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Wow is all I have to say but it’s with great pleasure and satisfaction when I say…


And all credit to BananaLover for letting me know…I knew I kept you around for something dear <3.

No idea as to why…Long over due but great job to everyone and anyone who was involved.


Unfortunately the pedophile sex offender changed his name, and is not banned. For now. But don’t worry his problems are in the many, sooner or later.

The rapist sex offender Adam Paul Stuart Browne has DOXED himself again but this time it was on TWITCH where Adumb admits that Robert has been making copy cat troll names by using his first middle and last name, not once but twice during his own cast. Unbelievably stupid.

Adumb even claims he’s called the police for help on the matter.

No denying this Jessica dear, even Adumb admits it. Oh but Jessica you were there so you know for a fact what was said…RIGHT ????

Jessica your very own name can be see at the top right of the video ..HA.

In this last screen grab, Adumb in a fit of frustration DOXED Megan. And that is why I’ve placed the red bar across her last name.

Adumb has once again confirmed his very own name. All credit to those who recorded this gem and to Robert.

ADAM PAUL STUART BROWNE… from your own mouth.

Further proof TWITCH casters continue to remove Adumb the rapist and want nothing to do with him…and he’s not pleased over this.

Crying the blues whining every few days, the rapist sex offender Adumb Paul Stuart Browne can’t accept the fact that Funboy banned him from his TWITCH stream so he vents non stop about it.

His numbers tell the tale, he’s an irrelevant nobody claiming to live a fantasy of lies.

Of course Robert is mentioned in the video as he continues to hand out links from this blog further exposing the rapist sex offender. We all know Adumb can’t let go and the anger and frustration spew out of this trash because that’s all he has for content.

Every once and a while a stupid person makes a stupid comment, but who knows it’s possible that this person makes stupid comments all of the time.

And NO you didn’t have to answer or do anything a gun was never placed next to your head, maybe next time try using some common sense ?

Oh yeah I remember you, you’re that catfish I’ve blogged about for years. Makes sense now, so enjoy the shame.

Thanks to the person who sent in the email.

Recently more and more TWITCH casters are becoming aware of Adumbs online activities through this blog and by word of mouth, as one by one the tight TWITCH community are rallying together to remove Adam from their streams by shutting him out.

I believe this along with the fake bot fiasco may have garnished him more negative publicity than he bargained for. This may be the reason his views have plummeted downwards so badly.

Here’s one example of one such caster letting others know he’s no longer wanted and is banned, just as Jessica enters chat.

Jessica asks where is Adumb the casters replies by saying he’s no longer wanted in her circle as he brings too much negative energy to her stream.

Thank you to the person who sent in the video.