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With Friday right on our doorstep I thought we should have a giggle at our favorite online groomer of minors, dear racist homophob Jessica the false preacher of contradictions and deceit.

Straight from her lips and blog Jessica the groomer had this to say concerning screen caps being irrelevant as she struggles for damage control after admitting to the recent disgusting minor groomer comments.

“A word or sentence on a screen cap “DON’T COUNT”

But Jessica you forgot this comment you made last week concerning your blog and screen caps….So I thought I’d help with your selective amnesia.

Alvaro simply saying ‘Hi’ in our chat was too much for Jessica to bear, it infuriated the imbecile to no end so much that she claimed on her blog that this was confirmation of a 3 way romance.

So convinced that screen caps on a screen DON’T COUNT Jessica then goes on to take screen caps to state her case on her very blog…No joke LOL.

Still believing screen caps or sentences on a screen DON’T COUNT Jessica still continues to take screen caps to further her case against ANYONE.

In this screen cap that DON’T COUNT Jessica lays claim that I’m in that very chat as an anon… Sorry to disappointment you dear but I’m not there that isn’t me, so it DON’T COUNT.

I’ve seen the comments

Side stepping his advice she lashes out with accusations against Ryan. Fuming and nearly bursting at the seems Jessica decided to use screen grabs in a sentence that still DON’T COUNT against Ryan for making comments on our blog.


When all is said and done Jessica just remember a word or a sentence on a screen DON’T COUNT, but from where I stand you’ve really screwed yourself on this one.

A word of a advice.. perhaps learn to shut the fck up ?

Thanks to all for the screen grabs that DON’T COUNT.

As promised Part 2 from the “Hate Cast” starring Jessica the demonic yeast infection from beyond.

Her simple limited thoughts on several Ivlog viewers including racism in Jackielee’s cast and how she had become the topic of conversation that to her is “two faced”.

She believes it’s sad that there’s an abundance of hate comments being directed towards her.

~~~~~~~~Racism is Gender Orientation, or is it ?~~~~~~~~

While at work she cashes out several costumers out who happen to be black and purchasing alcohol. She asks for identification due to the fact they look under 40.

The black customers in question lay claim to racism over this, Jessica goes into detail explaining store policy.

Jessica explains to the under 40 looking black costumers that this is not due to gender orientation but an actual policy.

She doesn’t say this once but twice, she insists that this is an actual Wal Mart policy. If you look under 40 purchasing alcohol you must provide ID.

~~Liklik is no longer welcomed to Jessica’s love cast of passion and child grooming~~

Thanks for the videos on this post.


It’s official Jessica is NOT a retard but an actual insane nut job who may have crawled out of some demon’s anus.

Straight out of it’s mouth as once again the most insane toxic ridiculous caster of all time had this to say…… Proving once again she’s out of her flippen mind.

And yes everything you are about to see is Photoshopped by myself LOL.

Some key points in this vid…

1- Claims to have been cyber bullied by FALSE gossip from those of us here, then let’s everyone know she blogs on people as well.

2- Then claims as she tries to defend herself we pull out evidence to support our FALSE claims against her, this does not please her. Therefore the TRUTH is a bad thing and should never be examined or brought forward.

3- She admits to making a few regrettable joking comments (she grooms minors) because she was feeding into certain people.

4- These very comments were taken out of context by myself. She then states that if I were to DIE no one would care (cyber bullying) but then again this is Jessica we expect no better.

5- We have chased off fat female casters who will no longer cast due to posts. Yet I have seen no names to support her claim.

Part 2 to be presented for Wed, where Jessica names numerous casters such as …Liklik…Alvaro .. Subido … Jackielee’s insane cast, racism, gender identification and much much more.

Thank you to the person for this most insane toxic video. Now off for my meds.

As I always say, can’t make this up.

And I’ve never had to.

Once again the lying false preacher of deceit and mistress of bullshitery has crammed her filthy foot into her face anus she calls a mouth.

Unclear as to her comments of those of us here being the Ku Klux Klan, the many faced Jessica had this to say about claims of never grooming minors.

This simple minded grown woman has roach droppings for brains so I’ll simply place up this image. You can decide for yourself.

If there’s any doubt here’s the post with her very words in a chat.

As far as ANY credibility is concerned here’s just some of her past accomplishments ……………..

After being exposed for using bots Jessica was forced to finally admit she lied.
Here she venomously denied ever using bots.
Jessica claims statutory rape as she accuses Robert of such crime’s.
Megan and Robert reveal some truths about Jessica and Adumb.
Jessica denies Megan being 15 while on VL
Self explanatory
Angry she was casting all alone Jessica was furious.
Too stupid to realize she’s being pranked or pretending a celebrity actually contacted her ?
Unmoded for saying pedos should hang, you tell me.
wishing death on many, in fact not only myself but the entire state of California. Jessica is notorious for death wishes.
Dated 2020, Jessica is asked is it worse to photograph a child or have sex with a child ? Jessica’s answer may surprise you.
Chats to herself in her own chat and praises herself as an anon.
From being anti black.. anti asian and homophonic Jessica has done it all. Even going so far calling others NIGGERS, FAGS, only to claim it was her brother.
Dated from 2017, Jessica has claimed numerous times there’s child porn on this blog. More lies. This blog still remains here.
Jessica even claimed she’s has seen the Canadian sex registry and Adumb is not on it. However only RCMP officers.. and Judges can see an offenders case file. So how can she ?