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Thanks to the individual who sent me this vid, click the LINK down below for the NEWS.


The KOOKY Canuck is at it again, but is he REALLY gonna be a father ???… In the name of JESUS let us pray for a big………… NO…I mean really who actually HAD SEX with him?? …LMAO ..oh ya I forgot about her lol…..


And could someone please explain to me why he’s dressed like some kind of autistic REJECT Elf ???




Now who the hell is Bob ????  Cuz I certainly have no idea, but Steelie goes crazy ass with the death threats, from Bob’s wife his mother his dog ..his cat…his gold fish even to his children he goes all out on a nuttier than nutty rage. It’s DEATH, DOOM an GLOOM Steelie style….CUZ  YOU’RE GONNA DIE BITCH…ahem sorry was caught up in the post.

Bob whatever  you did to provoke the ire of the insane Ginger bread Canadian man, Bob please stop or you’re gonna DIE.

Thank you to who ever sent in the vid.