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No idea as to what was going on, but from what we can tell in the video it would seem both Yetta and Daryl be arguing!

And here I was under the impression everyone was super happy in Vaughn live land ????

Tanks for the vid.

The rantings of an incoherent individual with 342 master degrees who has been cat fished for 10yrs….I rest my case.

Get off line it’s aging you badly………

Sent in, it reads…. “Tripcode is a catfish and Cookie says he’s a catfish over and over and over over an over an over an over an over an over over “

Tanks for the video

The Jessica…MadDog fiasco so far…

As we all now know the first date was a blow out as 1 simpleminded humpa lumpa met floppy pissy titty man for cheesecake and a swinging good time..cough cough cough finger.. After the date MadDog’s disparaging remarks concerning the single brain celled mold queen looking homeless struck a nerve as the two love beasts eventually resolved their differences.

~Along came a Yetta and sat down beside her~

And of course what would the internet be without our very own.. wise esteemed scholar … professional counselor and love guru to all genders…Yetta Cookie Bendoverchitz…..BTW thanks for the video used here.

It’s a Friday night silly fest with Yetta seducing 313Stooopayy, who knew we’d have our very own comedy team right under our very noses ?

(✿◠‿◠) …. (◕‿◕✿)

You may wish to cover your ears for this one kids.

Momma mia dats a spicy meataballa…. And that’s no joke.

Our very own Yetta dimpleshitz has exploded all over Vaughn and she’s taking no prisoners as she comes out swinging at both Sam the dipshit and our most beloved Gina, tings git real ugly ere boy.

The language my ohh my oh myyyyyyy.

Ohh boy Gina’s banned me for placing up a video, sheeeesh I’m gutted.

~Gina’s ultimatum: do not go to Ivlog Sam!~

And of course we have a short vid on Gina as she whips the dribbling fish eyed hobbit in to shape by demanding Sam not go to Ivlog.

Tanks for the video.