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Poor Frank can’t seem to catch a break as once again he gets the door slammed in his face.

Sometime early this morning Frank decided he’d had enough of being ridiculed online, so he creates a fake name account (davesworld_yayeah) and recasts another caster 313Stope1. Only problem is that it backfired resulting in the account being deleted from Vaughn.

My thoughts…..

Perhaps stick to doing what you do best and that’s give toxic drunk women your cash, seems on your best day you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag.

No idea on who these two people are, but they wanted this real bad, so consider this a two in one posty.

A very naughty “LonelyRavioli” decided to expose herself last night during a public Ivlog cast. Seems the online folks just can’t keep themselves covered up.

But sometime over the weekend we had another caster “Joydivision” flaunting his goods on Vaughn live. Both of you wanted this so now you GOT IT. Just don’t complain. Thanks for the vid and image used here.

After what seemed like a lifetime of procrastinating Mark Vaughn has finally come out with his new app for the site that can be downloaded on to a mobile device.

However someone with a keen eye noticed that the app is rated ‘T’ for Teen.

A North American rating of ‘T’ for Teen states a site is suitable for 13 and up. The site owners have always maintained that the site was for 18 and older. How Mark could over look this is beyond me.

Site guidelines and strict rules explicitly state one must be at least 18 to even have an account.

Knowing the history of the site and how loose the Vaughns have been with site rules and policy it may be a good idea to perhaps change the rating. I’m unsure of how this could impact his site and what repercussion could come from this if any at all. But I suppose we shall see.

Thank you to the person who brought this to my attention.

Bits and pieces that I’ve recorded from the last few weeks and now I’ve decided to place them together for fun.

Along with that you may have noticed Merman casting on Vaughn. It was mentioned that Ivlog went belly up for the evening so this prompted several Ivlog casters to cast on Vaughn.

Keep licking your own ass that may answer your question.

Give Merman a few beers and away he goes.

Personally I had no idea Merman was such great blog fodder, I hope to post a lot more on this never ending wealth of entertainment.

A two for one post about the mental misfits on the lower end of the social retard casting ladder. One from Ivlog the other from Vaughn, then again it’s all about the same in my book. Shit is shit.

I seriously wanted to fit Jessica in here somewhere but she was too busy calling herself a “STUPID FUCKING CUNT” in another chatroom.

So you’re stuck with these two handsome devils. Thank you for the videos.