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As promised the 3rd part of this epic train wreck as the pieces came together last night for all to witness. With his pack of 3 ass clowns by his side, Adumb the sex offender/ rapist begins to rant like a lil cry baby who needs his mother’s breast milk. The brunt of his frustrations are not only directed towards the Vaughn live casting site but to Miss Scruffy as well.

His feverish temper along with his humiliation was brilliant and I know all of you enjoyed it.

Adam Paul Stuart Browne is a CANCER

Nothing more to say…Now enjoy the video. Thank you to the person who sent in the video.

Still waiting since 2017 for the police to dox me..arrest me and shut this blog down, what’s taking you so long Adumb and Jessica ?

Here’s my email have ANY LAW enforcement contact me. I’m begging you PLEASE do it soon. ..I’m begging you.



Ohhhhhhhhhhh my lord, I knew it.. I knew it…. I knew it… ◔◡◉ .. ⊂◉‿◉つ

Thank you for the screen grabs

I knew I could get him heated enough to squirm like a worm for me…Hell I am that good……………. \(^○^)人(^○^)/


The post that got Adumbs all hawt in da pants..CLICK the link below.

Hey Adumb SUCK on this.

Let’s face it we’ve all been waiting patiently for Scruffy to say what we already knew was true…………. (⊙…⊙) ..It was coming.

Sometime last night on 2much4u’s cast there may have been some tongue lashing going on and MissScruffy had this to say among other things.

So here it is…..

Adumbs the sex offender still making those reports..lmao
When everyone’s laughing at you and not with you.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH..this kills me every time.
Ohhhh they sure do Jessica.



Now as you may not know 2much4u forewarned LoveVibes to back off and leave Adumb the convicted sex offender alone or else face the consequences of having her naughty unmentionables scattered all over the net for all to view…Ohh la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ٩◔‿◔۶

I’m curious to see what happens next, and when will the mongoloid queen of fungus who still believes 2+2=22 finally remove her throbbing extra extra extra sized head from her anus ?

Personally I hope she keeps it warm and cozy right up there after all she provides everyone with truck loads of FREE entertainment. Thank you for the screen grabs.

Waiting since 2017 for this “investigation.”

I’ve left what is in our chat for all to see, full credit to TypicalHater on this post……………..For as you can see.

Nothing was changed or painted in full view for all to witness. As usual I’ve had no part in any of this…or have I ??

For some strange reason my name is the one mentioned when I’m not even there to say a word…Perhaps Scruffy does care if this caster informs me ???

However Scruffy you’re right you don’t’ need to care about lil ol insignificant me after all I’m powerless, a mere nobody to your grande 10 million dollar site. A flea speck on the internet among an ocean of 7+ billion people living on planet earth. Hell I can admit to that any ol day. But you did mention Monkeysniffer after all didn’t you ? …. I wonder why ?

You may wish to consider the folks that use or better yet FINANCIALLY CONTRIBUTE to your site, and trust me…YOU DO CARE. It is with great joy I know for a fact your site is financially hurting and so are you. Conceited and bloated with ignorance on your paper throne of lies you foam at the mouth at the mere mention of a dollar, begging people to shut off ADBLOCK PLUS. And we still continue to say………

I have always remained true to the idea of never bending ones knee or breaking ones back for ANY site owner, and I suggest you do the same. My thoughts are displayed at the bottom image.