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I don’t believe in shying away from controversy or a good juicy internet topic, so when this latest piece fell in front of me I decided to post it for good reason.

Before anyone gets all huffy/ puffy and believes I may be homophobic, I’m not. I believe in freedom to choose and live as an adult without prejudices or hatred against ones choices of lifestyle.


I do believe in posting what is out there and which cannot be denied. Besides I do believe it’s a topic that should be examined.

Recently members of a San Francisco gay men’s choir produced a tongue an cheek Youtube video that was made private due to it’s controversially lyrics. Here’s why.

Poor choice of words along with a feeling of foreshadowing and creepiness leave me wondering what the FCK were these guys thinking ?

You can find other videos on Youtube as casters from various social media platforms rip this video to shreds and for good reason.

It’s Friday and time to laugh at what I consider the most dumbest person alive next to Jessica ..Shawn McQuaid idiot for hire and Jessica’s personal stooge.

Yesterday I placed up our 13,000k comment post not to brag but to get someone extra juicy just enough to get him to spill his brain and his mommies milk all over the place, and it worked.

And who would that be why none other than Shawnio the village idiot who had this to say.

Shawnio the funniest thing is if you look here, monkeysniffer mentions her 12,000 comment, it took more than a year to get to a thousand comments LOL thats not good… this shits hilarious…break that down monkeysniffer thats not an impressive number lol.

Well Shawnio you see here’s the real issue, now pay close attention because even an idiot like you would have to see the obvious staring at you right in the face…

Do you see it, I bet you haven’t a clue ?

For those of you who picked up on it CONGRATULATIONS, for those of you who haven’t well you’re as dumb as Shawnio sorry about your shit luck.

I love doing this. Thanks for the screen grabs

All credit and thank you to the person who sent in the recent screen grabs where we now have Jessica admitting to the use of bots on her TWITCH account.

Furious over being made a fool for the “viewer bot” gimmick and being laughed at for wanting to report an American born Native Indian Jessica’s blood boils over into complete insanity. What’s even funnier is that this was all a prank formulated by Robert to fool the gullible queen of lies, and it worked. Boy was she mad.

Jessica what is it you want ?

Along with her “pussy licking ” comment we have a death threat directed towards myself and her typical insane flapping of the poisoned mouth.

My outbursts are meant to demonstrate that if I choose to insult her I can do so in this chat at any time, I don’t need to travel to another chat to insult her as a mystery person. However in Jessica’s mind everyone on earth is Monkeysniffer. I live within her head 24/7 forever.

Jessica at no time did I ever invite you to this chat nor did I ask you to join us. You claim “harassment” along with your undying anger towards myself, Robert and those of us here. Too bad for you no one is interested in what poisons you offer if they were more folks would be going to your blog. Think about it dear.