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On a recent YOUTUBE Von Helton live cast he discussed his “haters” and how their time will soon be coming to an end.

During the cast Helton names a number of individuals he refers to as being actual pedophiles who prey upon children, one of the individuals he mentions is Glensroom. Helton then states that there’s a video with documented proof.

Personally I don’t care for any of them and consider them all to be white trash anything that comes from the mouth of Helton should be carefully examined with a fine tooth comb, after all Helton is no stranger to controversy or insane internet behavior.

But here’s the thing…………

Back in 09/22/2016 I was sent information in the form of an email, along with it came a video that indeed had Glen chatting up two young girls that not only lead to a sexual interview but eventually had one of the girls removing her shirt exposing her breasts. Many of you felt that the youthful giggling girls were minors even though they claimed they were 20 yrs of age.

Down below are the links to the Glen post and the YOUTUBE Helton cast.

14:40 is where Helton makes the statement concerning Glensroom.

You may recall back in Jun 29 2020 a post concerning Helton once again losing legal custody of his children, it’s been reported that this has happened 11 times.

NEW details concerning not only the children’s neglect but his mother’s allegations of $30k being stolen from her.

Plus recent interviews with the Frost family who live near and who are related to Helton and his family.

It was Marcia Frost who was the cleaning lady that brought forth the story several years ago with photographs that detailed the conditions of the neglect of the children, after it was reported that feces was smeared all over the walls of the children’s rooms and floor.

I’d like to not only thank Secularopinion but add credit as well for the interviews.

The entire interview/video is over 3 hours along, not wanting to post all 3 hours I shall be placing the Youtube links down at the bottom. For now I’ve taken certain segments detailing the interview that I felt were most prudent. My reason for doing this is in case the videos are removed there still remains a hard copy on this blog.

During this last video you will hear mention of hardrives sitting at the bottom of lake Alice, this pertains to possible one on one chats and discussions with what many report as being under aged girls for future possible grooming.

After listening to some of the video it makes sense on how Helton has come by the money to make online purchases for toy cars…Another post you may recall ?

Some of the video to give you some sense of the immense size of the purchased car collection. All bought with his mother’s $30,000

Finally both part 1 and 2 of the Frost family interview from Youtube.

For those who crave a mystical Helton fix, this may be what the sorcerer prescribed. Thank you for the videos.

I can’t recall how many times over the years Helton’s children have been taken away from him for various LEGAL reasons due to neglect and so forth. However once again CPS have intervened.

Sometime in early May I was made aware of his latest legal issues and was waiting on a video where Helton would comment. Down below his mother decided to say a few words directed towards the judge and here’s what was said.

The great sorcerer added his own 2 cents. So here he is the master of sorcery and demonic might..time traveler…blood line to royalty…jedi master and mystical wise man…and one helluva dirty vampire… The GREAT Von Helton

For a great and powerful sorcerer Helton continues to blame everyone for his marital problems and lousy situation in life, if only Helton could cast a spell to reverse time ?

Or take a bath ?

HE’S ALIVE…☠…Or is it a CLONE ???

After several weeks of claims of Helton’s death, finally the vampire, sorcerer, jedi, time traveler, punisher, protector of humanity, speaker of demons and so much more has his say.

Dated Oct 8th 2019, in a 42 minute video, Helton goes off on the trolls and threatens to not only sue everyone responsible but to place them in prison for their misdeeds. It’s the usual delusional verbal poop from the mouth.

Since I work with a tiny budget I was only able to place up an entire 3minutes of video before I fell asleep at the wheel causing me to run over a family of ducks crossing a nearby road. When all the silly stuff is put away and the facts are examined, I do not believe this is the REAL Helton but a clone with a five year expiry date. Very much like a ham sandwich Helton once ate.

I rest my case