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~eu te amo para sempre~

The dribbling fish eyed hobbit has given me his blessing so that Gina my toxic insane psychotic crazy e lover woman, may finally be with me! I’m excited beyond words over this spectacular news!

Not so sure if that’s a good thing or not?

I may have to hire bodyguards?

However gran mas thrilled to finally have me move out of the basement!

My EX lover George, not so pleased over this!

And now for the video that has changed my entire life…forever! Thank you Sam I owe you everything! Now Gina and I can make future plans!

Due to your diligence and support we’ve hit over 1million views this weekend! Thank you for dat.

Your content and comments are what keeps this tiny lil blog going, and to fink when the non believers say… “No one ever goes to that blog”…

We know otherwise don’t we?

It’s another classic case of Dumb and Dumber “FINKING” they have the upper hand but in reality they haven’t a clue as to what’s going on… LOL..

Everyone is Monkeysniffer!

Imagine this, 2 El grande idiots, Jessica and Charles have decided to argue with someone pretending to be ME!…So they fink!

The made up kindergarten child like insults are typical of what you would expect from these two inbred cows. Check this out!

Charles Maddox some information for you, I’ve never “harassed” Jessica. I’ve never felt the need to dirty myself in her aids infected presence. Get it right it is SHE comes to my blog 24/7, not the other way around dumb ass.

Charles you don’t own anything, you live with your entire family and you cook in a room not a kitchen. That’s why you have a rice cooker and a microwave oven in your own room. Let’s be real here shall we?

Furthermore Jessica no has ever called you a “registered sex offender” However you did associate yourself with a minor and instructed that same minor to lie about her age…FACT!…It was YOU who claimed YOU groomed children, remember?

Faroe then joins in…..Remember I’m still not a part of this chat so Dumb and Dumber continue to argue with anyone they even suspect of being Monkeysniffer..LOL. Can’t make this shit up.

Jessica and Charles the Dumb and Dumber of the webs, perfectly made for one another till death!… Two half wits, one seeking out a father figure, the other pretending to be that father figure hoping to fill that void.

Need I say more?

Btw everyone is Monkeysniffer!

So yeah we were down for a day or so, but as you can clearly see the blog that actually counts for anything is back and you’re here because you’re either thrilled over the top concerning this news or you’ve soiled yourself and are desperately in need of a diaper change.

Huge thank you to all of those that support us.

Simply put you can’t stop us and you never will.

Some of you have thrown your best at me during my recent few months on VL, from death threats to rape to even murdering my family. Yet I’ve left you powerless and completely lost. I continue to do what I do best and that’s humiliate you with wit humor ..and actual factual documentation that you could never match. BTW my numbers don’t lie.

No 333….. go kill yourself, we don’t need you.


His info and PUBLIC DOX…. Dear Jenny (sistaw) do you see a problem here ? Just remember it was your idiot brother who contacted me…Remember that Jenny. Please try and refrain yourself from blowing up and blaming me as you can clearly see dipshit Sam your brother has catapulted his srry ass into the stoopid zone once again.

̿’ ̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿

All credit to SAM Friedman for the emails used on this post.

Remember SAM it was YOU who communicated with ME first…It was YOU who emailed me multiple times not only today but in the past…It was YOU who gave me the phone number and it was YOU who wanted this. So now please remember you have no cause to cry or whine about ANYTHING, sure go ahead an call the police. Rant and cry victim like you do to your sistaw or on Ivlog, but this is all on YOU…Remember this day sunshine big mistake.

I was just here sitting minding my own business, when all of a sudden SAM the whinny lil cockroach emails me…Yeah that’s right…SAM the cry baby.

Ohhhh it gets GOOOOOOOD real goooooooooooddd.

From his very email this is the link that leads right to his doorstep. Yup idiot SAM has just DOXED himself to me, and here’s the proof.

~ Check mate..let the idiot continue LOL~

He then emails me a phone number that traces back to a woman named Debbie Friedman.

~Debbie Friedman SAM’s muddaw~

The below link is to Debbie Friedman SAM”S muddaw.

Final thoughts…It’s at this point he stopped emailing me possibly looking back on his multiple mistakes and wondering what’s to come next. Well SAM you started this WAR but you forget I’m not Gina and my missiles fire back….Enjoy the fruits of your labor dipshit.

WW3 is here…………. Go on tell ya sistaw lol