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~The shit show continues~

I find it hilarious when this MadDog was the one who brought this drama out on Vaughn claiming it was HE who was wronged and victimized by Maddy. And let’s not forget it was HE who laid out his own case during his cast that backfired in his face after he unwittingly exposed himself with his own screen grabs. But now this poor sloppy piss stain cries to Maddy to STOP… Ohhh please STOP hurting me with the truth…. LOL.

But my favorite comment is from the single brain celled mutant living abortion as she states….

JessicaLovesJesus: “Who cares if he lied damn”

Seriously can’t make this shit up LOL. Bless you <3

Me thinks MadHog and Jessica drink from the same yeast infection and mate with the same cows…Mooooooowwwwwwwww.

When I saw this from 9yrs ago the first thing I thought to myself was Jessica hasn’t changed at all LOL….. She actually lost her shit with the dentist ..Read on.

Jessica Baldick on Facebook★★★★★★★★★★

please do not attend this dentist, they are teeth pull happy and want nothing but your money, another thing the dentist is a foreigner, sorry but unless u trust this dentist in touching ur teeth my advise is to find another one they also discriminate against people with disabilities, against the disabilities act, i have one and they came out and said they dont take people with disabilities/emotional issues please be advised if you have a disability and u need a place this place is not for you they will turn u down flat if u cant control emotions on their decision.

Thanks for sending this in..

Has stoopid cupid shot her love arrow too soon ?

Even though 2023 has just begun we already have the dumbest comment of the year. Imagine that.

Ohhhh Jessica lol

With daddy out the way the good news for Mr pissy MadDog is he can finally consummate the watery urinal love between Jessica and himself just in time for valentines…. Hope he remembers to bring plenty of diapers.

It’s all about those aliens you see. I can’t make this up.

It was late last night as I posed upon the kitchen counter taking nude selfies of myself. When all of a sudden I could hear such a loud commotion coming from my desktop, I quickly hurried putting on my hello kitty nightgown with matching flip flops. I ran to see what all the ruckus was about.

WW3… The end as we know it, but I’m ok!

What I witnessed was unreal and simply hilarious as Jessica exploded into another mass autistic tantrum that even paled to a Faroe rant …It was glorious. Even with her broken arm Gina handled SAM ..Jessica and Faroe with a fierce style and grace that was legendary. At times I couldn’t help myself but laugh as scalding coffee ran freely from my nostrils.

It began with Gina calling out Jess with SAM on a call and banning Jessica.

It ended so badly for Faroe as he tried to hit on Gina, but his limp weak sad attempt only blew up in his face like a cross eyed donkey releasing his load resulting in Faroe crawling back to Jessica for the 546 time this week.

I’m sure by the end of the day Faroe will ban and reban Jessica another 47 times before going nuts, smashing his key board and finally calling it quits for the night… We can only hope.

Ohh and from Gina’s discord last night.

HAhahahahahah Faroe man you keep burning yourself here.

Thanks to all for the videos and screen grabs used on this post, man that shit was fun.

All credit to JJ for the longest comment in my 9+ plus years of blogging history, holy moly mother of gawd this person had alot to say. I felt in all honesty this person had so much to say that it warranted a complete post dedicated to their comment….So thank you for your comment JJ.

JJ……..Maddick you’re NOT a ‘player’ you’re not even a man, not a decent one by any means. You’re a little boy. You’re fucking disgusting.

All this time making out maddy was a liar and couldn’t be trusted, that she made things up, she’s a hoe, bitch, liar etc etc blah blah bs, then here you are, saying yeah I took a shot, ‘a mans going to shoot his shot’? Proving maddy was telling the truth all along and that you’re an absolute lying rancid PIG.

FYI little boy, NO a DECENT, man doesn’t try SHOOTING shots all over several women when they are supposedly dating someone else. THEN LIES ABOUT IT FOR WEEKS. Grow the fuck up you nasty pathetic excuse for a human. You make 99% of NORMAL women FEEL SICK Maddick. REAL TALK.

I can’t even look at you, my skin crawls, not cos you’re an ugly fucker on the outside, but because you’re an ugly nasty lying disgusting toxic fucker on the INSIDE. You’re POISON. After all this, maddy WAS telling the truth, JUST LIKE WE SAID. You lied and lied and twisted and blamed her, the whole time, turning so many against her, getting her trolled daily by more trolls than I’ve seen in my life. Wtf does that??? no good person would do that, a good person FROM THE START would have said yeah my bad, I shouldn’t have done that, I apologies to maddy, Jessica and anyone I let down. I hold my hands up, my bad.

People would have had more RESPECT for you if you’d done that, THAT would have showed you were actually a good person that made a mistake, like every good person does. But no you chose a different route, one that did nothing but show what a nasty, evil, untrustworthy, deceitful POS you actually are behind the fake friendly façade you try to portray. So good job on that. Now we know the real you behind the false image you show everyone. You’re a FAKE.

Now PUBLICLY apologise to maddy you coward, not just a random half assed non-apology comment when casting, that’s not even CLOSE to being acceptable. You owe that woman a public fucking apology video that Monkey can put up here, because she nearly left VL over your lying and bs, do you have ANY idea what she had to put up with as a result of your actions???

You’re evil and karma will find you. I PROMISE. It finds everyone eventually. You can’t run from it forever.

You’re a truly awful, horrible nasty person. I’m not a fan of Jessica really, I don’t hate her, I’m indifferent. But I feel for her, I truly HOPE she wakes the fuck up and realises what you are, I won’t hold my breath though. She deserves BETTER, she deserves RESPECT, she deserves not to be made to look like a fool, which you are doing, SHAME ON YOU. You KNOW she can’t fully understand things so you manipulate that and twist it so the bs story fits YOUR narrative and she falls for it all, hook line and sinker. SHAME ON YOU for that alone. There are names for people like you who do that, predator being one. SCUMBAG being another.

Now buy some fucking depends for gods sake. Here cheap at half the price you CUNT, I’ve even found the link for your lazy pissy ass:

Go FUCK yourself Maddick.

A note to Jessica:

Jessica FFS if it’s NOT clear as day to you by now? I pity you. NO not everyone that’s been trying to warn you is a ‘troll’ or a ‘hater’ or against you having a relationship with Maddick, what we’re against is seeing you being taken for a ride, made to look a fool and being disrespected and LIED to. Some people are disgusted watching that happen to you whether they like you or not.

This ‘man’ has made you look like a fool, he has disrespected you in more ways than I can list and people are laughing at you for falling for it, WAKE UP and I say that in the nicest possible way, because seeing you be taken advantage of like this is sickening. I wish you the best Jessica and I HOPE you realise what’s really going on and SOON. This is NOT how a good decent man greats a woman, EVER. This is how scumbags treat women.