESE was the FEATURE caster today. Better known as Ryan Fields/Ryan HiFi has decided to change his name as of late to MOLDYCHEESE perhaps in hopes of blending in with the rest of the Ivlog community without being detected by us.

Perhaps one of the most DISGUSTING sexual predators and full on retards in my years blogging I have ever witnessed, Ryan/Moldycheese has made numerous PEDOPHILE comments dating back several years which I have exposed on many occasions.One such post, had Ryan/Moldycheese make the above comment “14 year old? hell I’ll FUCK a 6 week old”  It’s but one of many DISGUSTING and bizarre comments from an individual who sees himself as an online whiteknight. Upon exposing this SICK and TWISTED individual he lays on the THREATS in our comment section, all directed towards myself. Ryan Fields is a notorious creep of the most foul nature, twisted in both his own mind and soul.Another such time, and more PEDOPHILE comments concerning SEX with a 15 year old child, made by Ryan trying to remain anonymous in the chat. Ryan is a demented individual who not only suffers from alcohol abuse but claims to have ASS BURGERS. Perhaps with a side order of fries he may over come his stupidity and PEDOPHILE comments we can only hope. Good luck Ivlog he’s all yours, upon hitting the rock bottom of SHIT seems to be the only direction Ivlog can spiral into it’s a glorious sight indeed when your FEATURE caster makes such heinous sexual comments. Now bring on the skintag dancers with a healthy dosage of HYPOCRISY to begin my weekend……I truly can’t make this shit up lol

The title of this post should be Sean Cleary “TRIGGERED and FULL on RETARDED”   But with a barrage of over 150 negative comments that have lasted 7days straight, to state he’s PISSED would be the understatement of 2017.

Part 1.

What WE do know from PART-1 is that an article was written by an unknown source claiming he had sex with 2 children, we also know he abuses XANAX and alcohol at the same time. But in PART-2 he speaks on DOXING and what he deems “FAIR GAME”

Some key notes to remember at the 0.30of this video he makes the statement  “If their trying to HARM your KIDS then it’s fair game ”

He then states at 1.55 of the video “I don’t TINK you or I have ever DOXED anyone its always they who do it first”

And at the 2:22 of the video he brings up Caines DECEASED MOTHER, and then admits to DOXING the DECEASED BROTHER. Something that was done on Ivlog during his cast.

For those wishing to catch up on this DOX of a deceased CHILD on Ivlog click the LINK below.

Sean Cleary banned from the Ivlog facebook group

Sean Cleary banned not once but TWICE from Ivlog

From DOXING dead mothers,  deceased children, making online THREATS directed towards myself and others associated with this blog, it more than apparent…SEAN CLEARY is not only SICK and DISGUSTING but a most MENTALLY ill INDIVIDUAL.This may explain WHY his own FATHER disassociated himself from his life and refuses to acknowledge him.

From his HATE towards autistic folk to his HATE directed at Muslims and ethnic minorities Sean Cleary can stoop no lower…Again BRAVO Sean BRAVO, great work.

At some point I have heard the distant rumbles of the authorities becoming involved, and I hope they do. Eventually you WILL become ACCOUNTABLE and I hope I can blog about it…………. again.

And yes you are right Babs …You can’t make this shit up, but then again …..THATS MY LINE, so knock it off amateur.  

I’d like to thank our friend of the blog for this rather odd yet self admitting video of Sean Cleary where he refers to an article of him raping 2 children. Now the odd thing is I have never heard of such an article being written and I know for a fact I have never posted such information to this blog, so my question is………
Where is this article ???
Who wrote this article ???
And WHY is IP mentioning an article no one else has seem to have heard of ???
Is he making this up for attention or are the accusations against him legitimate ???To me Helton seems uninterested in what IP has to offer, with simple nods or shaking his head to whatever IP says. One gets the feeling Helton is clearly bored with the incoherent babbles of one drunken Sean Clearly.
Listen to IP as he states he has a photographic memory and can read a 20 page essay in an hour. He can then re write every word of it exactly to the letter.
Helton vaguely acknowledges IP or simply seems too tired as he yawns through out the video, it becomes apparent that Helton is allowing IP to ramble about himself non stop as if knowing full well at any given moment IP may burst and chunks of his BULL SHIT may fly across the room.

And that is why Helton clearly outwits IP hands down, it’s a first I’ve seen Helton be victorious in a video but you have admit he plays IP to the hilt and WINS.

Once that’s out the way the rest of the video is IP bragging like a teen boy passing through puberty as if once wasn’t enough….. He brags his way through the conversation beating his chest about taking “TREE sticks of XANAX” while consuming alcohol.It’s clear he fancies himself some sort of potato SEX boy toy and states he has multiple female partners as many as 3 per week. The young girls desire him so badly while the rest of us quiver in jealousy as to his self promoting sexual exploits. Funny not one female has ever come forward to admit it, perhaps either from SHAME or self loathing his female conquests have all gone silent, not even one beats his drum on his behalf.
During the conversation he admits to being a fucking retard, something all of us would definitely agree with.
The video was originally 30+min of non stop Sean Cleary going full stupid, way too much for one poor person to digest in one sitting. So I have decided to make this POST a 2 part POST, with the 2nd part being placed up tomorrow.