Category: Alice Malice

Our favorite witchy poo Alice Malice the swinger dark sorceress of Oreos ice cream and fast food had a recent cast as she names Stormfart and accuses him of harassment and death threats.

It’s my understanding that Alice has now placed a flatulence curse upon the unstable highly strung Stormfart, this could become a rather explosive gassy situation. The easily triggered creepy bastard is already known for smashing objects that anger him for no reason.

She claims he stole her underwear that may have been true as the garage that he lives in needed new curtains and he managed to grab the closest thing he could find.

Always managing to look extra snake like an creepy Stormfart the gaseous attacker of monitors and computers sat there calmly waiting as if he were counting the seconds before lunging and smashing his next piece of furniture. This guy is nuts LOL.

Thanks for al the goodies here.

Our most dear sweet Alice decided to get extra SUPER extra naughty yesterday, resulting in another ban from Vaughn.

Oh on a side note one of our very own mods has a secret crush on Alice, I won’t say whom but Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaa, someone’s going to become super moist after watching this video.

My only question is sweet Alice what did you find on your hand when you did that naughty self exploring ?

(◑﹏◐) … (°﹏°) …. (°~°) …. (⊙﹏⊙)

You know what I mean lol.