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An email sent it that read…..

“I caught this today a moderator was sent in and shut down his page since he wasn’t¬†answering their pm”

And thank you for the video.

So now that you know what’s about to take place here’s fair warning.


An email that came in several days ago that read…….

This nasty guy by the name of L00kis spews hate to all in the room and then later admits to beating his ex gf who went by the name of Pink Panda. Ivlog should ban him asap.

And boy he’s one angry fella……Thanks for the video.

A vid sent in during the week that has various Ivlog members becoming frustrated with one another on Facebook.

Btw Lilpunk I’ve sent you a skype request so not only can you explain this mess to me in your own words but you may then entertain me with song and story if you like ?

Thanks for the video.

In just a few short days a number of Ivlog casters have all of a sudden made the unexpected jump to Vaughn.

At this going rate there will be no one left to stream at Ivlog. So why is this happening could it be due to the recent reinstatement of ‘guest chat’ ?

Ivlog may need some 911 online emergency critical help….Or could it be too late ?