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Funny as I finish one post another pops up within seconds with pretty much the same TOPIC how odd. Another caster leaving Ivlog ?

This image was sent in an email along with the words “candy rayne is quitting ivlog and deleting her account “…Thank you for this info.

So our very own CandyRayne has decided to jump ship as well ? I’m sure she’s gonna have something to say…We shall see.

It’s now officially a week since the dreaded 8 hour drunken cast where Karen shit from her mouth and exposed herself multiple times on CUMvlog.

I’ve taken this Ben video and decided to spin my own slice of silliness on it. However Candyrayne and Ben in Ohio have the last word here.Here we have Candy  demonstrating on how one should remover one’s bra without exposing the lady parts. Something Karen may wish to learn from.

Thank you to those for the gifs and vids used on this post.



All credit to Candy….Helton’s cleaning lady and the editor of the video.

I was informed that Helton was legally given the children back into his custody. Shocking the legal system completely failed those children, but I’m sure the monitoring of the home will be more intense now, and hopefully things will improve.

I was also informed that Ma Helton hired the cleaning lady who took the pics herself, that can be seen in the video.



I was not aware of the recent development between Candyrayne and Helton until today, so enjoy the tongue lashing Helton receives at the hands of his former friend.

If the LINK wont work CLICK again and go toYoutube.


All credit to Barry Mandela and Candy for the video.




I’d like to thank the individual for dropping this video in our chat, it features one of Ivlog’s casters Candy Rayne as she goes on about a neighbors yapping dog and how it’s causing her such emotional distress. She was kind enough to mention how she has fed the dog some possible chill powder in it’s water, but to really add FIRE to this she states that if this issue with the dogs continues she may make a FALSE CLAIM of RAPE. The chill powder comment is at the 1:22 of this video and the rape comment can be heard at the 6:12 portion of the vid. The comments were made on a morning Von Helton cast.