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For years the name Monkeysniffer has been the most talked about and controversial blogger of all times.

I am regarded in several sites such as Ivlog, Vaughn and Twitch not to mention most chat rooms and even Facebook and other blogs.

You can literally go to most chatrooms and the name Monkeysniffer is almost in every sentence….C’MON YOU KNOW IT… HAHAHAHAHAH…

Whether you hate me or love me everyone has a Monkeysniffer story…or 2 ?

And this is where our love story begins…Oh la laaaaaaa …baby <3….Well it’s actually been like this since 2014.

It takes me back to when I was 17 and Shawnio’s love for a much younger monkey grew until it bloomed into a beautiful flower.

Bounties and riches were offered as to the whereabouts of the dreaded Monkeysniffer, but alas nothing was ever discovered.

O amor está no arTu és o meu amorQuero estar contigo para sempreSinto saudades …only for you my love <3 my soulmate.

Has anyone ever told you have beautiful tits ?

Thanks for any screen shots used here.

Right out of the yeast infected blow hole of our favorite fungus mistress of deceit and racial slurs comes yet another shocking revelation.

Berating Shawnio openly our simple single brain celled fuck face from another race continues her angered outbursts at her once prized beloved Shawnio the pedo, one can only wonder when these two might get together and consummate their passion with canines.

Feeling confused and full of questions the Baldick insults her pedo ex friend with a rather silly question.

NO…Jessica you’re both gawd damn morons..

YES…Jessica Sniffer still knows you’re nuts and completely stoopid.

But look on the bright side if you ” mess with the tiger you get the horns “…remember ?

Both of you are as compatible to one another like piss and shit.. So flush yourselves away.

People are getting wacky this may explain it’s source. Oh and thanks for the giggles used on this post.

We needed a laugh for our silly Friday and what better way to spend it then sharing a giggle at the 2 most toxic negative ass clowns on the internet…compliments of DUMB and DUMBEST…Shawnio and his single brain celled equal Jessica the frizzled hair lined moo moo.

I’ve taken bits and pieces from the other chat to give you a rough idea as to what took place this afternoon.

Btw I am not Jesussetyoufree

To be honest it’s Shawnio letting off some steam by hammering Jessica’s head in letting her know what he truly thinks of her, and can you blame him ? He’s spent years wiping her ass and catering to her every whim like a daddy figure filling her empty head with the kind of BS she thrives on, but watch as he gradually turns it around to make it look as though he’s her friend big deal. You’re not fooling anyone.

I needed a laugh and you provided some entertainment for a few moments. Don’t get intoxicated in to thinking I need or desire your company anywhere near me or this blog, I don’t.

These 2 could be laying on a street corner somewhere on fire and I wouldn’t even pee on em to put out the flames. Seriously I’ve come across some evil vindictive people but these 2 piles of stinking shit truly deserve each other.

Flip flops with no moral compass or values are what I’ve witnessed from the both of em so do I care if they slam one another in a chat….HELL NO.

Both of you can go gargle with razor blades for all I care.

I now have to take out the garbage and release some bodily fluids... EYB EYB

It’s Friday and time to laugh at what I consider the most dumbest person alive next to Jessica ..Shawn McQuaid idiot for hire and Jessica’s personal stooge.

Yesterday I placed up our 13,000k comment post not to brag but to get someone extra juicy just enough to get him to spill his brain and his mommies milk all over the place, and it worked.

And who would that be why none other than Shawnio the village idiot who had this to say.

Shawnio the funniest thing is if you look here, monkeysniffer mentions her 12,000 comment, it took more than a year to get to a thousand comments LOL thats not good… this shits hilarious…break that down monkeysniffer thats not an impressive number lol.

Well Shawnio you see here’s the real issue, now pay close attention because even an idiot like you would have to see the obvious staring at you right in the face…

Do you see it, I bet you haven’t a clue ?

For those of you who picked up on it CONGRATULATIONS, for those of you who haven’t well you’re as dumb as Shawnio sorry about your shit luck.

I love doing this. Thanks for the screen grabs

It’s Friday and we needed something to laugh at.

For months we’ve all suspected that the house of pedophiles would finally come to an end and shatter into shards of fragmented lies and finger pointing. It was inevitable without any doubt.

So I’ve assembled an a assortment of comments. All credit and thanks to you…the viewers.

Jessica: “Because that’s how Shawnio talks and Shawnio please be advised that encouraging suicide makes you no better then anyone here…In fact it disgusts me that you even tell people to kill themselves.”

I added the above image for obvious reasons..wink wink.

You don’t say ? Hahahahahahhahahahahahah

Congratulations Jessica. Nice to see you’re taking it so well.

Yes dear and that’s where I and this blog come in.

Jessica: “At the end of the day I clean up my dogs poop and pee off the ground and not let it sit there on camera and then use my dog for sex.”

Excuse me Shawnio but it isn’t normal for a male to use such dialogue or thoughts to begin with. Let’s face it, you know too damn much about “dick talk”. Find another topic to discuss in chat.

Jessica: “Go fck your dog some more”.

Unreal but then again I told you so, I’m always right. We can only wait until all three of em are friends again. LOL…Maybe ?

May the cycle of forked tongued twisting tales continue. I now have to go and get some clothes on the nuns across the street have taken a shine to me and are now pointing at my window giggling.

Cheeky little monkey

All sweetness and light

Huggable and cuddly

You bring such delight