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There is something not only wrong but incredibly creepy and demented about Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind.

His constant serpent tongued twisting stories are enough to make your skin crawl, but once again he lays out his own bed with enough verbal diarrhea to blows up in his face..

A story I covered years ago when Warren Bucks the registered sex offender publicly and blatantly assaulted his mother after a drinking binge on Vaughn live…. Some of you may recall ?

Here’s Samosky’s twisted version of it…. Oh I filled in certain parts with my own recordings…. YOU be the judge.

Ohhh as a side note please read the guest chat on the right as this all goes down, it’s very revealing.

Tanks for the video used here.

However by Samosky’s own admissions it wasn’t the only time Warren had assaulted his mother…Take a look for yourself.

~Whirlwind exposes “Skype” accusations~

You can press either side arrow L/R to reveal more of the conversation. There are 3 parts to it.

I’m unsure what beliefs or gods Samosky relies on to help him sleep at night, maybe he never does sleep. But one thing for certain he can’t keep a story straight even if his very own life depended upon it. It’s like watching Jessica lie through her teeth but with a better hairline and same sized breasts.

An email sent into me recently by a viewer who understands Samosky’s transparent bullshit, his online foolery with his endless pit of backtracking lies and deceit…. I’m so glad more and more folks see this blob for what it is…and thank you for sending this in…..The email reads…..

Multiple claims here by VL’s biggest manipulative liar. More pedo talk, claims Cre3am stalks him, assumes he knows where a guest lives and who he is, and says he understands women despite is ex claiming repeat domestic abuse and being an almost sixty bachelor spending his free time on VL. Maybe there is something here you can work with, enjoy…..
Also, Samosky likes to accuse people who are not pedos of being pedos because they communicated with Digitaldave, yet Whirlwind enabled Warbuck who admitted at 21 he had sex with a 15 year old, has a mugshot for child molestation and Whirlwind has claimed multiple times that its perfectly normal for a young adult male to date teenage girls. Plus lets not forget that Warbuck terrorized his mom daily behaving like a maniac. His elderly mother would have to try and calm him down. Plus we all know about the beat down too.  So according to Samosky’s rule that if you communicate with a pedo you are guilty by association. This would mean Samosky is a pedo by his own rules”…..

~Lets take a trip back in time~

Some bits an pieces from the past but some recent as well. Think of it as a montage that I’ve placed together to expose the lies from one Eric Samosky aka Whirlwind.

Thanks to those for the old an new videos that always prove the tale against Warren Bucks and Eric Samosky.

Casting on Vaughn today were two very special individuals that deserve special attention.

There’s nothing more comforting and wonderful when two close friends enjoy each others company. Is it they have so much in common or perhaps they share a connected kindred spirit ?

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this serpent rears his ugly head.

I know this means absolutely nothing to marshmallow head Jessica, but then again what can I do ? I can’t turn a turd in to a gem.

That’s beyond the point…”Birds of a feather flock together”

I was handed this screen grab of an ex casters criminal DOX last week and I’d like to thank that person for providing me with the details.

It’s been several years since Warren Bucks was seen casting on Vaughn live, when last we saw him he was handcuffed by local police after hammering his mother in the face repeatedly during a drunken cast, however I’m a firm believer that ones actions best describe the heart and soul of that individual….So here is something I’m sure many of you have been waiting for or even strongly suspected.

The numbers 35-42-4-3 is a code that refers to child molesting. You can find it on the internet.

I’ve been informed that the criminal dox was discovered by reliable sources several years ago and is something Warren had kept secret away for 20 or more years.

Or so we thought……..

You may recall how a number of years ago he bragged for months on various Vaughn casts on how he had numerous sexual encounters with a 15 yr old girl, only to recant his comments and try to worm his way free. But his vile brainless bravado only earned him disdain and a backlash that has lasted years until this very day.


After spending considerable time checking on various places and the name “Warren W Bucks” I did find this rather interesting piece of information. I’m unsure if this recent info is on a new criminal case or something from his toxic seedy past.

I hope we never see your face on any cast again Warren W Bucks, do all of us a favor just fade away like a fart cloud.

Hidden away under the radar has been one of the meanest loudmouthed trolls THAT WE never even knew existed…..until now.

Goin by the name Hill Billy Wankie….errrrr I mean… Frankie.

This CHRISTIAN PATRIOT WARRIOR of GOD has decided to lay his blessed hands upon the internet….And spread his thick legs for all….

So the rumor on the street is this HOLY ANAL SOLDIER of EXCREMENT has decided to pay our dear Pope of Confusion..Prostitution and Collusion Pope Lardo a home visit.I cannot confirm or deny this latest information, but sources close to Frankie state that he recently decided to purchase a loaded thick black Bible that he then inserted into his anus for safe keeping. Please keep in mind he is a registered PASTOR and resides in an old CHURCH so I’m told.

I was also informed that he’s an EX friend of dear ol Warren Bucks…..He is the reason Warren NO longer CASTS on Vaughn live, and that is due to a THREAT he made to Warren. That if he should ever CAST again he would call Social assistance and REPORT him to DISABILITY. You may remember Frankie for he was the one who asked Warren for $400 to fix his broken down vehicle not so long ago, and that did take place on Vaughn. Dear Christian Frankie what ever did make thou stray from the true course of GOD to become a troll ?

Well well well ….Not only are so many of them strange bed fellows but bitter enemies as well the internet is a crazy place indeed… And it never ceases to amaze me.

All credit to a friend of the blogs for this wealth of information pic… gif and juicy gossip.