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It’s Friday and time to laugh at what I consider the most dumbest person alive next to Jessica ..Shawn McQuaid idiot for hire and Jessica’s personal stooge.

Yesterday I placed up our 13,000k comment post not to brag but to get someone extra juicy just enough to get him to spill his brain and his mommies milk all over the place, and it worked.

And who would that be why none other than Shawnio the village idiot who had this to say.

Shawnio the funniest thing is if you look here, monkeysniffer mentions her 12,000 comment, it took more than a year to get to a thousand comments LOL thats not good… this shits hilarious…break that down monkeysniffer thats not an impressive number lol.

Well Shawnio you see here’s the real issue, now pay close attention because even an idiot like you would have to see the obvious staring at you right in the face…

Do you see it, I bet you haven’t a clue ?

For those of you who picked up on it CONGRATULATIONS, for those of you who haven’t well you’re as dumb as Shawnio sorry about your shit luck.

I love doing this. Thanks for the screen grabs

It’s Friday and we needed something to laugh at.

For months we’ve all suspected that the house of pedophiles would finally come to an end and shatter into shards of fragmented lies and finger pointing. It was inevitable without any doubt.

So I’ve assembled an a assortment of comments. All credit and thanks to you…the viewers.

Jessica: “Because that’s how Shawnio talks and Shawnio please be advised that encouraging suicide makes you no better then anyone here…In fact it disgusts me that you even tell people to kill themselves.”

I added the above image for obvious reasons..wink wink.

You don’t say ? Hahahahahahhahahahahahah

Congratulations Jessica. Nice to see you’re taking it so well.

Yes dear and that’s where I and this blog come in.

Jessica: “At the end of the day I clean up my dogs poop and pee off the ground and not let it sit there on camera and then use my dog for sex.”

Excuse me Shawnio but it isn’t normal for a male to use such dialogue or thoughts to begin with. Let’s face it, you know too damn much about “dick talk”. Find another topic to discuss in chat.

Jessica: “Go fck your dog some more”.

Unreal but then again I told you so, I’m always right. We can only wait until all three of em are friends again. LOL…Maybe ?

May the cycle of forked tongued twisting tales continue. I now have to go and get some clothes on the nuns across the street have taken a shine to me and are now pointing at my window giggling.

Cheeky little monkey

All sweetness and light

Huggable and cuddly

You bring such delight

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH…I can’t stop laughing. Thank you Queen. Oh and thank you Jessica and Shawnio.

When I received the email on this I almost spit all over the place, hilarious.

The email read:

“Watch as Shawnio says its ok for people to post Sams info.. and Jessica goes along with it LOL “

And guess what ? … she does go along with it, no joke. Jessica willingly throws Sam under the bus for everyone to witness.

LOOK how Shawnio gets Jessica to go along with having Sam’s number DOXED, telling her if the number is in the phone book it’s ok.

But wait there’s more, Jessica even admits it was Babs who’s made those food calls to Sam’s home over the years…

And she AGREES…….Thank you Jessica.

HAHHAHAHAHAAHAH, Shawnio you said it and you’re right.

Hi SAM….kissy kissy… (=^。^=)

No idea how SAM is going to take this, but I think his sister should be notified.

Oh and btw, everyone is Monkeysniffer..Even YOU. ◉◡◉

A mish-mash from the passing week as the 3 biggest losers still haven’t a clue.

The 3 moronic ding dongs from another planet have gathered together and this is what you had to say about them this week. Thanks to those who sent anything in.

Oh and btw Jessica I love the Randall post on how you adore him and all that, but funny Randall wrote a song for me he didn’t write a song for you in fact he said this about you and your “weirdo pedophile friends“.

Randall: “When I seen Shawnio’s comment about being a pedophile in a conversation with Jessica I was shocked. That’s when I had to express my feelings towards child abusers and I meant what I said. As far as Adam goes, I have never liked the creepy fuck and I never will. I liked Jessica, I thought she was sweet. Now I realize her buddies are weirdo’s and I want nothing to do with her.…. “Love Ya Monkey” <3 “…

The MonkeySniffer song from Randall

No idea but seems people online have some secret desire to do strange with with my buttocks..I must be giving off some secret passionate kind of scent or something, but ass you know I’m not a naughty monkey..

I can tell you right now neither Jessica or Adumbs will have any clue as to what this even means. Clueless and completely stupid.
I think it’s great that Jessica finally realizes the only thing she can get right is showing her tits and nothing more. Yet still only 3 people are flocking to her wonder why ?

Was only a few months ago Jessica was crying the victim when those tit pics were circulating, she claimed it was “REVENGE PORN” ..However now as you can see she sings a different tune..Thank you for this Jessica. Once again your flip flop mentality speak volumes about you..So I would assume she now has no issues with those pic or and video flying up 24/7 ?

Living in a fish bowl…. “A place, situation, or environment in which one has little or no privacy. A reference to the (typically) spherical bowls in which pet fish are often kept, which can be seen into from all sides.

Imagine showing up for a gun fight without any bullets, the opposition make quick work of you by gunning you down with larger guns and larger bullets. You’re done…You lose…The end…hasta la vista baby.

In a frazzled state of emotional panic and despair you whine to everyone claiming you’re now the victim. You now demand legal retribution. You have been exposed and made to look a FOOL an outcast and now demand an investigation. In other words you simply… BITCH OUT.

You want to play with the big boys but fail miserably each and everyday…You want to become “competition” when you can’t even compete. You struggle to put 2+2 together but in your simple mind it still equates to 22.

You preach the word of GOD and quote bible scriptures, but still suckle the sour tits of SATAN.

You bark commandments for others to obey yet break them yourself one by one.

You post your racial slurs..anti Muslim hate and homophobic propaganda. Then recant all of your lies and intentionally forget by sweeping the truth under the rug.

You cry and demand no one shall DOX YOU, but like a crying viper you allow your mods to DOX others. Including the placing up images of children as young as 4 or 6 years old.

You FEAR SWATTING yet associate yourself with those who openly and publicly admit to the crime.

You think this a JOKE but it’s YOU WHO ARE THE JOKE…Get your FACTS.

“i am going to kill michelles children”

You want to play you DUMB FUCKING RETARDED WATER BUFFALO ?… You think this some kind of joke I run here ?

I do this for a reason, do you understand ?

Can you actually read ?

Can you comprehend ?

15 counts of gross internet harassment on a minor with intent to harm (daily contact) CA Penal Code section 646.9

15 counts of gross internet stalking of a minor child with intent to harm. CA Penal Code section 646.9

11 counts of Federal Copyright Infigments of private property. US copyright law section 107-122

4 counts of filing false Federal Copyright Infidgment US copyright law section 501.

6 counts of Trademark infringement with intent to fraud the public.

67 counts of Slander, Defamation and Libel of a minor child with intent to fraud the public.

Gross Plagiarism with intent to fraud the public.


You are a victim of your own stupidity who has played with too many people, you brought all of this upon yourself.

When you decided to place all of your family information and yours..on social media making it PUBLIC…

You began to live in a fish bowl.