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This Foxman story seems to be an ongoing issue as now the person who now admits to being the culprit is some caster named “Mully”.I asked around and apparently Mully is a CUMvlog caster, and to be honest this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the fella. I’m curious as to why such anger towards Foxman, why would any one go to such lengths as to get the silly bastard fired from his job ?But then another person claims to be the one responsible for having Foxman BANNED. All I can say is that it certainly wasn’t me that had the sloppy toothless drunk FIRED or BANNED.

The video sent to me is certainly odd, as a FoolmanShawn admits to being afraid of Joe Walsh and even states that Joe has ruined his show and everything about him. He then he states he can’t argue with Joe in fear of being reported and charged as a PEDOPHILE. No clue as what’s been going on since FuxkmanShawn left VL but seems he may be getting his arse handed to him. The video on this FIRED situation can be found down below in the LINK.

The convicted RAPIST Adam Paul Stuart Browne whines on CUMvlog/Foxmanshawn FIRED ?

I don’t know… comment.

Remember that you can’t UN-see things. There’s is no delete in eye balls. All credit to br4k3r who sent this in. Thanks sir.

I think I said at the time (of first watching) it was like a sack of potatoes on a trampoline.

If you need therapy after watching this, then go see Lardo at The Church of Confusion. He’s very cheap at only 500$ and hour. (or we can lock you in a room with Hipperz for a week, and you honestly wont care after that.)

LoveLeigh keep twerking it,,,,Mark Vaughn will make you staff soon.

What ever a “little gay” is, Foxman is it. (but he would say a little bisexual.) The audio on this is a recording of a re-casting, so please don’t expect much. If you manage to understand half of what his drunk ass is saying, you’doing better than me. Then Foxman goes on to kiss Mark Vaughns ass by saying what a good man he is. (Yeah ok. Kiss it for an un-banning.) NEWS FLASH. Foxman will only get banned again.


Screenshot_3 (4)


All credit goes to a friend of the blogs for this fun lil video of the worthless bag of flesh known as Foxmanshawn as he wigs out on Joe Walsh. Thank you for the great vid. Click on the LINK  to check it out

Seems the on again off again BROMANCE is reaching a passionate and perhaps a lusty peak, as these two can’t make up their minds if they wanna snuggle in bed or rip each others tits off.



So we have Foxman making empty threat towards fatty Joe Wishywashy, so THREATS of an online WAR coming from anyone else might be taken somewhat seriously but when Foxman says it I can’t help but laugh a lil after all this guy can’t remember anything let alone an online WAR he pledges to see through to the end.fuxman-pic

All thx to the anon who dropped this in our chat.screenshot_1-5

Foxman claims he has a team of crack commandos pissy hackers at his disposal, ready to engage and bring fatty Joe to his knees.sxlkitl

Can’t wait to see how this one plays out so keep em coming.Screenshot_33