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I cannot confirm or deny this persons claims, however they had this to say…

In an email I was sent this….


Many people sent her money ,as she claims her fella abuses her but she is the one kicking the shite out of him on a daily basis, its on her stream daily around 8pm UK time. The scam is that she says she is poor as bricks but constantly got new xbox games and a lot of alcohol and super speed internet claimed they cut it off which they didn’t. It’s quiet common that people send her money out of compassion although there is no issue. I don’t know the right term for it it may be fraud or fake asides a scam act under false circumstance.”

Happy New Year, thank you

The husband

Not having any idea as to who this Shaz caster person even is or her husband. I felt it only right to point out that this statement is only one sided, we’ve never heard from this caster (Shaz) before.. further more there’s no proof of any wrong doing from this caster that I can see.

I would assume that this email would be …….FAIR WARNING…… to any and all future would be donors who would feel otherwise obligated to financially contribute to Shaz_UK. This may be the persons way of letting us know the possible truth. Thanks for the email and all the info used here.

You can decide where and how you spend your money. Good luck.

I’m wondering why she’s showing her goods on cam ? Strange on how I’ve seem to have come across this story before, different cast of characters though. I may be having a case of deja vu ?

It’s been an eventful weekend so far, so lets start out on the small topics and work our way to the larger ones.

And of course we have this trivial flea named Freethrow who continues to send and post his weeny pics for everyone to see. His desperation is idiotic.

Since Oct 2018 this desperate flea fart has sent unsolicited weeny pics to folks on Ivlog and now in chatrooms across chatango. Seriously weeny boy get a hobby or go fondle a donkey, no one wants your weeny pics. I recall after I did the initial post back then you sent me pics of yourself, so STOP it.

And moving right along…We have the love/hate battle of Ryan VS Jessica, as the two internet lovers squabble over just about anything.

I think these two need to just get it on.
“ILoveBeer76: jessica you’re a moron who couldn’t go to college, has a receding hairline, doesn’t even know how to sing in KEY or WHAT A MUSICAL KEY IS, doesn’t know about musical timing, can’t pronounce words properly or spell properly, can’t drive, can’t even keep a man” …Love Ryan
Ohh la laaaaaaa XOXOXOXO

Jesus, Ryan can’t make his mind up, if he wants to strangle Jess or make hot sexy time with her….

I say do both…Just make sure you video record it for the me.

Of course what would the weekend be without our glorious sex machine Ben inOhio…As he spends another Saturday on his “drinking cast”….. I recall last week as he ordered a pizza on the phone, only to give out his credit card number by accident. Then upon receiving the pizza he holds up the receipt exposing vital information as to is where abouts…They never learn.

Personally I don’t see how he can E beg while having a drinking cast with others folks hard earned money.

And of course we have Paradice………I simply can’t say enough about this lovely delicate flower except she’s a mish-mash of both Foxman and Warrenbucks with a can of beer in her hand….She’s just stunning.

deixe-me passar o resto dos meus dias cheirando seus peidos <3

It’s the weekend and Frank has left for his road trip, however donations were super slim this year…$$$$$. Those darn cash cows must be dry.

The caster with the dirtiest feet has himself a hardy breakfast with his hands….It’s one of those vids you have to appreciate the humor in it. For those of you who know of Frank and his appetite, he’s always eating.

I woke up in a strange mood, received a message about a strange camel toe floating around in VL, so I checked it out and discovered it’s source. So that and it’s Friday had me do something off the wall post for no reason…eh it’s Friday.


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Thanks to all those who submitted.




All credit to BEN for this latest post…………I just received this in my email as I arrived from my mid afternoon manicure with Jacques the 1 nut wonder.The SEXY HUNK of mesmerizing man better known as Beninohio has himself a job, and I am happy for him as we all are. Now go forth Ben and make thy Monkey love mistress a happy blogger and be one with the cosmos.

A quote:  BenInOhio only has an Amazon wish list on his Vaughn page, so is he still an E-begger?  “And I will do it without…false hope.” – Yuna You never know Ben could end up gracing the cover of a popular brand of shampoo and become their spokesman/model.Or he could become the next 6 MILLION DOLLAR MAN and fight crime and run with slow motion super slow speed with his unlimted bionics and theatrical skills.

Good luck Ben and be well.However other NEWS in Vaughnlive have surfaced speculating that Realmanpawns is with CHILD and up to 8 months in to full term. However those close to RM state that the recent unexplained departure of Shawnio/ Shawn W McQuaid may have been brought on by the NEWS that he may be the biological father to Realmans child.  As some of you may recall Shawnio disappeared into the wilderness and was not heard from for almost 100 days, rumors claim he was taking up with his BOY BITCH Sean Cleary in a massive mound of their own FECES.  I cannot confirm or deny any of this.

All thank you to those responsible for the screen shots and gifs used on this post.