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Several of you have wondered and have commented as to the whereabouts of the registered sex offender. Well after 20+ plus days of being MIA he’s finally resurfaced but he’s not alone and he’s not with the grandma looking girlfriend either.

All credit to Knurled Nut for the images.

Look who’s back now with a woman, cooking in an unknown location. She looks to be early pregnant? Did he get tossed from Grandma/Grandpa’s? The way he’s talking these are his new digs. I think the name is Mary. Something happened at his old place.

Last 48 hours has proven to be interesting.

~Adumb the registered sex offender MIA from TWITCH~

Not sure why or how but Adumb has been missing from TWITCH for over 20 days. He may be using another name to ghost or hide but as you can clearly see from the screen grab below he hasn’t had a stream in weeks.

It’s speculated the registered sex offender may have found himself in hot legal waters, but who can say for sure.

~Glen is banned from TWITCH~

A mystery as another TWITCH streamer Glen is now banned from his favorite casting site. No idea as to why.

I’m sure someone out there has an answer, all thanks to those who sent in the screen grabs used on this post.

This image had me perplexed if you look closely at the top right where the red arrow is pointing it would appear that a camera has been mounted a top a telescopic tripod. The camera seems to be angled towards the side of the room that the bed is on…Question is WHY ?

All credit to our very own Knurled Nut for this image.

This entire weeks been a flip flop of casters one minute friends then the next enemies, I can’t keep up with all of this flip flopping around.

So pick a side and stick with it you sons of bitches.

It all began with Jessica the beluga whale and demonic queen of mold calling Adumb and whining that Crabz her NEW best internet friend of the week had turned on her…again.

So pedo Adumb decides to make a NEW account due to the fact he’s still unable to stream with the old one. He calls it adam420x, it’s with this account he decides to stream his anger directed towards Crabz calling him a liar. This account is eventually banned for allowing someone’s dox.

However Crabz decided to beat Adumb to the punch and lay claim of being one of Adumb’s most trusted mods around the time he was in prison. This shit fest of retards low lives dumb fucks, fuck faces and trash is simply a buffet of internet bullshittery.

Drama and lots of it… I can’t make this up I tells ya.

I do enjoy how Crabz NOW wishes to lay claim that it is HE who has exposed Adumb. Problem with this logic is that this was done by several sources including myself back in 2017. Try an keep up Crabz.

Either with child or sufferings from a yeast bulging beer belly the burly Jessica always manages to strike a pose and lighten up a room even though it may be a fecal stinking sewer. God bless you dear you’re simply a Disney pedo princess.

Some of us had been wondering why Adumb the idiot would play porn on his Vaughn cast resulting in his ban, seems we have Faroe to thank for it.

We all know for a fact Adumb’s going to be crying us a river sooner or later about this. LOL… I can hardly wait.