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And here she is…..

Move over Faroe you’ve been replaced by a better man.

And given to me several days ago is an image of Realman’s truck.

No idea as to what took place, however I’ve been informed he isn’t injured, but he had no insurance for the vehicle. Thank you for the screen grab.

Now Realman has an empty garage but with no truck to park….Wink wink.


Realman: “You people are dumb as doorknobs. I had insurance. What I didn’t have was full coverage that would reimburse ME for my truck. I still had liability. It didn’t matter in this case anyway since the other driver was partially at fault and under NC law cannot recover anything from my insurance either. Everyone loses”

Happy now?

I’m very happy thank you <3

A wise monkey once said “I can’t make this shit up” 

And it remains true till this very day. All CREDIT to Shawn Roffey… For this  massive dump on what some say is the “Possibly the greatest LIVE streaming video web site on the internet”

BEWARE POOP VIDEO………………….”Realman shows off a toilet filled with his own excrement”

With 2018 in full swing this POOP video and the NO guest chat must be the biggest NEWS to hit, let’s not forget possibly the greatest embarrassment to so far to [VL]. Keep up the great work Mark Scruffy <3.

I can’t help but wonder if this is RMs way of trying to get Holly’s $$$$$ attention $$$$$. As recently Holly money bags has jumped ship to another colossal obese individual and that’s Ben(Is it TINY ?)inOhio. I say we get RM and Ben in a POOP pit and let them grapple it out for the Holly’s cash $$

All credit to the stalker/pedophile Shawn W McQuaid as he sings a song for his beloved web site [VL], and with a few special added effects of my own I thought it turned rather well. Oh and please make sure you listen to the part Shawnio pleads with Ned a 70yr old spandex loving Brit with liver spots to sleep with him. I CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP.


All credit to 2 individuals for the fun screen shots use in this post.

As some of you may recall I did a fun post on Realman and his internet pregnancy, it was on that very post I named Shawnio as a potential father. Well guess what we have today ???


Shawnio I’m so glad you have finally come to terms with your insanity and mental illness, please be well an try to NOT think of US so much since it causes you such distress.

I seriously can’t make this shit up, but answer me this Shawnio WHY DO YOU HAVE A BOX OF CHILD’S DIAPERS in your apt ???

Is this poor child a prisoner in your apt or do you wear the diapers yourself as a casual experience brought on by your strange obsessive fetishes ?In fact I can now see the similarities between both you an NED…You’re both HOARDERS who have a thing for teenage boys. Mystery solved.You never know Shawnio may decide to be the father to Realman’s child or maybe he’d just rather sodomize Sean Cleary in his house of poop ?


All credit to BEN for this latest post…………I just received this in my email as I arrived from my mid afternoon manicure with Jacques the 1 nut wonder.The SEXY HUNK of mesmerizing man better known as Beninohio has himself a job, and I am happy for him as we all are. Now go forth Ben and make thy Monkey love mistress a happy blogger and be one with the cosmos.

A quote:  BenInOhio only has an Amazon wish list on his Vaughn page, so is he still an E-begger?  “And I will do it without…false hope.” – Yuna You never know Ben could end up gracing the cover of a popular brand of shampoo and become their spokesman/model.Or he could become the next 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN and fight crime and run with slow motion super slow speed with his unlimted bionics and theatrical skills.

Good luck Ben and be well.However other NEWS in Vaughnlive have surfaced speculating that Realmanpawns is with CHILD and up to 8 months in to full term. However those close to RM state that the recent unexplained departure of Shawnio/ Shawn W McQuaid may have been brought on by the NEWS that he may be the biological father to Realmans child.  As some of you may recall Shawnio disappeared into the wilderness and was not heard from for almost 100 days, rumors claim he was taking up with his BOY BITCH Sean Cleary in a massive mound of their own FECES.  I cannot confirm or deny any of this.

All thank you to those responsible for the screen shots and gifs used on this post.



All credit to a friend of the blogs for this video of both Realman and another individual I’ve never heard of calling himself “Imapices” as they both go on a Vaughn live race rant.

It’s over 17min long so you may need snacks like I do to support my 433lb muscular frame…..Enjoy