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Someone was kind enough to send me a YouTube video of the latest news on the Von Helton estate situation.

“Von Helton might be getting 18 grand lol….here’s the video of Larry Frost, he’s Aunt was Helton’s Mom…..have to listen to what he had to say….he was in charge of her estate until she died”

All credit to Brad Silverdog for this latest Von update.

The Kentucky Sorcerer may have run out of spells to cast as his watery drippy luck may have finally caught up with him. Yesterday he not only lost parental rights to his 2 children but failed to collect his mother’s death money as he admitted to literally standing by as he watched his mother die of a stroke right before his very eyes.

Lets’ hope da gawds have more in store for this low life.

‘Jul 29, 2022 Vonhelton is back at it blaming the storm because his Gods are mad at the Clay County court. The thing is… it is washing away his property, road and trailer. He is his GODS lulz clown. ‘

After standing idlily by as his mother suffered a stroke Von Helton has now informed the internet on his mother’s passing.

He claims that he needs to provide $7,000 to the funeral home to pay for funeral expenses for his mother.

The cash must be given directly to him and not the funeral home.


The plot was paid for in advance years ago so therefore he does NOT need the $7k, and it’s a SCAM. He gets called out on the call and his PUBLICLY humiliated with his own lie. It’s comes at the ending of the call..Un FUCKEN REAL..HAhahahahahahahahahahaahah what a douche he is.

Thanks for the video.

As each day goes by new information pertaining to Helton’s mother’s stroke surfaces.

This has gone from bad to worse, I wonder how long it’s going to be before charges of neglect are laid ?

Will the master sorcerer make this all magically disappear, one can only wonder.

Some startling news on Helton’s mother who has just had a stroke.

From what I was told he actually witnessed his mother laying motionless on the floor and decided to walk away and take a nap.

This took place on Dec 12th 2021

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All credit to the person who informed me of this.