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The blow back after the recent cast were it was stated that the rapist registered sex offender offered tech help with someone’s pc. That so called tech help was declined and it’s made some sad tender snow flake rather salty. Thanks for this video used on this post.

This shit fest is gonna be a long one so get the popcorn.

As the usual idiots have their 2 cents worth in this masterpiece of nonsense, but what makes it filthy funny are the out right lies this group feed one another especially coming from Adumb and Jessica. You have to see it to believe it.

If the day should ever arrive that either Jessica dumb cunt or Adumb rapist the retard sex offender find it within themselves to tell the truth is the day I shut this blog down…..

In the second video I found it odd as Glen states that Adumb has seen his social security number as well as his credit card information and the sex offender has full complete access to his computer.

And that’s pretty much what I said in the previous post so why did Glen just repeat what I said, how would I know such things ?

Makes you wonder, think about it…..

~Glen on Faroe~

The irony here was too much for me to handle as this cluster fck ass clown Glen who has literally spent over an hour informing everyone to not come to this blog and totally dismissing us, now informs everyone that HE himself watches this blog and likes to watch Faroe videos.

Hell his whole god damn chat watches this blog HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

Last night was a first as SAM (the fish eyed hobbit) got on a TWITCH call with Glensroom…And it was all we hoped it would be and more.

SAM has another Ivlog caster (Bun Bunz) making some rather steamy allegations against him, possibly of the naughty kind. We don’t have any proof of this YET, but we do know is SAM has a rich checkered past with sending out unsolicited nude shower vids and nude pic of himself to at least 3 women. Do we have a 4th ?


Oh yeah SAM might be nervous.



Glen asks the cry baby dribbling fish eyed hobbit about smoking pot. Hilarious on how SAM won’t allow Glen to get a word in.

SAM- “My life is I’m single and I live in a house I can barely afford.”

Glen- “Why do you say that when your sister takes care of the bills and taxes for you.”

SAM- “I take care of most of the stuff.”

Glen- ” I know, but I know the truth, I’m telling you. Why are you afraid to tell people?”

Glen- “Who would you want to meet the most ?”

SAM- ” She passed away, but I’d want to meet Vera. She was a nice lady.”

Glen- “She was a piece of shit, I’m glad she’s dead. Fuck her.”

I hope we get more of this. I’m sure someone out there has something to add to all this and I can hardly wait…Hahahahahahahaahahah. Thanks for this vid.

I’ve placed up several posts from 2020 when SAM was sending out his nude shower videos making threats of legal action and basically making himself look like a first class cry baby as he whined for his sister’s help in dealing with the matter. Hey SAM now that your sister knows answer me this, what did she do to remove this blog and all it’s truths concerning your secret life style ?


On a recent YOUTUBE Von Helton live cast he discussed his “haters” and how their time will soon be coming to an end.

During the cast Helton names a number of individuals he refers to as being actual pedophiles who prey upon children, one of the individuals he mentions is Glensroom. Helton then states that there’s a video with documented proof.

Personally I don’t care for any of them and consider them all to be white trash anything that comes from the mouth of Helton should be carefully examined with a fine tooth comb, after all Helton is no stranger to controversy or insane internet behavior.

But here’s the thing…………

Back in 09/22/2016 I was sent information in the form of an email, along with it came a video that indeed had Glen chatting up two young girls that not only lead to a sexual interview but eventually had one of the girls removing her shirt exposing her breasts. Many of you felt that the youthful giggling girls were minors even though they claimed they were 20 yrs of age.

Down below are the links to the Glen post and the YOUTUBE Helton cast.

14:40 is where Helton makes the statement concerning Glensroom.

An email that was sent in to me on March 1st 2021.. Keep in mind I have never heard of this Lulusafe person before.

Email read….

“Glenroom Sure attracts the Pedo’s to his channel. Glen Rated a channel few months back, Two kids that clearly state they are just finishing high school. LuluSafe  (glens Room  hooker that became his friendly caller/ side kick )  questioned if they both was into older ladies. Even after getting the cold shoulder from the two boys. Lulu insisted on sharing her dirty website and her skype/phone with the two boys.     
Some Hooker or  Pedo ? 


You can tell by the uneasy and awkward feeling during the cast something was said to the boys, and they let it be known just how uncomfortable they both are.

The entire TWITCH video was roughly 5min, various bits and pieces of silliness from the 2 boy casters. Edited along the way were 2 parts I’ve placed to together to give a better idea as to what was said, so basically I shortened it….

I tried to place some of the sentences together as best I could. Working with a small video with too much exposure.

Lulsafe- oh my my panties are wet.

AndrewCShow- Lulu calm down.

LuluSafe- that light saber did me in.

LuluSafe- Let me put it this way….my 2 kids are are almost twice their age.

LuluSafe- we like to chat you know the old fashioned way ..I am old.

LuluSafe- do you like older women.

I’m assuming LuluSafe is a female and keeping that in mind I thought to myself “if it’s good for the goose then it’s good for the gander.”

Either way I’m super uncomfortable with this one maybe someone out there can provide us with more info ?

It would seem that Glen has made accusations about his ex friend Shreck86 concerning a certain criminal record of the felon type. Oh la laaaa.

Let the drama commence.

Thank you for the video.