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All credit to my ex Randallman.

Randall :Seems that Mr Internet Tough Guy Joe Walsh calls his underwear “Panties” LOL.

I’m an internet tuff monkey and I call my undergarments panties but then again I call my genitals a peepee hole.

During Rapeman Shawn’s Youtube cast dated Wed Aug 25, he decides in good taste to place up the image of him and the woman he allegedly sexually assaulted recently during a meet up.

With the allegation of rape only several weeks behind him the alcoholic from Barrie Ontario now sets his eyes on to his next online target.

Take note of the small image placed on Foxman’s cast to the top right, I’ve marked it with red arrows. I’m guessing he feels the need to rub as much salt into the wound as possible so that he may feel manly and sexually competent flaunting his latest trophy for all to witness.

I’ve decided to give Joe Walsh the last word on this matter, but notice how Rapeman wouldn’t let Joe ask his question ?

Rapeman Shawn isn’t it enough that you’ve degraded and humiliated this woman for the last several weeks on Youtube ?

Why do you feel the need to feed your sick fragile self of what you call masculinity ? Be a man you worthless son of a whore and behave, leave her be. Haven’t you done enough damage already ? Since you’ve decided to reach out to another victim let’s hope this message reaches out to as many women as possible and hope this never happens again.


FOXMAN- “I didn’t know she had 5 kids…I didn’t know shit about her. Don’t think I hate her I don’t, I just wish she’d talk to me”..

JOE WALSH-“Dude I told you to stop this now, stop saying you fingered her. Say you were drunk and talking out of your ass… “Apologize it was disgusting and it was dirty for you to say.”

FOXMAN- “Ok I shouldn’t have said it”…. “I felt the wet spot.”

JOE WALSH- “Ohhhh so Fox stands by his sexual encounter with you, so if you want to call the police on him for doing something bad…call em”.

So odd how one moment Rapeman Shawn claims he didn’t do anything only to then switch gears and say something completely different.

~Rapeman Shawn responds to the post~

After the Rapeman sends me his Youtube video expecting me to take his side it seriously backfires sending him into a tizzy and he’s not pleased one bit….I certainly wont buy your stale breath story perhaps try ASS fucking an elephant with your filthy tongue and mouth before you try to sell me your crap.

I see through you Rapeman Shawn.

This Foxman story seems to be an ongoing issue as now the person who now admits to being the culprit is some caster named “Mully”.I asked around and apparently Mully is a CUMvlog caster, and to be honest this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the fella. I’m curious as to why such anger towards Foxman, why would any one go to such lengths as to get the silly bastard fired from his job ?But then another person claims to be the one responsible for having Foxman BANNED. All I can say is that it certainly wasn’t me that had the sloppy toothless drunk FIRED or BANNED.

The video sent to me is certainly odd, as a FoolmanShawn admits to being afraid of Joe Walsh and even states that Joe has ruined his show and everything about him. He then he states he can’t argue with Joe in fear of being reported and charged as a PEDOPHILE. No clue as what’s been going on since FuxkmanShawn left VL but seems he may be getting his arse handed to him. The video on this FIRED situation can be found down below in the LINK.

The convicted RAPIST Adam Paul Stuart Browne whines on CUMvlog/Foxmanshawn FIRED ?

I don’t know… comment.