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Encouraging suicide can constitute manslaughter

Now before you get to reading this post and drawing your own conclusions as to what I’m about to say here, any encouraging in self harm or suicide can result in jail time and is considered a criminal offence. BY LAW.

And that’s that…………

I myself have experienced the same hateful comments encouraging suicide as well as death threats onto myself and my family members. Added to the long list is attempted blackmail, this was from individuals who hoped to prevent me from blogging and sending you the truth by using my online colleagues from this very blog as bargaining chips. All this originated from that other blog in the UK…Yeah that same sleazy one.

Darren Lee Sayward drunken fat ass of Manchester..aka Karl Davies

But recently a caster you may be familiar with “Chris While”.

Christopher Murray While, of Low White Close, Barrow, has been convicted of making eight Category A images, 11 Category B images and 3 Category C images and possessing 22 indecent images between October 2016 and November 2016.

Yes the same Chris has now taken up to casting on DLive, where this recently took place.

In this video you can see him wearing a Christmas sweater in July, and supposedly a Christmas tree is some where placed in the apt. Further indication Chris isn’t completely stable.

The dialogue between the caller and Chris leads us to assume something is amiss and most likely caused by the viewers.

But I find it odd how the comments that are usually to the right are not there, the recording was made this way hence hiding the true nature of the dialogue between Chris and his viewers. I would have liked to have witnessed this. It would suggest he was most likely being egged on to take his own life. And this is how he reacts with a belly full of booze and possible medication swimming in his head, he snaps by placing a knife to his throat.

donnie- Im tryna stalk him tbh…donnie-what’s his facebook ?…Wayne- shitty doesn’t have the balls to kill himself”…………………………..

The above comments were taken July 21st 2020. Both harassment and words such as kill himself are both evident. Only to further suggest that indeed those from that vile blog are the culprits. And are continuing the online assault that dates back from before 2014.

Now before anyone says anything ridiculously stupid in the comments section.

1- I am not supporting Chris While or defending Chris While. I am not a lawyer or an attorney. However to the best of my ability I deal with FACTS that pertain to the subject and it’s content.

2- I do not support any sexual deviant behavior from any person.

3- I do not support the on going provoking..harassing or encouraging of death or self harm or suicide…Ever.

Some related links concerning the encouragement of suicide and death threats.

Thanks to those for any info being used on this post.

An evening of ruined lives and crash and burn victims. So what’s new ?

Sexy Chris While the sex offender from the UK, recently tried his luck on Vaughn again only to be banned within minutes. I’m unsure if he was celebrating some holiday or perhaps a birthday, as you can see the balloons floating near his head.

Look on the bright side now the UKmuffins Darren Lee Sayward can finally make a post not only is their #1 dick boy back but so is their only source of content. More dick pics for Darren, and try and keep your hands off of Angel…BARK BARK. ๐Ÿถ 

One final note to Chris While…..I would suggest floating over to Ivlog and making another account there. You see the site owner hasn’t any issues with folks in your LEGAL predicament or controversial back ground. In fact a word of advice …Don’t make any reports on other casters, for some unforeseen reason the site owners very sensitive high morale compass goes through the roof…Enjoy.

Another precious Vaughn/Ivlog caster has found herself in LEGAL hot water recently.

The sexy sultry and always vulgar out spoken caster, Paradice has recently been charged by her own husband (Bruce).

Every man’s online fantasy has now become a reality as the lovely demure beer drinking princess has her mug shot splashed all over the internet.

Now I know what you’re going to say………

That isn’t Paradice because there’s no online LINKS to verify or confirm the arrest….Well not exactly you see…..

You’ll find several black and white mug shot images like this in the image portion of GOOGLE.

All one has to do is a GOOGLE and type Angie M Myers of Bryan Ohio and you get this image…..CLICK that image.

It takes you here to his image, now you can’t CLICK on the LINK itself due to location restrictions and what not.

So there you have it perhaps if Angie had not gone off in a drunken rant during her cast and blabbed about her legal personal issues, this may not have happened. You can decide if it’s her, I’m leaning towards it being her .

One more reason to not drink and cast.

Thank you to the person who sent in the email.

When I received the word that “Chris” was back casting on Vaughn live, the first thing I asked was Chris who ?

I had no idea that it would be THAT Chris…Truly I was shocked.

After the initial shock wore off, I then realized it must be a video and someone was recasting Chris While, boy was I wrong. It was him, and this is what took place.

Whether you love Mark or hate him, he did the right thing 100%. Something Cr3am could take a few lessons from. Too bad for Jessica who could have made another special friend… ๐Ÿ’”  ๐Ÿ˜ข  Better luck next time dear.

If you’re unsure of who Chris While is then read over a story that I posted back in June 20th 2017. LINKS are down below.

Oh well told you this would happen so don’t be so shocked. All credit to Miller for this update.

A quote from the article…..

Christopher Murray While, of Low White Close, Barrow, has been convicted of making eight Category A images, 11 Category B images and 3 Category C images and possessing 22 indecent images between October 2016 and November 2016.

Images depicting child sex abuse are categorised from A to C with A being the most serious.

The 29-year-old is known for appearing in YouTube videos uploaded from group online chatrooms.

The LINK can be found down below.

Oh dear wonder what shall become of that other blog now that their PLAYTHINGย was dealt with through the courts, and will most likely be monitored by the police. Things may begin to really get interesting soon.