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For years the name Monkeysniffer has been the most talked about and controversial blogger of all times.

I am regarded in several sites such as Ivlog, Vaughn and Twitch not to mention most chat rooms and even Facebook and other blogs.

You can literally go to most chatrooms and the name Monkeysniffer is almost in every sentence….C’MON YOU KNOW IT… HAHAHAHAHAH…

Whether you hate me or love me everyone has a Monkeysniffer story…or 2 ?

And this is where our love story begins…Oh la laaaaaaa …baby <3….Well it’s actually been like this since 2014.

It takes me back to when I was 17 and Shawnio’s love for a much younger monkey grew until it bloomed into a beautiful flower.

Bounties and riches were offered as to the whereabouts of the dreaded Monkeysniffer, but alas nothing was ever discovered.

O amor está no arTu és o meu amorQuero estar contigo para sempreSinto saudades …only for you my love <3 my soulmate.

Has anyone ever told you have beautiful tits ?

Thanks for any screen shots used here.

Fish face on dating and being single.

Dribbling fish eyed hobbit eats like a baby.

The sex offender really does drive a Lexus.

Dirty t shirt.

Too damn heavy and she keeps on breaking chairs.

But why you ask, what happened ? ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶

Well it started this morning when I received an email from someone who states……

The actual image is too small so I placed the words underneath.
#@#@< 3:24 AM (11 hours ago) Reply
to me

Hey MonkeySniffer
You know Jessica f*ked up big time trying to expose your IP when it’s my IP she’s doxed on her stupid blog. She’s hit an all time low really I covered up majority of my IP but I’ve reported her to blogger for it to get it removed and just hope she gets removed. I’ve added an receipt of proof

Monkey Sniffer <> 7:28 AM (7 hours ago) Reply
to #$#@$

hahaahh thx you I hope you get it taken down I really do. Please let me know what happens ? Good luck.

#@#@ 8:38 AM (6 hours ago) Reply
to me

You’re welcome and update blog is down completely. Lmao they must of removed it plus it is completely gone.

Dumb ass Jessica you truly have shit for brains, you got the wrong person’s IP address and posted it on your blog. You’re clueless dumb moo moo, so in other words you screwed yourself cuz you’re so horny for Monkeysniffer (◕‿◕✿)

The blog report…….

Actual email as proof.

Thanks for the emails and reports.

I don’t believe in shying away from controversy or a good juicy internet topic, so when this latest piece fell in front of me I decided to post it for good reason.

Before anyone gets all huffy/ puffy and believes I may be homophobic, I’m not. I believe in freedom to choose and live as an adult without prejudices or hatred against ones choices of lifestyle.


I do believe in posting what is out there and which cannot be denied. Besides I do believe it’s a topic that should be examined.

Recently members of a San Francisco gay men’s choir produced a tongue an cheek Youtube video that was made private due to it’s controversially lyrics. Here’s why.

Poor choice of words along with a feeling of foreshadowing and creepiness leave me wondering what the FCK were these guys thinking ?

You can find other videos on Youtube as casters from various social media platforms rip this video to shreds and for good reason.