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Bits and pieces that I’ve recorded from the last few weeks and now I’ve decided to place them together for fun.

Along with that you may have noticed Merman casting on Vaughn. It was mentioned that Ivlog went belly up for the evening so this prompted several Ivlog casters to cast on Vaughn.

Keep licking your own ass that may answer your question.

Give Merman a few beers and away he goes.

Personally I had no idea Merman was such great blog fodder, I hope to post a lot more on this never ending wealth of entertainment.

A two for one post about the mental misfits on the lower end of the social retard casting ladder. One from Ivlog the other from Vaughn, then again it’s all about the same in my book. Shit is shit.

I seriously wanted to fit Jessica in here somewhere but she was too busy calling herself a “STUPID FUCKING CUNT” in another chatroom.

So you’re stuck with these two handsome devils. Thank you for the videos.

Some of you may recall this ex Vaughn caster ?

About 5 years ago a post was placed up about a “life caster” going by the name “Cyberman”.. He was banned from Vaughn live for masturbating on cam and for being an exhibitionists, he was never to be heard from again.

Today an email sent in that read:

Not sure if you remember or even came across “Cyberman”, but he was a 24/7 live caster that was on vaughn a number of years ago. He ended up getting banned because as a life caster, he always had his camera on, even when he’d masturbate. So needless to say, he was banned from vaughn. Anyways, turns out he died from cranial and sinus cancer. Here is some of his last videos he did. Pretty gruesome.”

I decided to not place up the video and to spare you from the gory details as Cyberman had his nose removed and some of his face after numerous failed procedures in battling the cancer, here he is with a bandage covering his eye.

A story detailing his online life experiences as a life caster..

I was never really sure on how to take his life casting shtick mixed with nudity and exhibitionism. But he’s gone now. Thank you for the email.

Dated Feb 16th 2021, old news but news never the less as the registered sex offender rapist was terribly upset over both Ivlog and Vaughn rejecting him. The reason I decided to place up these videos was to hopefully let those on other sites know of Adumb’s opinion of them, and to burn any online bridges he may still have.

First as always he’s on about Megan and Robert.

I’ve never seen anyone so broken hearted over a 15 yr old girl
His Ivlog ban still has him reeling.
Miss Scruffys comment still burns him to this very day.

Adam Paul Stuart Browne you will always be a cry baby and cancer.

In the past I’ve been known to cover racism on social media as I don’t condone it myself. However in the last year I’v passed up numerous posts on the subject, only due to the volume of people who thrive on such toxic words and use it on a daily basis.

I’ve witnessed such racial comments in every chatroom, blog and social casting site I can think of. I’ve witnessed it spammed for hours in some cases. Most sit ideally by doing and saying nothing about it, so is this because we as a society have become too numb too afraid to speak up ?

If I can control the chat with non use of racial slurs in this blog then I wonder if others out there can do the same ?

Well one person decided to hand me several screen grabs of what has been allowed to take place.

I do feel it unfair to name only this particular caster and their mods when I’ve stated earlier on how I’ve witnessed just about EVERY chat room, blog and casting site allowing the exact same thing.

But this was sent in and thank you for it.

You have an awesome weekend as well <3