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I’m unsure of all the details but it would appear that a guest possibly being Mennelie was doxing Jimmy, so in return Jimmy doxed the guest he believed to be Mennelie.

However during the day Karen decided to question Jimmy, claiming she had received a crank call on her phone that she claims was from Jimmy himself.

Jimmy Rizzo refused to answer the guest’s (Karen’s) questions!

This is all the proof I have from Karen concerning her accusations of Jimmy’s crank calls!

Later on for some strange reason Jimmy decided to play porn. Miss Scruffy showed up, resulting in his ban from VL!

I was in shock to read how Vaughn’s top unwanted caster Jimmy Weasul was being treated by Mark, it was obvious that Mark has never truly realized the untapped hidden talent that Jimmy Rizzo simply does not posses, and it was for those reasons I decided to post this opinion piece and express why Jimmy Reezle is possibly in my opinion Vaughn’s top caster….EVER.I have a great deal of admiration for Jommy Weezo’s non casting ability and here’s why.
For years people have called him a piece of shit and they were right he literally is, but in his own unique way that’s what makes him such a great caster because lets face it no one else wishes to be as pathetic as him. His maturity level and zero sense of humor have made him the lowest best caster ever, but it’s one of many loathing factors that make Jimmy a worthless slob, and yet I respect him for being himself (worthless). True no one else desires the nightmarish burden of being him, so he’s taken it upon his broken frail shoulders to save the rest of us from this tortured anguish. Like an unwanted unwashed messiah doomed to his own fate, Jimmy shuffles proudly among the living like a maggot ridden zombie with no sense of direction. Yet he’s so much more than a big ol pile of unwanted poop, he’s Jaimy Rinzle caster extraordinaire.

Perhaps a martyr or preacher of honest intent or zero integrity, however knowing full well Jummy could fall off the planet at any given time and no one would care a pile of rats crap about it. Truly a remarkable feat to have achieved such a desire in peoples hearts.
He casts to literally no one and mumbles as though he’s been sucking more penis than a $2 whore at a cheap Russian senior bukake porn fest, his desire to cast speaks volumes about his simple minded one directional thinking. God bless you Jimmy you’re truly one of a kind, let’s keep it that way cuz if another toxic mistake shoots up from the same fecal matter as yourself we’d have to put it out of it’s misery sir. SALUTE…. and god bless the hidden talent at being you.
May the star that is you shine forever in the hallowed halls of the internet.