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I’m unsure of all the details but it would appear that a guest possibly being Mennelie was doxing Jimmy, so in return Jimmy doxed the guest he believed to be Mennelie.

However during the day Karen decided to question Jimmy, claiming she had received a crank call on her phone that she claims was from Jimmy himself.

Jimmy Rizzo refused to answer the guest’s (Karen’s) questions!

This is all the proof I have from Karen concerning her accusations of Jimmy’s crank calls!

Later on for some strange reason Jimmy decided to play porn. Miss Scruffy showed up, resulting in his ban from VL!


Karen whipped out her sisters…Karen is no more! Farewell again.

Karen is banned from Vaughn.

Have I ever told you that I can’t make this shit…OOps I mean.. Excuse me, PISS up ? But ohhhh Karen why oh why do this to yourself ?

I have no clue as to what brought this pissing subject up on this lovely Friday, but I did manage to grab a few minutes of this hilarious argument

Enjoy the piss…. It’s the only thing here that’s FREE.

Please enjoy our lovely Karen and her magical pisspads, compliments of Vaughn live.

Our most beloved VL drunks Karen, IrishSpring and David313 having their say on separate casts…

Hold on an someone git me a drink LOL.. I’m parched.

We have horny scarin drunken Karen babbling an verbally smashing BostonChickie… IrishSpring as well as Faroe. Then we have the tormented drunken wrath of Montreal Karen and her beloved romantic drama with 313 where she admits she pursued him romantically 6/7 years ago…..Oh la laaaaa bb. This is gold.

Who knew peeing in a can could have this affect on drunk women ?

Tanks for all the videos

~IrishSprings is traumatized over vagina on VL~

Irish Spring has become traumatized and upset over a Howard Stern video played by Liklik she then screencaps the offending vagina, however she then SPAMS the images in her own chat meanwhile she claims people viewing the VL site would have been traumatized over the mere sight of a vagina from a Youtube video… SAY WHAT ?????

She actually states seeing this Youtube image “FUCKED HER UP”..

Tanks for the videos

Now I’m not condoning nudity on the VL site but c’mon this is pretty silly.

It certainly has been a week of Karen’s…. What will next week bring I wonder ?

Nooooooowwwww this isn’t a topic I thought I’d ever be covering on this blog but thanks to dear Karen…..well considered it now covered.

Karen has somehow created the illusion in her mind that she could help Mark Vaughn make money with her piss pads…Personally I haven’t a clue on how this would work so you figure it out.

Between her drunken angry wine venting Karen manages to somehow keep it together with telling Daryl the sites admin to “FCK OFF”. It’s something out of a bad soap opera or some cheesy Youtube vid… But hey it’s Karen <3.

Thanks for the video

If you have 20min to kill without turning you into an alcoholic ..Enjoy.