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This video is from several months ago but what some may find of interest is that Chris claims his pc was hacked and therefore Menellie could load childporn on to Chris’s hard drive.

Am I saying Chris is innocent ? …No… all I’m saying is that there are those of us who have always maintained the belief that Menellie played a far greater role in this mess and somehow has walked away with clean hands…..He’s far dirtier than most realize.

All credit to Warwick Davis for the vid.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know the full truth about these two. You’ll just have to place trust in your own heart.

This is an odd video to say the least as it would seem Menellie has a lot to get off his chest, given a few beers he really likes to talk.

Question is what exactly does he mean when he said EXCHANGED nude pornography images with Chris While ?

Is Menellie FINALLY admitting to something that we’ve all suspected for years ?

I won’t dig any further but instead let you decide what he’s explaining to us.

Thanks for the video used here.

Birds of a feather for more than 10 years.

Thanks to those who sent the video in.

Does this image conjure up memories Menellie ?

~Different shit same position~

Funny on how you manage to continuously befriend the same creepy pedo type on the internet again and again and again ?

Another registered sex offender who has made TWITCH his home. Chris While was caught today fondling his willy, while going by his latest online name djheartbeats.

He has not been banned from the site as of yet….All credit to Inspector Moorse for the video.

You may recall Chris While’s sordid past if not I’ll place the links below.

There’s no audio on this video.

On a side note……

We are eagerly awaiting Jessica to Falsely REPORT this latest video as a DMCA copyright, laying claim that she is the owner of this latest video as well.

Only time shall tell if Jessica feels compelled to make such a report protecting another registered sex offender… Bravo dear.