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You can’t fix stoopid..EVEEEEERRRRRRRR

And that pretty much sums up the sentiment I have towards Jessica Dumbdick as once again this humpa lumpa head rams her foot right into her face.

In a chat room today a discussion ensued between Karen and DumbDick as to if watching the NETLIX film “CUTIES” constitutes one as being labeled a pedophile.

Karen’s position was “NO” since nothing sexual took place and since it was a film then no harm no foul. However Jessica’s had a different take on the topic and here’s the screen caps.

Thanks for the screen grabs.

That’s all fine Jessica DumbDick but now I have the last word on the matter. I do recall you unmoding Randall for simply saying “all pedos should hang”…

I also recall YOU letting Alvaro know YOU felt it was more harmful to take pictures of a child than it was to engages in sexual activities with one.

I also recall YOU allowing the images of minors to be dropped in your very chat simply because one of your chat friends didn’t say “hi” to you in a timely fashion.

YOU even deflected the question when stated YOU associate with “kiddie touchers”.

Funny how you’ve come so far spilling your own ideas and lies as once again I’ve proven you’re a fake with zero credibility who supports an actual registered sex offender by the name of Adumb Paul Stuart Browne.

I’ve dropped the posts at the bottom as proof of Jessica’s idiocy.

Sent in some time today in the form of an email….Seems someone isn’t pleased with my handsome ex online lover.

“To the best caster of vaughn, NOT
even after he’s told by people that his stream is crappier to paradise’s technology he just ignores montrealkaren
I remember when faroe had the best wadio and wideo on vaughn.  I guess no more.
Vaughn needs to make a new category for video game freaks, they have no place in people chat.
Attachment “

Thanks for the email and screens shots.

Well if you haven’t heard Karen was banned the other night after exposing both her breasts during a cast, however that same site now allows Lenny to come back on to continue casting after having sexual intercourse on her cast. Double standard perhaps ?

This is going to be interesting.

Karen popped off for numerous reasons that night some of which were due to the fact she had been drinking and was upset over being trolled due to having the breast cancer, but she seemed equally peeved over Rafael Garcia (Crabzo) making crank calls to her home pretending to be fast food delivery for both Chinese food and pizza, something I knew nothing about.

Now he claimed he hasn’t called her in months but Karen decided to storm into Crabzo’s channel anyways and get a few words in before she was banned and all her comments were removed.

If Karen by chance reads this I personally hope she has the phone messages , perhaps she might even consider handing em over to me.

Today we look at some of the biggest cry babies of the internet, you know the type the heart broken losers who spend too much time listening to themselves attack others on PULBIC casting sites only to turn tail and cry that it’s THEY who are the victims.

Please spare us the hypocrisy and practice what you preach if not get off the internet you don’t belong if you can’t take it.

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Frank or actually “Rafael Garcia“, I figured since you enjoy coming here so much and stealing my content for your own attacks on other casters I figured you of all people would understand me doing this ? You like or what ?

But then again you’re going to understand when this video was placed up on last nights VL cast featuring you and this blog. Again I’m sure you completely understand right ?

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Thanks to all who sent in any material used on this blog.