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A message sent in that read……..

All credit to Cleanfreak for the images sent in.

“Nothing is as bad as the shit hole Glen lives in… look at that floor!”

“MS: I am so digging this kitchen decor. The high end kitchen table, the immaculate upscale wastebasket, the freshly washed clean floor, the subtle and quirky curtain…. this is worthy of House Beautiful. Grab the pics from here and shine a light on it on the main page. This guy should be an interior design decorator. He is living the good life! What’s he scratching? “

Last 48 hours has proven to be interesting.

~Adumb the registered sex offender MIA from TWITCH~

Not sure why or how but Adumb has been missing from TWITCH for over 20 days. He may be using another name to ghost or hide but as you can clearly see from the screen grab below he hasn’t had a stream in weeks.

It’s speculated the registered sex offender may have found himself in hot legal waters, but who can say for sure.

~Glen is banned from TWITCH~

A mystery as another TWITCH streamer Glen is now banned from his favorite casting site. No idea as to why.

I’m sure someone out there has an answer, all thanks to those who sent in the screen grabs used on this post.

How many of you out there have ever received a gift in the mail from someone you know online ?

Personally speaking in the past I’ve received gifts as well as holiday cards from those of you that I’ve known for years in some cases for over a decade. Each gift or card is a special memento with a personal thought to go along with it, something to be cherished.

Now set aside any feelings you may have here .Recently Yetta decided to send Glen three books as a gift, during his show he ripped them up into pieces and placed them in a bbq.

From what I’m told at some point he places the books up his own ass. Then finally the three books end up on a lite bbq to burn.

My thoughts….

Why would anyone feel inclined to destroy books that were sent as a gift from someone who was trying to be nice and thoughtful ? Sad that some folks can commit such horrible acts towards one another but truly Glen has embarrassed himself in a shameful bitter act that can only be described as childish disgruntled and severely angry.

More with AndrewC calling out Patty the Pedo hunter.

During the video AndrewC shares an interesting tidbit as he informs us he was on a skype call with Adumb when for a second Adumb nearly “spilled the beans” on his prior convictions related to the sexual assault of a 14 yr old girl.

This Patty woman has a few screws loose as she now claims she will defend Adumb for she speaks with honesty and truth but then in the next breath calls this entire situation “GAY”.

Way to go Patty so now you’re pretty much confirming you may be homophobic ? What gives with a statement like that ?

Thanks to the person for the video.