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More from the angelic goofy one as she fiercely bares her fists with empty threats and toilet water. Perhaps you should look into your own yard Inspector Jessica, after all the company you’ve kept writes volumes of your credibility and honesty.

Btw, who followed you to the library and why did you pretend to be your own boy friend ?………..Wink wink, care to explain ??

Please god turn her into a flea fart and have a strong gust of wind take her away. Amen.

So tell me WHAT am I being “investigated” for ? I’ve committed no crime, I’ve not contacted anyone on these posts. All I’ve done is place up what others spew out and expose them for what they’ve done or call them out on their lies. Is that a crime ?

Perhaps if Mr Wiggles kept to himself none of this would be happening ?

I know for a fact as do you, that you’ve sent me enough dirt on your casting friends in the past. So I hope you haven’t forgotten my email ?

However since I’m being “investigated” please have the officer email me.. @

On a recent post from Jessica she had this to say.

Good thing I’m not with Scuttle butts corner lmao. But seriously Jessica since you’ve made a post on your blog does this mean you’re “HARASSING” me as well ?

But Jessica I’m confused you want us to “HEAD your WARNING” ? Thanks for the heads up anyways.

This reminds me of the time your lawyer contacted me 3 yrs ago and informed me I had 48 hours to remove your tit video or face LEGAL repercussions. Then you signed it Jessica Baldick. Funny how you and your lawyer share the same name. OOoops did somebody DOX them self ?

Anywho what we do have is a cryptic warning from Sam during his latest cast. Remember this is coming from an idiot who names his penis “Mr Wiggles”.

In a bizarre video filled with confusing comments, one gets the feeling of a possible threat being directed towards Michelle.

At one point I thought he may be channeling Jessica herself. It’s eerie. Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

He speaks in tongues rambling about certain SOMEBODIES and not giving a shit, but then contradicts himself with“TAKE IT THE FUCK DOWN….NOT THAT I CARE.” He seems confused and non coherent.

And what did Michelle have to say about this ?

My thoughts…

As we all know in the past Sam has made certain threats involving 3 friends that were watching the blog and THEY claimed were going to take LEGAL action, however that was over a year ago. You may recall Jessica and her LEGAL threats concerning the FBI knocking on my door ?

The LINK to that post is right there.

Jessica I’m still waiting for the FBI..the police the CIA the RCMP ..the KFC and the Popeye Police. In fact I feel a lil hungry.

❤ ❤ I’ll be here waiting ❤ ❤

And here she is…..

Move over Faroe you’ve been replaced by a better man.

And given to me several days ago is an image of Realman’s truck.

No idea as to what took place, however I’ve been informed he isn’t injured, but he had no insurance for the vehicle. Thank you for the screen grab.

Now Realman has an empty garage but with no truck to park….Wink wink.


Realman: “You people are dumb as doorknobs. I had insurance. What I didn’t have was full coverage that would reimburse ME for my truck. I still had liability. It didn’t matter in this case anyway since the other driver was partially at fault and under NC law cannot recover anything from my insurance either. Everyone loses”

Happy now?

I’m very happy thank you <3

Scruffyspenis: “Jackielee on vaughn right now with Jessica and misscruffy saying lies and bullshit. Misscruffy lying like usual and telling jackie, we are all mentally ill”

And my response ??????????

As usual I have actual PROOF that the sawdust for brains Scruffy is lying again. Judge for yourself and allow the LIES to spew from a creature darker than the abyss itself. But man she makes for great posts don’t you agree lol.

A quote from Michelle “But said this years ago when she was private messaging me on Facebook feeding me information about people”

Oh and btw Michelle passed this along to me, just in case you were wondering who handed me the screen grab. So all credit goes to her.

Last 48hours have proven interesting in many ways concerning our lovely demure JackieLee formerly of Ivlog. For one she now casts in her old sheeps clothing in Vaughn and has reacquainted herself with the self righteous Nazi den mother…Isn’t life poetic ?

Sometimes TRUTHS have a strange way of leaping out at us, take the bottom screen grab for example as the mighty Mark Vaughn makes a public stunning announcement in JakieLee’s cast concerning “PEDO SYMPATHIZERS”

Odd wasn’t it the trans gender beauty caster known as JackieLee, just 24 hours ago praising Frank in Ivlog as being “entertaining” ? Funny how Mark completely obliterates Jackie out of the water on this right in front of everyone by EXPOSING Jackie as being a possible “PEDO SYMPATHIZER” herself….Jackie please hun don’t tear up. ◉︵◉ we still love you.

But the strong masculine site owner who still suckles his mother’s leather like worn teat had this to say concerning Bobb.

As the crowd of anus lickers gathered for the feast Mark Vaughn continued to beat his chest feverishly into a manly lusty roar.

BRAVO Mark BRAVO…Such heroism in the face of unknown danger brings a tear to my eye, could it be that Mark has finally grown up to become a man an internet warrior born to fight with blood and chiseled from stone ?

Blessed is the mongoloid

The GREAT ONE was not done …NO, for Mark the heroic god like warrior calls Bobb a…….”CHICKEN”……..Yeah well done Mark, that takes real guts there buddy. You show em who’s BOSS big daddy.

Oh and in case your wondering here is the post where our beauty trans gender queen argues with Michelle over the Honest Frank dispute, click the LINK below just in case you haven’t heard the vid.