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No idea on who this guy is..Hell I might even be modding in the same channel as he ? But alas I can’t remember a damn thing nor do I care.

Credit to Liklik for making the tree

However word in the local brothels is that handsome son of a bitch shaved his head in protest over Maddy leaving Vaughn. I cannot confirm or deny this.

I do hope that shaving his head brought some sexual gratification to this poor questionable misbegotten soul.

A former streamer of Ivlog better known as DJStevo has been found guilty and sentenced… Stephen Bowditch 54 was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

His father……

William Bowditch was given a 21-year extended sentence comprising 20 years in custody followed by a one-year extended license. Both will be registered sex offenders for the rest of their lives.


June 2022……

Vile father and son raped girls as young as three. Father and son child rapists have been brought to justice decades after they sexually abused and assaulted young girls.

One of the victims of 73-year-old Arthur William Bowditch senior was aged just three when he raped her, leaving her so badly injured she required surgery.

Bowditch’s son, Arthur Stephen Bowditch junior now aged 54, grew up to also be a sex offender and a child rapist, but there is no evidence they offended together.

Thanks to those who handed this in. Said it once and I’ll say it again we haven’t a clue as to what a person is truly capable of in real LIFE. Behind a keyboard any one can pretend, don’t be so trusting predators can run amok anywhere.

An email sent it that read…..

“I caught this today a moderator was sent in and shut down his page since he wasn’t answering their pm”

And thank you for the video.

So now that you know what’s about to take place here’s fair warning.


An email that came in several days ago that read…….

This nasty guy by the name of L00kis spews hate to all in the room and then later admits to beating his ex gf who went by the name of Pink Panda. Ivlog should ban him asap.

And boy he’s one angry fella……Thanks for the video.