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An email that was sent in to me on March 1st 2021.. Keep in mind I have never heard of this Lulusafe person before.

Email read….

“Glenroom Sure attracts the Pedo’s to his channel. Glen Rated a channel few months back, Two kids that clearly state they are just finishing high school. LuluSafe  (glens Room  hooker that became his friendly caller/ side kick )  questioned if they both was into older ladies. Even after getting the cold shoulder from the two boys. Lulu insisted on sharing her dirty website and her skype/phone with the two boys.     
Some Hooker or  Pedo ? 


You can tell by the uneasy and awkward feeling during the cast something was said to the boys, and they let it be known just how uncomfortable they both are.

The entire TWITCH video was roughly 5min, various bits and pieces of silliness from the 2 boy casters. Edited along the way were 2 parts I’ve placed to together to give a better idea as to what was said, so basically I shortened it….

I tried to place some of the sentences together as best I could. Working with a small video with too much exposure.

Lulsafe- oh my my panties are wet.

AndrewCShow- Lulu calm down.

LuluSafe- that light saber did me in.

LuluSafe- Let me put it this way….my 2 kids are are almost twice their age.

LuluSafe- we like to chat you know the old fashioned way ..I am old.

LuluSafe- do you like older women.

I’m assuming LuluSafe is a female and keeping that in mind I thought to myself “if it’s good for the goose then it’s good for the gander.”

Either way I’m super uncomfortable with this one maybe someone out there can provide us with more info ?

It would seem that Glen has made accusations about his ex friend Shreck86 concerning a certain criminal record of the felon type. Oh la laaaa.

Let the drama commence.

Thank you for the video.

Adumb desperate for cash and not watching Glen…

We have more that has just come in, we have Adumb and AndrewCShow discussing Glen as well as various other topics on TWITCH. For me personally I enjoy how Adumb literally begs for views to help with his non existent income by believing that TWITCH can financially help him out, if he could only get some views. LOL. He never stops as day after day he’s desperate for views and cash.

Adumb then whines about Funboy banning all of them on a recent TWITCH cast, but then switches gears to inform AndrewCShow that he’s actually proud of himself for not spending more time in Glen’s cast…Hahahahahahah

Unless you’re really really bored…. LOL Oh man this is insulting but funny as hell. On the flip side Andrew now plans to send in screen grabs to be posted of what Glen has recently been saying, I can hardly wait.

Glen isn’t not pleased with certain people and he’s ready to go.….

Watching him sway back and forth as he explains himself is hilarious cuz holy hell you know he’s pissed.

This is like who can slit who’s throat the deepest as groups of people now clamor together and openly discuss one another in the hopes no one catches them during a TWITCH public live cast.. Imagine that LOL.

Who knows what any of them are thinking and who cares. Thanks for the videos funny stuff for sure.

You may recall the post where Shreck86, Adumb and AndrewCSow trolled Glen several nights ago with a poll to unban Shreck86 ?

Well this is the open discussion that Glen has with Andrew over it. No idea on what’s taken place with the rapist sex offender Adumb, or where his loyalties are concerning Glen. Thank you for the video used on this post.

I’ve added a link to the first part down below just incase you need to catch up.

Now congratulations you made it at least 3 times in one week, due to the fact you associate with both Adumb the sex offender and Jessica something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot more of you AndrewCShow.

A lot can happen over night and trust me it has, with dozens of screen grabs and numerous videos pouring in I promise to use as much of it as I possibly can. I thank you all for the content, don’t be upset if I’m unable to use it all.

Some may be kept for a future post.

I would also like to thank the person who sent in the YouTube videos and yes I have received them, they’re on hold for now, but this post may provide some interest.

Consider this a 2 part post.

Part 1~Let’s ban DJ Systems

Apparently last nights drama was the main course of the meal but so was BULLSHIT and HYPOCRYSY in Glens’ room as Adumb decided to go off on Jessica’s EX friend DJ Systems.

Adumb hilarious comments are childish as well as complete hypocrisy as the rapist sex offender couldn’t get his own way. He whines and stomps his feet as he DEMANDS that Glen BAN DJ for whispering to Jessica and attacking her.

No one cared what the sex offender rapist had to say, so like the typical baby he is he simply ran off. Funny he did that the other night when Jessica was casting, how odd LOL.


Good bye Adumb rapist sex offender and groomer of pre teens.

Part 2 ~Glen who made the poll ?

As promised I’ve decided to bring you the second part of a recent post where Adumb..AndrewCShow and Shreck86 have decided to troll Glen during a cast. What makes this particular cast so funny is that AndrewCShow decided to make a poll and drop it in Glen’s cast without Glen’s knowledge.

The 3 of them decide to laugh it up. Meanwhile Glen hasn’t a clue as to what’s taken place, the chat is cleared in hopes of removing any damaging evidence, or so they thought LOL.

As a side note Adumb had this to say about our dear sweet Yetta.

Yetta get your gawd damn 300yr old wrinkled ass over here cranky ol broad and I’ll hug you super tight as I break wind. I’ll even let you paint my toe nails and wax my back.

유♥웃 ℒℴνℯ ヾ(✿❛◡❛)ノ

I will be providing more videos and content in the coming days concerning this Glen’s room and it’s cast of characters. Stay tuned.