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HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH…I can’t stop laughing. Thank you Queen. Oh and thank you Jessica and Shawnio.

When I received the email on this I almost spit all over the place, hilarious.

The email read:

“Watch as Shawnio says its ok for people to post Sams info.. and Jessica goes along with it LOL “

And guess what ? … she does go along with it, no joke. Jessica willingly throws Sam under the bus for everyone to witness.

LOOK how Shawnio gets Jessica to go along with having Sam’s number DOXED, telling her if the number is in the phone book it’s ok.

But wait there’s more, Jessica even admits it was Babs who’s made those food calls to Sam’s home over the years…

And she AGREES…….Thank you Jessica.

HAHHAHAHAHAAHAH, Shawnio you said it and you’re right.

Hi SAM….kissy kissy… (=^。^=)

No idea how SAM is going to take this, but I think his sister should be notified.

Oh and btw, everyone is Monkeysniffer..Even YOU. ◉◡◉

REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT… REPORT…. Screamed the fungus queen of morons as she ranted her frustration and humiliation, her humongous sized ego demanded revenge. And the hate blog was to be her buffet and Monkeysniffer her main course.

In the past it’s been confirmed when individuals who become frustrated with this blog eventually become consumed with desperation and hate. That’s when LEGAL THREATS become the weapon of choice.

On Wed Dec 4, 2019, right on the heels of Jessica’s cry cry whine post came this 5 page statement.

Anotherdeadblog being Shawnio, Shawn W McQuaid.

Her brainless rants spew unproven claims on how my “BUDDY” made phone calls to Sam and his family, she even went as far as to say this same “BUDDY” of mine made “THREATS” directed towards Sam and his family.

So Jessica where is the PROOF ?????? Please show us all.

She even states she’s filed a POLICE report and mentions the FBI knocking at my door.

But sweet heart Jessica, it was your friends who were harassing Sam and his family, with multiple food orders and phone calls that have lasted years. It was the company you keep that did it, in fact it was that same company that blamed not only myself but those of us here in this blog. Another thing your same company (friends) have a HISTORY of doing the same thing to many others all over the globe. More on that later.

Jessica Sam may no longer be speaking to you, but he did communicate with me. Dated Wed Nov 13 2019 Sam had this to say to me.

I offer you Sam and his take on the situation. I don’t see your proof Jessica.

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s now been confirmed your friend Babs (Brahim Soltani) Of Leeds England is the one along with the possibility of several other of the Uk Muppets. LOL…

Jessica is this the part where you show me your breasts, and I lock you up and throw away the key ?

Babs who at the age of 14 was recruited to be a troll of this group, his DOX along with a history of making phone calls and pleading with his victims to commit suicide are both documented on this blog. Another Ivlog caster JStevio and his family have been terrorized, stalked and threatened for as long as 8 years.

I myself along with several others of this blog have experienced similar interactions with this same group. Check this blogs categories for reference.

From what I’m to gather the police in Leeds have directly spoken to Brahim Soltani in the past over his internet shenanigans.

And that is one of your “BUDDIES” Jessica. LOL


Jessica is this the part where you crawl inside your anus and hibernate for the winter ? LOL….LOL. But wait there’s more. LOL

You may recall back in Oct 2 2018 when your “BUDDY” the self admitted sex offender Adam Paul Stuart Browne was publicly doxing you during an Ivlog cast ? It was Ben that exposed him for doing it.

Then on April 5 2017 Adam doxed you again on VL

On March 31st 2017 your “BUDDY” Shawnio was allowing your DOX as Miss Scruffy sat in his chat doing nothing, maybe you recall ?

And of course more LEGAL dirt on your “BUDDIES” LOL.

BOMB threats and of course his sexually charged comments directed towards children as young as 10.

I wont even get into facts surrounding Ryan Fields another one of your “BUDDIES” who recently has been reported going around announcing his involvement in the rape and murder of JonBenét Ramsey back in December 25, 1996 (aged 6) . In which he had absolutely no involvement in but makes false claims to a crime he never committed. Makes sense if you’re Ryan.

I agree Jessica a 6 yr old girl being raped and murdered, how hilarious.

So now what Jessica ? You going cry, piss yourself ?…No I know it’s all photoshopped and does not exist. So why the FEAR and HATE directed towards this blog ? Why FEAR what is not real…So put your money where your mouth is and lets see what happens.

Keeping that in mind….I call out to ANY law enforcement on this planet who feel the need to ask me ANY questions concerning any of the above facts on this post or on this blog to PLEASE contact me… my email if you should need any assistance from me. I have a lot to say on the matter.

I suppose I should prepare myself for a scorching rebuttal post complete with Mickey mouse images and chocolate chip cookie recipes scribbled with crayola crayon.

Again I would like to thank our friend for sending me this information in the form of an email, plus I would especially like to thank UK Troll a UK based blog that has dedicated their time exposing those calling themselves UKmuppets and for bringing forth this latest scoop and DOX on Luke Robinson (Banepawns). More on him later on in the post.

