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This is in regards to the Foxman/Glen interview that resulted in Glen being suspended from TWITCH for a brief time.

At the time of the suspension all we were given were minor one sided details of the interview, Foxman had used racial slurs and then a suspension that’s it….However NOW we have more information that has surfaced from Foxman as well from LoveLeigh. And for this I’m exceptionally happy, and my reason for this is the mere fact most folks seemed to forget that the most important yet unmentioned detail in all this were…LoveLeigh’s CHILDREN.

But that has changed, and now from LoveLeigh…..

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “I still check the blogs on a regular basis and normally I don’t say anything but this has gone too far. Sure talk about me I am cool with that… I mean I am old news but that is beside the point really. The fact that he brought up my kids for shock value is fucked and I have made Glenn aware that I am not amused!!! Oh well back to work… keep up the good work Monkeysniffer!!! “

2020/11/24 Monkeysniffer: “Hi LoveLeigh thanks for your comment, would you like me to make a post using your comment or leave it as is and drop it ?
It’s up to you, your call. “

2020/11/24 LoveLeigh: “Sure go ahead make a post I just want it clarified that Shawn did not touch my kids he did not even meet my kids. And Glen really needs to use his brain before he goes talking especially when it is concerning other people’s children talk about me all you want that is cool I am grown but do not bring my kids into the conversation especially in that manner.”

Thank you to LoveLeigh for your comments and in hopefully clearing this up once and for all.

My though

Glen you owe LoveLeigh an apology, your greasy image certainly speaks volumes of you. After all you associate with deviant and most foul individuals who themselves are regarded as registered sex offenders and those who support such acts. Your weak attempts at being both funny and relevant are in itself truly comedic and toxic, and who can forget the non existent content of your dead casts, so I find creating a false situation and using innocent children for shock value as being truly low.

For those of you not clear as to what previously took place you may wish to click the below links to catch up.

Before any one begins to wig out or cry over the post claiming I fucked them over due to showing tits or a video of them dancing on CUMvlog, I’d like to thank InYour Face who sent this all in…….

The person not only recorded the video but had this to say concerning their thoughts on Ivlog….“Ivlog is well on the way to being chaturbate lol”Shall I call you TweetyBird or TittyBird  ? …More samples would be much appreciated and thank you.

And a lil naked LoveLeigh ASS to brighten your spirits…. Hope you enjoyed all of that, but here’s my deal………………

From what I’m to understand Karoons the Ivlog crying mammoth of 1 million and 1 sloppy tears has apparently announced she feels that I’ve somehow “Fucked her over”…No idea as to how or when or even why but in her sweet innocent mind she has drawn her own conclusion feeling our love was but only a one night stand of lust an passion….Well dear Karouns……baby…honey…sweety pie …..screaming banshee of non stop tears who seems to be in desperate need of a monkeys attention.  I have not done any such thing to you. However I blog and you simply became a topic after so many CUMvlog viewers witnessed your tit show then recored it and sent me the videos. If my blogging has some how “Fucked you” then so be it …DEAR ….I’ve always welcomed you here and in no way made a promise to you to stop blogging about ANY ONE who BEGS for it.

Let me just offer my hand and say Karoins my dear you are welcomed here so please feel free to come by and say Hi….<3 (o ) ( o )…Just leave the crying at Ivlog when you enter this blog.




Within hours of each other both Faroe and Loveleigh leave [VL]….٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(×̯×)۶.Thanks to everyone who sent me a pic for the post.

thefaroe: I am not going back to VL

However a strange thing did happen on Tuesday night, Adumbs decided to try his dirty hand at casting on 2 VL channels simultaneously. So now he casts on Adumbs1 and Adumbs2.He’s enjoyed being SODOMIZED so much by the Vaughn’s he’s decide to do it twice now during a cast, that means 2 times the bullshit and lies…BRILLIANT lmao.

And lil ol me… I’m loving it.

Religious Cowboy….The devout cowboy lost his favorite Bible while he was mending fences out on the range. Three weeks later, a monkey walked up to him carrying the Bible in its mouth. The cowboy couldn’t believe his eyes. He took the precious book out of the monkey’s mouth, raised his eyes heavenward and exclaimed, “It’s a miracle!” “Not really,” said the monkey. “Your name is written inside the cover.”

Recent posts with other [VL] casters jumping ship from Momma’s lick my boots Christian camp of verbal poop.





Remember that you can’t UN-see things. There’s is no delete in eye balls. All credit to br4k3r who sent this in. Thanks sir.

I think I said at the time (of first watching) it was like a sack of potatoes on a trampoline.

If you need therapy after watching this, then go see Lardo at The Church of Confusion. He’s very cheap at only 500$ and hour. (or we can lock you in a room with Hipperz for a week, and you honestly wont care after that.)

LoveLeigh keep twerking it,,,,Mark Vaughn will make you staff soon.