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Nooooooowwwww this isn’t a topic I thought I’d ever be covering on this blog but thanks to dear Karen…..well considered it now covered.

Karen has somehow created the illusion in her mind that she could help Mark Vaughn make money with her piss pads…Personally I haven’t a clue on how this would work so you figure it out.

Between her drunken angry wine venting Karen manages to somehow keep it together with telling Daryl the sites admin to “FCK OFF”. It’s something out of a bad soap opera or some cheesy Youtube vid… But hey it’s Karen <3.

Thanks for the video

If you have 20min to kill without turning you into an alcoholic ..Enjoy.

I was recently informed that Montreal Karen has been receiving harrasing phone calls again something she’s all too familiar with.

But this time…

She states she’ll be taking it to the next level by providing all proof and information to authorities.

You may recall it wasn’t all that long ago when Raphael Garcia (Crabs) the Boston street brawler, did in fact admit to calling Karen while she was battling cancer ?

Something he thought funny and entertaining.

This time Karen may have a trick or two up her sleeve.

So touched by this heart warming honest email that I felt compelled to post it with as much love and care as I felt it deserved.

In an email sent in from our most beloved faithful Karen…It reads.

Dear Ms Scruffy.
I’m very happy you’re out of the hospital.  We are all human. I even asked about you.  
We have things in our lives that will stay with us for a long time.  One of mine was feeling bad for your family when Mark and you explained you dumpster dived for food.  It was amazing.  The emails I got telling me I was a pathetic fuck were crazy.
So I showed a tit once in a while and even flicked my eager beaver as I broke wind on my stream. Been a long time. It’s an 18+ site. Perhaps if you insisted on the 18+ Adambro wouldn’t be reaching out to young girls on your site. Or, at least the mentally challenged. I casted 3 times during your absence.  Why am I writing this?  Because Vaughn doesn’t even bother to answer official comments.
Anyway, fuck it.  LOL 6 in people tab with a new message if you don’t see anything good just go to our somehow permitted movie channels. (lol on the DMCA on that) You know, I could comeback and just say “NIGGER” every two words.  I hear you like that. Someone breaking a rule 5 times in 10 years is not like a new caster fuckin on cam. If anyone wants to comment and move to ezchat, I will be happy to provide them with the link.
If you don’t want pedos, people wanting to fuck mickey mouse and others, this site has taken up too much of my heart. Again, it’s MY problem I worried about you fuckers.
Enjoy hell………

By the way Irish and Para, enjoy the Crabz shit. I put an end to that right away and you’re all just pussies who let that fat fuckin fat talk to you. Grow up and stand up for yourself.
The whole site smells his shirt.

PS… The thrill of giving Miss Scruffy a wet warm deep rim job has left me with a dry aching sore wilted flower I thirst for some online sexy time but instead was reduced to contacting this nut job blogger who as we all know is the most amazing most beloved and let’s not forget sexy as fuck MonkeySniffer. I really feel in need of a good respectful ass banging with spit and not $2 lube, I can’t afford it, so I hope this helps with my insane rambling drinking disorder. Remember flaunt a tit a day to keep the Doctor away.

And if you have nothing nice to say say it often…



My thoughts….I cannot confirm or deny this was actually Karen nor am I responsible for any misunderstanding or artistic liberties (1 or 2) a certain insane monkey may have decided to take. With the upmost not giving a shit I’ve displayed this email for all to see...