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Lay your head back close your eyes and suck on your wet jelly coated fingers dripping with your very own ejaculation……and enjoy.

That’s what Mike did about 3 years ago on a video, and YES it did make the blogs…several in fact. Did I ever mention I can’t make this shit up ??

But wait there’s more……..

On Thursday Sept 28th 2017 I received this email.

So according to this email sometime on Monday we should be receiving a DMCA or possible COURT notice of some sort……Now if it were anyone else I would perhaps consider it’s serious, but due to the fact it’s from CUM boxMike I can only laugh. Now picture this the DAY in COURT and Mike’s LAWYER stands up and says…. “Your honor WE would like to present a video exhibit #A …Mr Mike Kelly consuming his own ejaculation”  ……The judge falls over laughing and the entire court pees themselves in complete shock…..It’s a KODAK moment and it’s PRICELESS.

I rest my case…

Mike until then please refrain from eating anymore sperm including your own.

Oh and part of the video in case you need to have a giggle.

But if you need the whole post well………………enjoy yourself.


Never DARE me is what I told Joe, but oohhhh noooooo.. Joe didn’t believe me…..So here it is Joe it’s all on you. I take NO RESPONSIBILITY BLAME JOE as one of Ivlog’s TOP casters relives his own SHAME