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The drama from some of you is downright hilarious at times so much in fact I was even called out to make a post … So I responded.

From what I’m to gather the dribbling weak minded fish eyed hobbit… Sam….. has left Ivlog again, as if the other 3425 times he left were forgotten about lol.  Grow up you spineless man child.

As if that wasn’t enough our very own sweet Christian Blogger Jessica has decided to align herself with some very dishonorable nasty characters on CUMvlog, being Olivia Pouliot (Yourteethareinmyneck) and DjPedo Systems (Couldyoubeloved). Truly you couldn’t find two more inept retards and scum bags on the internet if you tried. Olivia was seen (with my very own eyes) several years ago on Vaughn during a Hipperz cast laughing and mocking the DEATH of a 6yr old child who had lost his life during a swimming fatality.  Upon seeing this behavior from her in the chat I personally banned this MONSTER from his cast, however as I did say it was several years ago and I have no proof of this incident that I now mention. You can decided for yourself upon the legitimacy of my claim but to further expose this monsters heinous reputation she tried to pin a FALSE claim that Lardo had instigated SUICIDE in a chat room on Blogtv years ago in hopes that she would take her own LIFE. The police were called in and it was investigated and discovered to be FALSE. Lardo was cleared of any wrong doing.

Lardo may have something to say on the topic…or that might be for a future post. In the mean time on with business…

We have a video with Jessica claiming the Pat the unwashed American called Sam at 2 am in the morning with his wife screaming at him and this was the reason Sam left Ivlog.

Before you watch this video…………………First Jess claims there is absolute clinical forensic PROOF that Pat the unwashed called Sam at 2am….


What does happen is Jess drops 2 links to a video where Olivia Pouliot calls Pat and inform him that HE CALLED SAM at 2 am……Pat simply denies it.


Then Jess goes on to announce she will be giving this PROOF to “THE BLOGS” meaning us here at Scuttles..But WAIT doesn’t Jess run a similar BLOG ? Or perhaps this video and all it’s content be so extravagant and mind altering that it would be better to have a more delicate mature hand to steer it’s course and give it the proper care it so deserves. What say you ?

Jess then goes on to say on the video when asked if she uses a TRACKER…she replies NO I DON’T USE A TRACKER….But there’s more.

THE VIDEO……………24 to 48 hours I GUARANTEE …

THE PROOF #1 (Pat) Olivia calls Pat.

THE PROOF #2 (Pat) Dj systems…Couldyoubeloved…Jam Radio calls Pat.

As stated in the post I do not see any PROOF and knowing full well it comes from the toxic mouths of two equally vile creatures I simply doubt anything they may say. So again I say SHOW ME THE PROOF…

A theory….. is it possible that a recording of Pat’s cast was used to SPOOF Sam making him believe that Pat was the one calling Sam when it was (THEM) Olivia and DJ Pedo that called ??? It’s been done before to other casters…Let’s not forget that this Dj Pedo has been a staunch supporter of the RAPIST …Adam Paul Stuart Browne another toxic low life.

And now a lil on what was found ………….

Now as stated earlier in the video on this post, Jess clearly says she does not use a TRACKER, so keeping that in mind several of you went to her blog and found a possible virus or maybe a tracker. The persons then did a GOOGLE whats my ip and found that it was not their ip but that of the site itself, as well as a cautionary warning of a deceptive site ahead was discovered. 

Now Jess may or may not be using a tracker but something did turn up and I’ll leave it at that.

Feel free to click on the images for a closer look.

In the end you the viewer decide, I know I have if you examine the credibility of the people in question it all becomes clear PROOF is the deciding factor and in this particular case I see none what so ever. Let’s face it Pat may not be popular but that’s still no reason to place false blame on him. With recordings to further once case and all of the technology in place it’s obvious that I had to resolve this mess of LIES and foolishness. Bottom line Jess you’re being played so don’t fall for it.

Do you recall how those others in the cheap 2 cent blog had you believe the “child porn images” that were never here and how you claimed you did a check on Adam’s criminal DOX on the Canadian SEX registry list that only government RCMP officers have access to ??

Jess step away this is over your head. There’s is alot more to this than meets the eye.

UPDATE and a call at 2am from Pat

So it would seem Pat may have called Sam at 2am wanting to hash out their differences…..Credit to Richard720 for this video update.

