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This decade long dysfunctional bromance between Joe Walsh and FoxRapeman Shawn has been a source of entertainment for many of us.

What keeps these two imbeciles together is anyone’s guess, a classless comedy team or just two humpa lumpa heads who need each other to make it on the interwebs…. Either way nobody wants to put up with them but each other.

And that’s a good thing …right ?

Tanks for the video used here.

Our favorite toothless drunk Rapeman Shawn has met a mysterious beauty of the evening, she carries with her promises of a STDs and an erotic evening filled with finger bum touching. However this lovely toxic vixen is a local crack whore who desires more than a gum job from Rapeman Shawn. The question is can Rapeman deliver on a toothless promise ?

Thanks for the video sent in

In the email it reads… “I get the feeling they had sexy time cause the video went black, in the mean time some chatters pointed out Foxman’s gf will be mad and his Mom’s Breakfast will get cold”

When not committing rape with the women he’s met online Rapeman Shawn can be found on Youtube making a fool of himself as usual.

All credit to Randallman for this…….

“Foxmanshawn would appreciate Faroe standing up for all the fellow homosexuals of their. Iโ€™m most certain heโ€™d give Faroe two thumbs up. One thumb in the air and the other thumb up his own bum. ๐Ÿ™‚ …”

A video sent in several days ago as it would seem the country Greece has stirred an inner longing in Foxman after hearing a large percentage of Greek men may have dabbled in homosexuality or maybe GAY.

Thanks for the video.