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~Jessica whines to Miss Scruffy on discord~

~Sunday Cast~

Sunday proved to be rather interesting as the 2 love struck cows, Dumb and Dumber decided to squirm and whine on a Vaughn live cast.

MadDog aka Charles pissypants Maddox had his cast as did Liklik both began trading insults to one another!

Feeling frustrated and not getting a reaction Charles then pulled out a hand gun… Pretty lame considering this fat tard is behind a key board with a loaded weapon… I would considered this a cowardly move!

Now what made this day so special to me was the fact that both Jessica and her portly piggy pimp were begging Mark Vaughn to ban both Liklik and myself from the Vaughn site, along with a crying guest who whined that I said that I was the owner of Vaughn live…. Cry babies LOL… And I did say it So WHAT LOL… I own the internet and we all know it!

MadDog even went as far as to cry to me that Mark Vaughn has my PRIVATE information and could use it against me at any time… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH YOU DUMB FAT ASS.. Mark Vaughn doesn’t have a drop on me! NO site owner does I’m the most wanted monkey of all time! So come and get me!

Charles the wet spot Maddox and btw NO ONE WANTS TO BE IN THE WET SPOT! …It’s a watery sticky feeling…. But he did attempt his blubbery weak hand at casting

During which time no one even cared enough to visit this portly pompous piglet’s cast. He had zero chatters due to the fact his urine like charisma turned normal folks away.

~Jessica SLAMS Mark Vaughn on KICK~

Now here’s the KICKER as the very next day a number of folks gathered in JackieLee’s KICK cast. Discussion centered around Mark Vaughn and Liklik. So mentally ill and obsessed was Jessica over Lik that she couldn’t contain her emotion on another site!

Look here as Jessica agrees to Bobbs disrespectful statement concerning Mark Vaughn! Very revealing. Perhaps some kind individual might let Mark know of Jessica and her comments on other sites?

When asked about her Mark Vaughn comments Jessica had this to say!


Karen whipped out her sisters…Karen is no more! Farewell again.

Karen is banned from Vaughn.

Have I ever told you that I can’t make this shit…OOps I mean.. Excuse me, PISS up ? But ohhhh Karen why oh why do this to yourself ?

I have no clue as to what brought this pissing subject up on this lovely Friday, but I did manage to grab a few minutes of this hilarious argument

Enjoy the piss…. It’s the only thing here that’s FREE.

Please enjoy our lovely Karen and her magical pisspads, compliments of Vaughn live.

Thanks for the screen gab and email

Not sure if you ever watch marks streams, I have been the last few months on and off I guess he has a gf now. She only chats under guest accounts, I have noticed she likes to bait people (examples.. Karen, OMA… she baited OMA a few weeks ago then OMA fired back at her buuuuuuuuut then old Scuffy banned OMA from marks chat. Whoever this chick is she seems goofy, she gets mad when anyone calls Mark “daddy” from what I’ve gathered, she has 2 kids anyway caught a pic of her tonight in marks or so he says this is her… who knows. I do have quite a few screen shots of her attacking folks in marks, but wont send them now, we can see how this gf thing plays”…..

I smell something fishy, let me know if you do as well.

After what seemed like a lifetime of procrastinating Mark Vaughn has finally come out with his new app for the site that can be downloaded on to a mobile device.

However someone with a keen eye noticed that the app is rated ‘T’ for Teen.

A North American rating of ‘T’ for Teen states a site is suitable for 13 and up. The site owners have always maintained that the site was for 18 and older. How Mark could over look this is beyond me.

Site guidelines and strict rules explicitly state one must be at least 18 to even have an account.

Knowing the history of the site and how loose the Vaughns have been with site rules and policy it may be a good idea to perhaps change the rating. I’m unsure of how this could impact his site and what repercussion could come from this if any at all. But I suppose we shall see.

Thank you to the person who brought this to my attention.