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u21OYq6I was handed this video by an anon in our chat, no idea as to the actual facts or the allegations on this video, but one thing I will mention is at the 4.20 mark of this video where uncle, Lardo a veteran has some words for Pat during one of his casts.Screenshot_1 (2)

Thank you to the anon for sending in this vid.lbpnation_jtv_monkey



Frank Taylor cannot be MOCKED just hand over the CASH baby $$$

As of today Frank’s latest financial “HELP ME” scheme comes in the form of his car breaking down and needing repairs.

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So as always Frank pulls out the beggin bowl in hopes of snaggin some suckers to help with his cause.Screenshot_1

In no time flat he creates the ever needed Gofundme account and quickly receives $20 most likely from his over bloated cash cows that pay for the mods in his channel…Hi Neddy <3benjamin

However someone takes notice and has a few negative comments for Frank in his very own cast concerning the begging, not to pleased Frank issues a demand for all the land to hear.4c4df42e7bdc4984831260627963b124

$$$ …..DON’T MOCK THE MAN OR ELSE….. $$$


Here here Ben… I mean Frank

Screenshot_2 (2)

Recently in June dear ol Frank had Lars over for a summer swinging vacation, but they seem to run out of funds so a Gofundme account was established to help out. Something I missed and since then Lars has gone home to Germany, but not before he grabbed $680 from the loco suckers, just a heads up on this internet beggar being NO different than Luna the tuna. I wonder if Frank’s grandson has crohn’s disease or is it CONS disease ?


Like to thank all for the screen shots sent it to our chat and used on this post.


His words not mine and here’s why.


Well no idea who Ashlynd is certainly not from the Lion the Witch and the wardrobe ??

But lets be honest Mark you allowed so much hate on your beloved site and in many cases perpetuated the hate along with your mother to get your way, so what do you expect now TEARS ??

a52fKr0img (2)See Mark WE don’t forget


Dear sweet boy what goes around comes around so enjoy the sour fruit from the the trees you planted.Screenshot_7 (3)