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The public off and on again relationship between Whirlwind and Luna the tuna has once again risen up like a plugged up toilet but someone NEW is introduced.

And what is it this time you ask ?

Well Luna has become aware of a young woman by the name of Eugenia Cooney who is an extremely popular Youtuber and Twitch streamer with over 2 million subscribers.

I bet you can see where this is going ?

Anyways what makes Eugenia different are her health issues, primarily being anorexic along with other various complications that..well make her perhaps “controversial” ?

So along comes Luna leatherface who tries to latch on to Eugenia by leaving her a video….or two…All in the name of “doing good”. But as you can see it quickly goes from being about Eugenia to being more about Luna. $$$$$$$.

I’ve combined the 2 videos by cutting them up to shorten them, the idea is still there and that’s what makes Luna a true gem. She goes from trying to save a life to expecting all of Eugenia’s videos and content to be removed simply due to Eugenia not replying to her.

In other words the whole idea of this exercise was to gather views to help boost her limp numbers something like a weak blogger would do who steals content. Or perhaps tries to portray them self as being similar to another blog like a black and white cheap 2 cent copy cat, or by stealing another blogs name or banner…You follow ?

In the end please take Samoskey (Whirlwind) and Luna leatherface tuna and flush them both away it’s not like anyone really values their opinion. Two self absorbed hypocrites trying to portray themselves as something they’re not. Thank you to the person who sent this in to me.

This is the aftermath of Samosky’s brilliant video edit that blew up in his repulsive face during a Vaughn live cast after harassing Luna on Youtube.

Luna now claims to have a lawyer, and has contacted Mark Vaughn to lodge a complaint. What’s become interesting in all this is the fact Luna claims her son is with the NYPD and may decide to investigate the bloated oinker Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind.

It’s not difficult to find Eric Samosky at all given, his known criminal past in the Florida 33334 (zip code) area that involves numerous DOMESTIC ASSAULT and THEFT charges….HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH. We don’t deal with cry cry babies here…We deal with FACTS backed up by PROOF.

Seriously if we can find this 400 pound slug any one can LMAO..So you can go and rub your saggy man boobs and stress all you want Samosky.

This is the LINK to the first part of the post that landed Eric Samosky in the legal hot water he’s in now.

I had witnessed this sometime last week and had been sitting on it for a while now.

So you walk into a restaurant and asked to be seated. A menu is presented with a variety of dishes and on that menu it reads..

Horse shit…Bull shit…Dog shit…Bird shit…Human shit….Rat shit..Now what would you like to eat ?…..Point is both of these individuals are toxic shit.

Samosky has decided to expose Luna on his Vaughn cast and possibly flush away a 10 yr friendship. The way he complained and cast himself as the victim was sad and downright pathetic.

It was tragic and scripted like something out of a Shakespearean play.

As he sat casting his tragic experience he played a Luna video, upon that video I did notice several key words that were blanked out.

So I went over to Luna’s Youtube channel and downloaded the video for myself. Here it is in it’s entirety.

It’s at the 1:30 part of the video where the blanked out words are played out.

Not Luna’s panties but gross.

Casting on Vaughn today were two very special individuals that deserve special attention.

There’s nothing more comforting and wonderful when two close friends enjoy each others company. Is it they have so much in common or perhaps they share a connected kindred spirit ?

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this serpent rears his ugly head.

I know this means absolutely nothing to marshmallow head Jessica, but then again what can I do ? I can’t turn a turd in to a gem.

That’s beyond the point…”Birds of a feather flock together”

It’s a classic scenario of the Baldick calling the Samosky black, kniw kniw. Flicks snot balls in to your face from across the room like a monkey sniper.

Today on Moonbooze’s Ivlog cast we had our beloved truthful angel/Queen of Ivlog become rather upset with another as an individual decided to post an image I had created on the bottom of the pro cams.

This is the original version

This infuriated the most angelic one to the core of her pious soul, so with holy retribution she decided to cast down the hammer of god for all to see.


After much persuasion and calming on the part of Moonbooze, the holy Queen of Ivlog settles her explosive demeanor claiming she did not make the report after all. Fingers bum and sips coffee…slurp burp.

But wait for I am not done so remove that dildo from your anus and let me explain.

It was several days ago in JackLee’s cast where Jessica decided to use the exact link that had the Jim/Jess image on it. This resulted in Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind to not only remove the link but to warn Jessica to never use it again.

Ohh la laaaaaaaa sexy time <3
Oh no a “HATE BLOG” oh noooooooooooooooooo

But the Dolly Parton of Vaughn live was not done, he then barks.

Jessica’s response……………………

And why does Eric Samosky calls this the “HATE BLOG” ????

Well in the past not only have we doxed Eric Samosky successfully, but there are those that uncovered his CRIMINAL records as well. Remember this is the scum bag that supported Warren Bucks after he punched his mother repeatedly during a Vaughn cast.

It’s like smashing 3 birds with one stone, or exposing 3 holy devoted christian with one post. Can’t make this up.

I encourage you to download the charges and keep them for you own files. Oh and btw JackieLee enjoy your mod hahahahahahahah.

So from those of us here at the “HATE BLOG” to you.

Go cry me a river from what YOU’VE created. Just don’t blame me.


Jessica states no report was made, Thank you Jessica for this update