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I sat sipping my coffee and staring at the trans gender beauties on cam4 I then decided to venture into the dark depths of Scruffy’s tainted and toxic yeast infested site Vaughn live, it was there I discovered the delicate gypsy in distress Zelda the outcast oily one. My heart beat feverishly as I broke wind at her distressed message, she had been banned from Ivlog…………. Oh no I said to myself how could this be and WHY..Why ban this delicate flower ?

Sorry about your crappy luck Zelda remember it’s not who you know it’s who you blow, kapeesh ? And from what I gather there’s loads of sucking on that site.

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Ok so I’m not a fan of Zelda’s but I don’t have ill feelings towards the woman either when one considers all that has taken place on CUMvlog one must wonder how all the floating plops of feces remain on the site and she’s banned. Some of the criminal behavior from it’s casters are as follows DEATH THREATS…drug abuse..mocking those with cancer. THREATS on the president of the United States and the Whitehouse…DMCA illegal violations the list is endless.

And nothing has been done about it.

For those familiar with the site and it’s history one can’t argue the facts after all I’m the one who’s documented them on this blog with your help of course. So what’s the deal with this site ???

Bottom line CUMvlog has a group of admin moronic imbeciles that blow hot hair out their flopping anus flaunting their hungry mad power without justification, the “clique” of CUM worshipers are as hollow minded as the owner. Remember the days of Vaughn and it’s lil rag tag group of trolls and favorites ???   I do. Sooner or later the house of aids infected cards will fall it always does.

Sorry to piss on your fun. No I’m not.

You can FOOL some of the people some of the time but you can’t FOOL all the people all of the time.


Zelda moons ivlog

All credit and thank you to Zelda’s ass for this.

Oh well could be worse she could have removed her panties and then what ?


This is an out right punch to the throat as far as I’m concerned and I’m left literally speechless. I suppose when it comes down to it some folks have no self esteem or self worth, most in my opinion can’t even make a proper decision nor do the right thing. Thank you to the person who sent this in.

Pure insanity when a so called educated “TEACHER” sits her dumb worthless ass in a chat room an makes such statements, really what are you on woman ??

If you don’t know the back story to this nonsense and the stupid people involved I suggest you click the bottom LINKS for all the circus freak details.




All credit and thank you for the videos and quotes used on the post.

The quotes were emailed in with the videos, but what I believe what may have taken place was Zelda was explaining how she felt Jim was a hateful person and how he supports Nazis, however things escalate as usual and become nutty as the entire CUMvlog circus cast of nitwits and rejects come out to play.

The Charlie Manson Nazi in all his glory. Click the LINK below.

“Zelda trashes Jim, and RandiGurl. Saying how she as a teacher should not be in a room that condones hate and racism. Dated November 1st.”

“Zelda talks more shit about Jim and Randigurl. Dated November 6th.”

“Zelda then is seen in Jim’s room today November 7th…What – the – fuck?”

So after you’ve absorbed all that I finally get the last word on the post with presenting the below image that took place several years ago. Zelda just be pleased I’m not placing your tit pick up again. ….(o ) (0 )……..And who said the insane were locked up in the asylum.