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A recent email that details the big cry baby Eric Samosky’s online meltdown as he bashes other VL streamers due to his hurt feelings.

Without doubt one of the most creepiest weirdos of all time next to Shawnio.

“Whirlwind had a temper tantrum against mark for booting him off people page to music cafe”

“Funny how Whirlwind says “allowed them to ridicule everyone and chase away” when whirlwind is the biggest bully on that site. He makes fun of people’s appearances “

“Constantly accuses people of being pedos with no evidence (gil/pesh). Then he talks about people seeing shinypuffycoat and thinking this site is a freakshow. Yet he is constantly stalking a women and blabbering about internet demons travelling through 5g WiFi”….

“He doesn’t realize he is exactly what he is talking about. He says people are allowed to ridicule and run people off the site. Well whirlwind is the biggest bully on that site. He records then restreams casters with intention to intimidate them. He calls fiddlehead DJ a tranny”

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In an email sent in that reads….

“Out of all the shit Samosky says, this video of him laughing at rape always surprises me.
If you look at this and the time stamps, He literally supports fucking a female passed out from drugs, he laughs at the concept of waking up a woman for consent, and he even goes worse saying he doesn’t care if a woman was raped.”

What I find interesting about Samosky and his idiotic ramblings, is that whenever the rape or the sexual assault of a female or minor is presented he some how manages to jump to the defense of the perpetrator on every case. It’s as if both he and Jessica share the same rule book of immoral values. Something isn’t right with either of them.

I said it once and I’ll say it again … Samosky is scum pure and simple. Deep down inside of him he has stalker, creepy vibes that can’t be denied. He reeks of something depraved.

In 2018, more than 14 years after Constand’s alleged assaulted 50 women, Cosby was found guilty on all charges, designated a “sexually violent predator,” and sentenced to three to 10 years in prison. But in the summer of 2021, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s conviction, and he was released from prison. Jan 6, 2023.

No. It just means that he cannot be prosecuted for it.

Justice Wecht acknowledged that the court’s decision to bar prosecution on those particular charges was “both severe and rare,” but he said it was necessary. Even though society has a strong interest in prosecuting crimes, he wrote, it has an even stronger interest “in ensuring that the constitutional rights of the people are vindicated.”


Bill Cosby Admits to Drugging Women for Sex

I was handed a recent video with weirdo Samoksy/Whilrwind doing some outdoor weekend work for a possible client.

As you can clearly see everything seems fine except for the left ankle that appears to be bulging outwards. A possible ankle monitor ?

Such a device is used by part time or house arrested inmates who have such restrictions placed upon them by the courts.

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We know for a FACT that Samosky has numerous criminal records that involve domestics abuse as well as theft…but WHY ?

WHY would Samosky allow us to view his possible legal dilemma ?

Is this ankle thing a ruse a prank set up to make those of us appear foolish ?

I suppose we shall see ? After all this ass clown is mentally unstable on too many levels we all know this this.

Weirdo Samosky believes that cookie and bubba have a “malicious agenda” to take down Vaughn and he’s watching everyone from Ivlog…No joke.

Man this guys flipping odd.

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There is something not only wrong but incredibly creepy and demented about Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind.

His constant serpent tongued twisting stories are enough to make your skin crawl, but once again he lays out his own bed with enough verbal diarrhea to blows up in his face..

A story I covered years ago when Warren Bucks the registered sex offender publicly and blatantly assaulted his mother after a drinking binge on Vaughn live…. Some of you may recall ?

Here’s Samosky’s twisted version of it…. Oh I filled in certain parts with my own recordings…. YOU be the judge.

Ohhh as a side note please read the guest chat on the right as this all goes down, it’s very revealing.

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However by Samosky’s own admissions it wasn’t the only time Warren had assaulted his mother…Take a look for yourself.

~Whirlwind exposes “Skype” accusations~

You can press either side arrow L/R to reveal more of the conversation. There are 3 parts to it.

I’m unsure what beliefs or gods Samosky relies on to help him sleep at night, maybe he never does sleep. But one thing for certain he can’t keep a story straight even if his very own life depended upon it. It’s like watching Jessica lie through her teeth but with a better hairline and same sized breasts.