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Something that was sent in to me from last Sunday, so yes I’m a lil late. Thank you for the screen grabs.

In chat seems poor Merman may have been scammed, not sure on how credible this is so you can decide.

The below image reminds me of another casters tit pic, but KY has a baseball cap on.

God gave this man beautiful breasts and he sure knows how to use them. Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Lord seems Ivlog’s piss pool of cartoon characters and ding dongs keeps growing, here we have yet another poor broken lost soul seeking online attention. So let me just say you earned this buttercup hope you like.

A number of different motives for drinking alcohol have been examined, including drinking to enhance sociability, to increase power, to escape problems, to get drunk, for enjoyment, or for ritualistic reasons.

Without some help this guys setting himself to be a future Warren or Foxman. Could there be hope for him to change ?

He should invest in some extra long nylon nails and coloring his hair some outrageous frooty color, now that would be something for the records.

Ahh yes my dear welcome home <3.

I was treated to a putz fest of the highest disorder, testosterone and weakened male libidos were on the main menu. As an emasculated groupie converged on Sarah62.

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve seen the inebriated princess of toxic drizzle, so I assumed the Ivlog cast of cartoon characters have become bored with one another’s faces and needed some thing different but not necessarily fresh.

Salivating at the mouth and beating their chests the zombie hoard of male chatters were then left by Sarah62 for no apparent reason. She simply stopped casting.

The mindless gimps were left staring into nothingness.


And it was funny as fck. I’m just too damn cool for that LOL

Imagine just sitting there waiting for someone to show up and they never do ?

Bits and pieces that I’ve recorded from the last few weeks and now I’ve decided to place them together for fun.

Along with that you may have noticed Merman casting on Vaughn. It was mentioned that Ivlog went belly up for the evening so this prompted several Ivlog casters to cast on Vaughn.

Keep licking your own ass that may answer your question.

Give Merman a few beers and away he goes.

Personally I had no idea Merman was such great blog fodder, I hope to post a lot more on this never ending wealth of entertainment.

A two for one post about the mental misfits on the lower end of the social retard casting ladder. One from Ivlog the other from Vaughn, then again it’s all about the same in my book. Shit is shit.

I seriously wanted to fit Jessica in here somewhere but she was too busy calling herself a “STUPID FUCKING CUNT” in another chatroom.

So you’re stuck with these two handsome devils. Thank you for the videos.