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~East Coast Vegas~

A veteran caster I’ve never seen before has apparently decided to rejoin the the Vaughn live ranks, his stream being a parody of other casters is what I believe a welcomed sight.

The other Vaughn streamers now have some stiff comical competition on their hands. Can hardly wait to see what happens.

I managed to catch the tail end part as Faroe was talked into an actual one on one with Frank Taylor but the whole thing becomes unravled as Faroe quickly realizes he’s being pranked and leaves the call. Karen is another streamer mentioned, it’s silly fun and nothing more than a parody.

~Jimmy Weezo is back~

And oh yeah he’s back…

As of last night a live stream took place where Mark Vaughn had this to say.

In a nut shell from what I’ve been able to gather Mark needs cash and fast.

One person had this to say….. “Not sure I’ve read this correctly. This guy is “running” a business and his main source of income didn’t make a payment for two months? And, he didn’t notice this for two months? This is how he “runs” his business? Or is he just begging for money? Sure, if it was me I would post this on Facebook for all to see how inept I am! “

Last night Irishsprings broke up with her boyfriend only to then take a drill and hammer to her laptop. She smashed and drilled that poor sucker to pieces.

I suppose no one ever took the time to explain the over complicated procedure of deleting files ?


Irish spring argues with her boy friend waking him up early in the morning.

This is what may have caused the entire thing to begin with.

Thanks for the video.

In just a few short days a number of Ivlog casters have all of a sudden made the unexpected jump to Vaughn.

At this going rate there will be no one left to stream at Ivlog. So why is this happening could it be due to the recent reinstatement of ‘guest chat’ ?

Ivlog may need some 911 online emergency critical help….Or could it be too late ?