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An email sent in that reads….

“Wasn’t long ago BK was making threats to Boston Chickie yet her reports were ignored by VL staff ? Suddenly Daryl bans BK for making threats to Bubba”

A true statement and we’ve all witnessed the threats numerous times. Yet nothing was ever done…However we know for a FACT that VL staff have all chats archived, still no action until Bubba is threatened. Now we have action!

Thus BK is now banned…The End!

However…with other casters recently being banned, such as Gina and Karen for showing boob! Should there be a difference, and what is considered more severe?


Recently I received screen grabs of “ThePhantomVaper87” and Keith issuing threats and inciting suicide in clear view, the former being a VIP member. How interesting, and yet neither are banned!

So with Keith raging like an explosive idiot on coke during Mark’s very own cast with threats of swatting. He then has the nerve to slam Faroe with accusations of being mentally unstable ?

This being the same Keith who in the past has made open death threats as well as rape threats to Jessica.

I’m just asking the questions here ..WHEN, HOW and WHY ? Are certain casters being treated harsher than others and when does the RULE apply to everyone equally not just someone?

Thanks for the screen gab and email

Not sure if you ever watch marks streams, I have been the last few months on and off I guess he has a gf now. She only chats under guest accounts, I have noticed she likes to bait people (examples.. Karen, OMA… she baited OMA a few weeks ago then OMA fired back at her buuuuuuuuut then old Scuffy banned OMA from marks chat. Whoever this chick is she seems goofy, she gets mad when anyone calls Mark “daddy” from what I’ve gathered, she has 2 kids anyway caught a pic of her tonight in marks or so he says this is her… who knows. I do have quite a few screen shots of her attacking folks in marks, but wont send them now, we can see how this gf thing plays”…..

I smell something fishy, let me know if you do as well.

Our most beloved VL drunks Karen, IrishSpring and David313 having their say on separate casts…

Hold on an someone git me a drink LOL.. I’m parched.

We have horny scarin drunken Karen babbling an verbally smashing BostonChickie… IrishSpring as well as Faroe. Then we have the tormented drunken wrath of Montreal Karen and her beloved romantic drama with 313 where she admits she pursued him romantically 6/7 years ago…..Oh la laaaaa bb. This is gold.

Who knew peeing in a can could have this affect on drunk women ?

Tanks for all the videos

~IrishSprings is traumatized over vagina on VL~

Irish Spring has become traumatized and upset over a Howard Stern video played by Liklik she then screencaps the offending vagina, however she then SPAMS the images in her own chat meanwhile she claims people viewing the VL site would have been traumatized over the mere sight of a vagina from a Youtube video… SAY WHAT ?????

She actually states seeing this Youtube image “FUCKED HER UP”..

Tanks for the videos

Now I’m not condoning nudity on the VL site but c’mon this is pretty silly.

It certainly has been a week of Karen’s…. What will next week bring I wonder ?

I received an email with not only video but with the title included, along with all this I was given an image of this new caster holding a child while on cam…Smooth move reminds me of another brilliant person I did a post on few months ago who was holding a child on a sleazy site. That fool was a junkie and a complete idiot…Can’t make this up. It seriously takes a special needs kinda person to bring a baby on to a chat site cam… FCKN idiot…

~Who places a baby on a cam chat site ?~

What was interesting is that Faroe has some history with this Lala and he briefs me on his past involvement.

~Faroe on KICK~

I’m not clear as to what’s going on but we have Faroe having a discussion with KICK support for doxing including death threats.

Tanks for the video ere.