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Here it is once again in Nov 25th 2021 it’s become Jessica’s birthday…again.

Again you say ?…..You read correctly, can’t make can’t this up.

Mickey and Jessica sort of share the same day and wouldn’t you know it both of em are friends. How cool is that ?

THE BIG 36 ?

Being as sweet as she usually is our birthday girl was thoughtful enough to think of me on her special day, she so sweet.

2 birthday’s a year you say ?

Sure why not and here’s how….

You see down there at the bottom ?….

33 years old born on April 1st.

Jessica how old are you really ? LOL. Cuz I smell a lie and I see smoke spewing from your ears LOL, can you say BUSTED ? LOL

Leave a comment if you recall Jessica having a birthday in April. I sure do or am I alone ?

When one makes bold outright threats you make sure you can follow through with them or they may backfire in your face.

You know who you are when you made the threat so the comments down below are directed right towards you. So go on balls in your court now.

“It is reported that the oldman begged his local police to take him and his computer to Toronto and call al the media so all the information could be shared world wide on all news agencies ,,,comments , videos, and opinions on the pedo ADAM PAUL STUART BROWNE.”

“It has been reported that if the oldman has to go to Toronto he will have his lawyer share all the videos , statements and opinions from every source he can so all the news can report on it and share it with the world.”

“So in the end the oldman has a record of not logging into twitch for over 2 months but new accounts that go to the pedo’s stream ADAM PAUL STUART BROWNE IS BANNED AND REPORTS AS BEING THE OLDMANS, this shows Adam Paul Stuart Browne has mental issues and is paranoid.”

“Anyone feel free to copy and paste this news report lol .”

What happens when one greasy stinky pile of shit befriends another greasy stinky pile of shit ?

Well you get these two inbreds because we know for a fact no one likes either one of em, so they eventually found each other.

Feeling alone and victimized poor Rafael Garcia “master troll” ran away to Ivlog in hopes getting away from the hurtful trolls who called him meanie names. Yeah like that’s’ going to work LMAO, you earned this dummy. Where’s the Hells Angels when you need them ?

Let’s face it these two were made for one another, both are inbred idiots who are as dumb as poop. Both of em share an iq about the same as a babies shoe size.

It even gets funnier when you consider both of em are desperate to DOX me, both have threatened me with LEGAL action, both can’t seem to make that work.

Congratulations Rafael Garcia you are now an official “PEDO SUPPORTER” and friend to one who jokes about grooming minors.

These two could be related….

You’re middle name must be Idiot.

You can’t fix stoopid..EVEEEEERRRRRRRR

And that pretty much sums up the sentiment I have towards Jessica Dumbdick as once again this humpa lumpa head rams her foot right into her face.

In a chat room today a discussion ensued between Karen and DumbDick as to if watching the NETLIX film “CUTIES” constitutes one as being labeled a pedophile.

Karen’s position was “NO” since nothing sexual took place and since it was a film then no harm no foul. However Jessica’s had a different take on the topic and here’s the screen caps.

Thanks for the screen grabs.

That’s all fine Jessica DumbDick but now I have the last word on the matter. I do recall you unmoding Randall for simply saying “all pedos should hang”…

I also recall YOU letting Alvaro know YOU felt it was more harmful to take pictures of a child than it was to engages in sexual activities with one.

I also recall YOU allowing the images of minors to be dropped in your very chat simply because one of your chat friends didn’t say “hi” to you in a timely fashion.

YOU even deflected the question when stated YOU associate with “kiddie touchers”.

Funny how you’ve come so far spilling your own ideas and lies as once again I’ve proven you’re a fake with zero credibility who supports an actual registered sex offender by the name of Adumb Paul Stuart Browne.

I’ve dropped the posts at the bottom as proof of Jessica’s idiocy.