But the rest I have mentioned still stands on the other 2.


A recent update from Jess in the form of an im has informed me the “old app” has been removed from her blog….Thank you Jessica for the update.















I don’t know where I’m goin’
But I sure know where I’ve been
Hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday
An’ I’ve made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time
Here I go again, here I go again…..Burp.

And that brings me to Pat the Unwanted American and something that was handed to me in an email, compliments of MannyCuz.

Looks like Pat received a phone call from “tech support” no way to confirm this but do give a listen. I decided add my own special touch, enjoy.





All credit to James Anderson for the information on the post and to a friend of the blog for emailing this to me. Thank you.

Now I can’t confirm or deny that statement in the above pic concerning the UnitedAmerican (Pat) that was in the post, but I do find it hilarious that Sean Cleary does seem to have various ongoing relationships with much older men…I wonder why ?However the pic down below does have credibility to support it, let me explain.The elder fella above …Don Owens or as he is known as “PlasmaDude” was reported to have sent Sean Cleary $800 for a new laptop, but first he requested to see to see his weeny worm. And they may have been more much MORE.
From what Anderson states in his post, it was that Cleary who was bragging about the $800 he scammed from Don and that led to Anderson making the post exposing Cleary. Now this was reported several years ago, but I never knew the actual amount given over to Sean Cleary for his online weeny worm peeka boo until just recently.

So you have a 70yr old man on skype making”HAPPY BIRTHDAY” videos for a 23 years old….Odd ya ???

Now we have to give some credit to Sean Cleary as he at least knew that Don was a much older man unlike Darren Lee Sayward who had no idea if Wintard was a male or a female or even had any clue as to her age lol…..PRICELESS 

One of the best lines ever, makes me laugh every time I read it.I still have no words but omg… hahahahahahahahahahahahah…Thank you to those of you who sent in the great gifs.

Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh

It seems by sheer ingenuity or maybe it was their incredible sense of perception the Chris While PENIS lovers club over at UKMuppets have ousted us by making a post that allegedly REVEALS ALL.

Dated August 7th 2017

I cannot CONFIRM or DENY the identity but a certain individual even placed a link to the POST in Vaughnlive.One could only speculate as to the SHEER MAGNITUDE of such a revelation, the end result could be catastrophic to this blog and to our very LIVES.

Did THEY discover the lost Pharaoh’s tomb ???

Did THEY discover the lost continent of Atlantis ???

Did they discover Chris While PENIS ???

Did THEY discover what it’s actually like to earn a paycheque by actually working for once in their lives instead of sitting online drinking pints of Beer all day ??

Did they FINALLY get my DOX right after 5 years of SWEATING PROFUSELY over it non stop…LULZY LULZY LULZY …btw Daniel says “HI” ???

The answer to all the above is NO…..Well YES on the Chris PENIS thing…..But what they did DISCOVERY was the reason WE here at the blog not only stopped the constant yacking and jibber jabber over the whole silly Pat thing but why I shut the anon chat off……WOW you say YOU didn’t know this was a MYSTERY ??? …

Well neither did I.

In fact Lardo briefly went over it in the week of review.

Dated July 3rd 2017

CLICK the LINK above ….Scroll ahead to the video to 9:46 and there Lardo mentions HOW WE decided to stop the constant Pat chat due to it being boring and our viewers were complaining to me via email and messages. It took the UKpedos over a month to figure this MYSTERY out. Hahahahahahah

So what we have here is LAZY blogging by a drunk blogger who can no longer blog on Chris While’s PENIS nor can they now blog or STALK children or females wishing them DEATH by SUICIDE, since a number of law enforcement agencies from around the world have been monitoring both blogs for MONTHS now. Not to mention if you’ve been up to date with my THEORY of this particular group and their online actions you would know since the HEAT is on THEY are scrambling to DEFLECT in any way they can.

In fact LOOK who’s now BACKPEDALING to get out of the very hot water he placed himself in….TOO LATE lol. WE know it wouldn’t be you Cleary of course not …No no it would be one of your mindless stooges who hide behind a vpn or an anonymous person, perhaps a friend of yours in skype most likely.

To the officers researching this please take the time to check the CATEGORY section, it will PROVE to be most interesting.

And remember check THAT blog over in UKmuppets..the name Karl Davies/Darren Lee Sayward. It will reveal much.