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I can pretty much guess what you’re going to say…Again ?

~Faroe re mods Jessica again~

Yes more lip locking butt kissing flip flopping from you know whooooooooo……….

It all began with Faroe coming into chat at 7:28 pm claiming that Crabz…Merman..Jessica and Nbt betrayed him turning against him.

By 9:20pm Faroe is now casting and has not only accepted Jessica in his chat but has her re modded again and has requested she join the discord chat.

I’m struggling to keep up from day to day.

Completely disgusted Faroe’s most supportive mod walks out saying this to the entire group.

~Crabz slams Paradice….again~

You guessed it another weak male who simps for anything that resembles a female. Here’s Crabs whining again all credit to Topcat for the vid.