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More goofy cast edit clips of our favorite pile of steaming love puddin. Oh yeah “Love me tender“…

For a caster who wasn’t angry he sure put a lot of effort in to a cast that basically consisted of him ranting for hours about other casters who had recasted him, but he’s not angry.

I think he’s gone a lil wacko in the head you tell me what you think.

Thanks to those casters that recast Rafael allowing me to record them and add my own spice to the vids.

What has become possibly the most pathetic whiny lil cry baby of all time is now at it again….Rafael (Crabz). He just can’t stop.


“I’m not talking about you stupid nigger” Says Paradice..

You have to see it to believe it, but of course it’s all lies manufactured by myself. Funny on how all these cry baby casters seem to repeat the exact same thing ?

You ever notice that ?

Wise monkey once said, I Kan’t macke Dis up.

Thanks for the video used for this post.

As Angie continues to compliment Frank during the serenade it becomes apparently clear that any use of alcohol is not only bad for ones body but for the brain as well.

Or is Angie sober during this video ?

Now that would be funny……


I thought we’d give Rapeman Shawn the day off and come back to that topic at a later date but for now.


Well to be frank…get it “Frank” ?…Paradice’s birthday falls on Sept 19th. I thought we’d celebrate it now becuase I’ll forget it when Sept 14th comes around so anyways eh.

But look on the bright side we have more of the howling she devil and her goofy minion Quasimodo internet buddy Frank (Crabz). Thanks for the vid used on this post.