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By now you all know the FOOL known as Shawn W McQuaid has been evicted from his recent luxurious condo after residing there for only 3 short months, I suppose it is true making reports can be fun. But what’s even more interesting is that it only took Hipperzz and myself 3 weeks to dox this second apartment, I can’t recall anyone in the history of social media broadcasting that has doxed themselves more than once. Congratulations lol.Screenshot_1 (3)Evidence has become so crystal clear that he exposes the empty boxes during one of his ASS picking rants. After drinking just several bottles of beer the pure frustration starts to seep through.8931bb24e1714f418c0b2324495bbb8891bb315cf3a5411ca140652f7db09ed5Screenshot_1 (2)Either seeking attention or simply loosing control, Shawnio’s insane rants have become popular and entertaining. Sometimes the truth manages to expose itself in the strangest forms, take the swatting comment for example where he admits to committing the offence. The images used here clearly illustrate his anger getting the better of him.

During one of his drunken retard rants he decides to openly humiliate Mark Vaughn on his very own website, another example of the pressure getting to him.



The statement itself at the top right corner completes the picture……………………………………………..Shawnio: I need to suck scuttlebutts dick…5233cac9a68f45edafa49479f6fae992

Shawnio can be seen here offering himself up like some kind off Aids infested over bloated pregnant hog hanging tits and all, perhaps in hopes of trapping Scuttles in some bizarre sexual rant.Screenshot_1 (2)

And of course his small dig at myself, nothing special but I do enjoy how he attempts at deflecting at someone else, I said once and I’ll say it again please don’t ever change Shawnio…you’re priceless.

For reporting certain Canadian terrorist type actions or those that threaten others on line you may wish to contact these individuals for support or just to pass on information.

Thanks to all for the pic and video used in this post.


Screenshot_4Seems our dear ol CookietinkleDips may have a SECRET online lover who enjoys shinning his carrot in public…………….Sources close to me say she was watching another caster by the name of Localhost 34, either masturbating on cam or playing a video with such content on her behalf. Could this caster be her online mystery admirer ???

Cookie gazing upon his wing wang suddenly breaks into hysterical laughter, in which time a guest lets her know that Localhot34 had apparently written her name on paper and held it up for his viewers to see. This catches the voluptuous Cookie unaware………. Oh puddincup you’re so cute<3

Will true LOVE blossom for CookieDinklewips or will the carrot touching mark the beginning of a new sexual fetish for her ?


Mr Cranky pants on an off day


EUXZzU8I’d like to thank the individual who submitted the latest greasy comb over video belonging to Ned and his TEEN boy competition, what’s funny about this latest video is that Ned himself clearly states that the voting for his PEDO like TEEN boy garbage is lagging in votes. So here he is again pushing the boundaries between his so called claimed innocence and fact he comes off as being nothing more than an old sexually frustrated pedophile seeking out his younger fantasy lover.573595247_frns_xlarge

Of course those who support this kind of thing like Ryan hifi and Shawnio will argue on his behalf, Ned will even claim it’s all for the body building, but if that’s so here’s my open CHALLENGE to Ned.

1: Please submit ANY certificate, diploma or PHD in physical education to this blog supporting his knowledge of body building.

2: Please show ANY reasons or PROOF that Ned is in any way knowledgeable in giving advice on body building to this blog.

3: Please show or prove he has any experience himself in bodybuilding or judging others in body building. Please show me he isn’t just a greasy old fart with liver spots and an oily comb over.

If any of the above criteria can be proven or shown I shall gladly submit an open apology to Ned and never blog about him again.1000268_788651181148292_1967031088_nmN6Nsie

However just keep in mind this is coming from the same Ned who somehow manage to walk away during a cast while forgetting his pants. I rest my case. THE BALLS IN YOUR COURT NED.


All credit to MadQuaid for this latest Luna the Tuna video where not only does she explain her day job, but lets us in on her thoughts on her dream machine the MAC bok pro being “Donkey Stupid”

The day job explanation comes at the 19:49 where she states she’s a “New York city, fucking enforcement agent”….  Now how many of us knew that ?..My goodness.monkey109

And someone has donated  a MAC book pro, but according to her it doesn’t work, and she isn’t pleased with it so now she wants a laptop, that can be found at 22:08 of the video.Hillary-Clinton-Donkey--63930

From the beggar that keeps on begging.

Screenshot_3 (4)




I’d like to thank an anon for bringing this latest news on Foxmanshawn to my attention.

So with Blabs recent shutdown and Foxman’s  history of being banned on literally every social media site online for showing his COCK, it would only make sense that he would continue to be banned from even the latest site Firetalk. Screenshot_4

So in response to his latest ban for showing his COCK a supporter decided to come up with this online petition in support of Foxman in hopes of bringing him back.

For some silly laughs I’ve decided to post a couple of old videos illustrating just how stupid Foxmanshanw truly is.