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I never thought I’d hear myself say this (or type it) but Whirlwind makes Adambro look like a damn genius.  Of all the dumbass things he could of said, master mind Whirlwind picked this to say in APT’s channel.



So Whirlwind, being of high moral character *cough* ….With a wrap sheet longer than a toilet roll, for stealing lumber…..wants the cops knocking on his door again.

Here’s what the law says:  ” Knowingly removing, altering, defacing, or covering a political sign of any candidate for public office from 45 days before a primary election until seven days after the general election …..blah, blah, BUT, Up to 4 months in prison, up to a $ 750 fine, or both.”  Then there’s the part that will kick Whirl in the ass:  “makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry….”  But Whirlwinds a *cough* smart man……..isn’t he?

whirl knight

His own words. So what do others think of him?


He told us he’s “Mr Deep Pockets” so he should have a large home with an expensive car outside,,,yes? Hum, NO!

Mr Deep Pockets

The home is no bigger than a double wide, and the vehicle is a real junk yard clunker.

But if you listen to Whirlwind, he’s a Christian. A man of God that loves everyone………..


How ironic that Lardo was the one who helped me with this post.  In a nutshell Whirl. You are bat shit crazy. I wont be the one snitching on you, but I hope someone does. Then you can have Warren as your jail cell pen pal.


I have no words for this video, except Helton is a moron…THE END

Thank you to who ever dropped the link in to our chat, cuz damn it I need the change away from Scarin Karen’s BIG TIT posty. (º.º) …. (◐ o ◑ ) lady_famine


Now I have been holding back for months on this one, from her uncontrolled crying to her tit grabbing antics until finally enough was enough. Karen since you wish to behave like a big woman grabbing and fondling your TIT on casts, I have finally decided to oblige you dear …enjoy.

All credit to Karen on this one…Just don’t CRY TO ME.



I truly wish I had recorded this from the beginning, but I wasn’t available. However I did manage to get the tail end of it.

Seems Dave has placed Mark on the SPOT with questions concerning DMCA guidelines..and a number of other topics….A great cast with many laughs.

From MALWARE being discovered to Mark and his phony boat and big spending habits …You might even spot a lil PORN, keep an eye out for it lol