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These two screen shots were sent in to me over night so thank you to who ever sent them in. Apparently Johnny was a bad boy last night in Vaughn.


Johnny’s got a GUN


Johnny has a one man sausage fest and exposes his DICK….  ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

So I assume he was banned or at least deeply sodomized by the powers that be for his online antics…I did mention GUNS..DICKS …so here’s a CHICK


.°☆ ‧°‧°☆∴° ☆ ¤º…`•.¸.•´ ☆


Seems someone was rather busy last night as another fun lil video was sent in to our chat, now I know the Ivlog users are going to cry over this as well, they always do.. due largely to the fact it’s another one of their own. But even though I keep letting them know it was sent in to us for some reason this group don’t seem to understand, I guess when you spend all your time living in a chat room listening to bad gay disco music you kinda forget how to read text in a chat ???  Oh well boo hoo cry over it Ivlog cry babies and deal with it.

Oh and a final note I DON’T KNOW WHO PRANKLIN IS AND I DON’T CARE WHO HE is, so before the Ivlog cry babies get all bent outta shape over it I thought I’d mention it, not that any of you understand or can read.

Check out the video by clicking the LINK  


Thank you for the vid.lbpnation_jtv_monkey

All credit goes to a friend of the blogs for this fun lil video of the worthless bag of flesh known as Foxmanshawn as he wigs out on Joe Walsh. Thank you for the great vid. Click on the LINK  to check it out

Seems the on again off again BROMANCE is reaching a passionate and perhaps a lusty peak, as these two can’t make up their minds if they wanna snuggle in bed or rip each others tits off.



All credit to our friends here at the blog for the screen shots used in this post, as a very ANGRY an HATEFUL Sean Cleary rants on Facebook.


Oh ya and here’s the PERVERT’s lil worm friend, he call it a PENIS….lmao



With such RACIST comments like this he’s gonna have the IRA…Black Lives matter……The People’s Front of Judea and the Judean’s People’s Front all after his ass.


Talk about SHIT FOR BRAINS right Captain ?