However as of this very week a flock of tiny birds informed me of a sad cry  (´ᗣ`) cry lil weak germ named Darren Lee Sayward a middle aged father who’s watery mouth lusted for a teen girl on Vaughn live for 3 years so much in fact he was forced to make a happy birthday post in her name. His ecstatic screams of joy spewed forth like a fountain of orgasmic toxic waste, and his foul lusty stench could be smelled for miles all over the internet as he finally found out SHE WAS A FEMALE oh my goodness. Horaaaaayyyyyyyyy joy….squelch… fart…. burp….plop.

However on his latest washy post he’s literally begging folks to bring him content to his hypocritical deceptive blog of false allegations. His tears of woe could be heard echoing across the Atlantic Ocean …PLEEEEEEEEASE… he cries ….PLEASE BRING ME CONTENT…and so without content he has been forced to retire from his active drinking blogging schedule. (๏̯๏) ◕︵◕.


It wasn’t all that long ago that Luke Robinson (Banepawns) beat his chest by informing everyone as to his involvement with Brahim Soltani (Babs) on harassing Chris While. With crank calls, bullying and pizza deliveries on the menu one can only wonder as to what will be cooked up when the tables are turned..

After reading the above image from this other UK based blog my only question to you Darren Lee Sayward of the PEDOpuppets will YOU use this latest CONTENT on your blog ? Will YOU expose one of  your own allies on your blog or will you casually look to your next pint of frothy beer and fondle yourself to a new girl teen online crush by turning another blind eye to the truth, just so you may save face and avoid the accusing finger ? Let’s be honest Darren Lee Sayward your lack of content is not due to social media’s decline it’s due to your lack of readers interest and your false posts and inept blogging. More on this for another day another post.

So there you have it an addition to a previous post I did Dec 20th 2018 in which exposing another sordid member of the UK Pedopuppets Brahim Soltani (Babs) who has been actively trolling and making a career from harassing others online since he was 14. If you need to get up to speed I suggest you click the LINK below.

Stalking girls in a gym and a crumb for your thoughts

You claim there’s no content on todays social media sites, perhaps the daily strain of your hypocrisy and flimsy ego finally getting to you ?

I receive emails and information for posts on a daily basis what’s your excuse ?

All credit to the person who sent this in to me, but as well as blogger named UK Troll who seems to have some inside information and some major insight dirt on two well known troll/stalkers both being from UKmuppets pedo factory of teen mouthwatering lust, Babs/Brahim Soltani and Bane Pawns. OOhhh Darren Sayward you certainly are a flock of nasty birds who fly together aren’t you ?

Now as stated at the top from what I gather it’s merely a tease of what’s to come so I’ll keep you posted to any future updates, but it’s also come to my attention recently that Babs has been ip banned from Ivlog not sure why, however he claims he uses two ip vpns to continue to gain access to the site.

For those of you not familiar with this individual you may wish to read on past post all about Brahim Soltani of the UK pedo puppets.

As a side note this lil shit stain has been stalking and trolling with the pedo puppets since the tender age of 14 yrs old.

Oh one more thing Brahim Soltani of Leeds England I’m still waiting for all that LEGAL verbal diarrhea you dished out to Faroe several weeks ago to come my way for as more folks learn about your shenanigans and your dark seedy reputation I’m sure the Leeds UK police with have more than a few questions to ask you. Oh but excuse me they already did didn’t they ?

So come on Babs take your best shot……Since you claim you DOXED me and know all about me this should be easy peasy yeah ?

Make the call to the police I dare you……………………Send your submissions to:

Hey there remember me ?

On a Ivlog cast sometime last week a very bitter drunk female ranted about complete nonsense, form her wishing to be connected to people to her whining about running off in to the woods to get drunk the 2 videos have it all.

All credit and thx to Topcat for the vids on this post.

My observation into the mental wreck is this is what happens when one has weak or no morales of which to speak of and reduces herself into a drunken mess who pretty much spends her day smoking pot on cam then turns around and begs for sympathy from complete strangers. Look on the bright side at least she isn’t masturbating on skype to total strangers right ?On a final note to Brahim Soltani suck some thick spicy pastrami and place it deep in your bottomless ponani. When one speaks FALSE LEGAL volumes from his wet throbbing mangina just make sure you can back it up with actual LEGAL facts, for example like actually do something concerning your LEGAL THREATS back em up. It must be next to impossible since the Leeds police have such an understanding as to who you really are, or perhaps they simply feel you’re getting what you deserve ?

Perhaps a little refresher course with FACTS to validate my claims…Click the LINKS below. For more on Brahim Soltani aka Babs

However since YOU have such a grand grasp of the legalities of UK LAW please hand over my email and my (cough cough) DOX to your local police dept and inform them of who I am.                                                                                  

As a side note my email has been visible and public for at last 5 years or so and not one detective or officer of the law or lawyer has ever contacted me…Too bad so sad.

It is a proven fact when one makes empty LEGAL or DEATH THREATS it is because they have nada to back it up with.