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Now to be honest I was just emailed this video and several bits of information added on.

Now as it was explained to me.

“This video is just 12 hours old. Sergio, aka Nostrils, aka Burnt Hotdog neck, gets his ass owned. The first 17 minutes is the build-up”…..

“Sergio is the dude that told most of Vaughn that he owned a Hummer and every house in his street”
Claims he’s a GUN DEALER
See attached for when he said he is a Free Mason…and one of him trying to look gangster. (both a lie)
I haven’t a clue as to who this fella is, but at this point in time this dude REPRESENTS EVERYONE that I have ever come across or blogged about. Bottom line BULLSHIT and BIG TALK is what the internet is made of, nothing new here.
Thanks to our friend for this post.
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