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Jim couldn’t understand why he was still banned from steaming on Vaughn live, so he trollops over to tech-corner! But seriously Jim VL does NOT want you back!

Tanks for the screen grab used here!

For some strange reason this brain dead creep likes pulling his pecker out and exposing himself on various platforms I wonder why ?

Can’t be much of a genius to feel the need to do that, might be the inbred white trash inside him that likes this sorta thing or perhaps he’s just needy for any attention ?

Thanks for the screen shots used here.

Some of you may recall other times Jim has felt the need to expose himself or to even masturbate online ? Why is this genius single ?

I had received this email yesterday along with a screen grab of Jessica’s ex boy friend lover, it read..

Thought this nice screenshot on the front page of VL would interest you of InventorJimGenius. Despite reporting, it seems the the Scruffys now happily accept nudity on their desperate site.

That’s right he’s been banned before for pulling relentlessly on his willy…LIVE

Thank you for the screen grab.

Is shy

A two in one Vaughn cast/post, featuring Jim and BK. Two runaway lovers from Ivlog. We know Jim was banned from Ivlog, but why is BK here ?

Upon BK’s triumphant return he has a lot say, unfortunately for him he’s buggered up his audio.

From what I gathered he was casting all day like this….Jeeeeeeezzzzuzz. However he was kind enough to type out that he plans on destroying Ivlog and anyone who crosses his path. Fart…burp..snort.

Jim on the other hand was reminiscing on his youthful adventuring days, complete with dragons, fighting and Middle Earth.

Oppsss wrong Jim...I keep forgeting.

Provocative and hypocritical do not begin to size up JessicaloveJesus in her most holy true form, I could think of several dozen other words and none of them would be flattering. But our lovely angelic flutterbly has taken some serious lumps as of late and from what I gather whether it be a chat room blog or site most would agree Jessica has not lived up to her virtuous name or standards.

So was the case in JakieLee’s show today as the casting transgender goddess of the webs unmodded the graceful yet voluptuous Jessica.
I have no clue as to why this divorce was finalized or when, but my soul ached to see our truthful angelic one in such need of a hug. Fart.

It was noticed that the most knowledgeable Whirlwind had much to say on Jessica and her blasphemies ways. As the strong and highly masculine 400 pound oozing alpha male was extremely vocal. Whirlwind has always been a sight to behold his dominating strong physical presence and voice of reason have swayed many a females to his strong gentle arms.

Now be honest wouldn’t you suck those manly tits for a buck ? Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

Word through the grape vine is that her on and off internet affair love with Jim the psychic secret FBI special ops guy has been rather difficult. So from what I’ve been told she plans to make Jim her halloween costume. I love it.

Jessica gets roasted, last word goes to …….ouchy

Maybe attention isn’t cracked up as you think it is ? Thank you for the screen grabs and video used on this post.