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Well well, seems as if Sams room has been hijacked. Schreck, Hipperz, and the Unamerican goofball have taken over. Shreck and Hipperz were there just to have fun. The Unamerican was there to behead the trolls. LMAO. Careful Goat boy, you are making even more enemies than you had before. Here’s an example. Oh by the way, he waited until Sam had left the room. He’s a COWARD.


The Unamerican Goat Boy was banning people like crazy last night. I bet he’s really pissed off that Sam has over 50 on his channel, while the Unamerican goofball can only scrape up 3.  ^^^samsroom

Scuttlebutt and myself have fans EVERYWHERE. ^^^^^^ So sorry shawnio.



Schreck and Hipperz have invaded. You know Warpload was steaming after this one. ^^^^sams5

And even steamier after this one. ^^^



sams fishHere is Sammy Dingus Jr. eating something he dipped in sand. I have no clue what it is. Bon Appetit Sammy. Here’s one of Sammy’s specialties. Sammy’s fish cakes. mmmm. ^^^^

sams room

And a little poke at Cr3am. ^^^


Look at how sad the Goat boy looks in his clown suit. Awwww. Ok, im out for now. bye bye Goaty and Sammy Dingus Jr.


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Ok, im out. Bye for now.

If anyone wonders why there is so much hate at Vaughn Live it’s because the FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD DOWN.








Scrubby tells Edward that he’s mad cuz they wont let him do what he wants. Too bad the same rule doesnt go to everyone. A few weeks ago someone asked scrubby why does Paradice get away saying the “N” word all day long and scrubby said, “I dont know, why dont you ask her?”  WTF???? There a many many examples of scrubbys favoritism. I dont have enough time or the desire to go through them all.

 scrubby calling people “asshole’s”  what kind of christian is she, oh wait i know. she’s a  christian hypocrite, like so many of them. I hope your site dies a slow and painful death. you are a worthless piece of DUNG scrubby.

Thanks to the Anton for the post.

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Chris decided to paint his bedroom tonight, By the time i got there most of the heavy work was completed. All that was left was to paint the leather couch.                  I have said in the past that i dont like making fun of the less fortunate however, I believe Chris is an entertainer. He wants us to laugh. Remember when he started the fire right next to the house? He knew he was being a clown and he enjoyed it as much as we did. (BTW, I was paralyzed with laughter from that stunt.)           Well here he is showing off his painting skills.

000_0570 - Copy - Copy

Don’t get me wrong, but I think Zelda could be quite attractive…….with a burlap sack over her head and gagged. Here you’ll see she had a real crazy moment in Vaughn, and loving the attention.




Yes, Zelda the gypsy wants a bucket of cum……all over her fortune telling crystal balls.

ZELDA..I see a tall dark handsome man….with a jacket that has leather straps on it, and a padded cell !!!!